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RPPR Episode 75: Plot or Polish

News: Check out the new Raillery episodes, where the RPPR crew dusts off the Xbox version of the Warriors for hobo gang fights on the rooftops of 1970s New York. Not to be missed!

Also make sure you subscribe to the blog at Hebanon Games for access to the scenarios from the No Security Kickstarter.

Synopsis: Role playing games cannot simulate everything perfectly nor should they. Yet when a particular campaign or scenario visits a conflict not well handled by the rules, what should happen? How fair is it to run a game where the rules are ill-defined at best? Is it better to run a well-polished but simple game or a complex yet clunky game? Tom and I try to strike a balance between plot and polish. We also have a unique letter from Tom and a letter from a listener, plus shout outs of course.

Shout outs:

  • Lone Survivor: Awesome survival horror computer game, with a unique plot and soundtrack.
  • DayZ: The super popular zombie apocalypse survival multiplayer mod
  • Superbrothers Swords and Sworcery EP: Indie retro-style adventure computer game for iOS and Steam
  • Breath of Death: A tongue-in-cheek RPG from the creator of Cthulhu Saves the World
  • Nimona: Funny new webcomic about a supervillain’s new sidekick
  • Alpha Flag: Intriguing mystery webcomic of a man trying to recover his mind.
  • Dadtucks: What if the D&D cartoon was played out as a RPG scenario?
  • Godel’s Deliveries: See RPPR regular Thad hock pizzas in a dystopian plague-ravaged world!
  • Aliens vs Predators CCG: Play as human, alien or predator in this dead but fun card game.

Music: The Plot by the White Rabbits.