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RPPR Episode 119: Duality Post Mortem

rimwardNews: No Soul Left Behind is out! BUY CALEB’S BOOK! If you backed Boiling Point, check the Kickstarter to read the text for Sparkles the Unicorn.

Synopsis: Duality, a Rimward and gatecrashing focused Eclipse Phase campaign recently wrapped up on the Actual Play site. You can browse the entire list of episodes here if you need to catch up. Caleb, Tom, Aaron, and I discuss the campaign and what we liked and didn’t like about it. It took a long time to play and run and we did learn a little about ourselves and our favored play styles by doing so.

Shout Outs

  • The Annihilation Score: The latest in the Laundry novel series. An occult violinist battles demons, both personal and external.
  • Margin Call: a movie about the 2008 financial crisis and who caused it.
  • Exile: An extremely Lovecraftian horror film with some rather terrifying body horror.
  • Concept: A board game about figuring out phrases from common symbols.
  • Sonic Dream Collection: It’s like Deviant Art manifested itself.
  • Last Week Tonight – Televangelists: John Oliver examines how televangelists can make money without taxation because religion.

Song: D a n c e O f C a t s by Datasette

RPPR Episode 116: LARPing Quietly In Your Head

heisteryNews: The Fan Creation page on RPPR Actual Play is online. The handouts for Boiling Point are available for download if you need to print them out. Red Markets is in alpha playtesting and you can help. Read this thread for more info.

Synopsis: At a certain point, most gamers will start looking at places they visit or learn about and daydream about what kind of game could be set in that place. Caleb and I discuss how we look at spaces we learn about and incorporate them into games. From our regular haunts to places we only read about, there are many ways to look at interesting places and integrate them into a game. It happens in video games all the time – this picture shows the Freer Gallery of Art vs the Diamond Heist in Payday 2. Tom is not in this episode, so no letter, but we do have shout outs and anecdotes.

Shout Outs

Song: ?? by 2 8 1 4