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Title: Mass Effect (FND Closed Group)
Post by: No'Sam on August 18, 2012, 06:28:51 AM
OOC- I created a place for us to RP outside of the actual table so we can get much needed dialogue out before game sessions. some tips before we begin. when a paragraph is started with the prefex OOC it means they are speaking "Out Of Character". When it starts with IC it means "In Character". I believe there is a dice rolling mechanic built into this forum if need be.

IC-No’sam’s Journal Entry 4

Well this last mission proved… enlightening. My brother, Ni’vek is working with Cerberus. Not only that but he’s enjoying it. He’s being paid well and provided for. This info came from a Cerberus assassin. Considering the source, I’m going to need to see this for my own eyes before I try and bring him in but this would account for the Salarian code used against our ship… By the way Rody is dead. He crashed his ship into the AA guns. Our team was split up upon arrival.

We recovered the ship with much difficulty. The lengths Cerberus will go to are unimaginable. They went so far as to save Richies life only to turn him into a weapon to be used against us. Luckily McWolf and I were able to jar him loose from the Cerberus programing. He ran off before we could restore his sanity. His fate is still unknown.

Upon arriving to the hanger where the experimental ship and our crew members are being held, we were immediately sent away to unlock the ships docking hooks. A simple task that proved tougher than we thought. When we got to the control room we found that it was guarded by Cerberus’s right hand hound, a cybernetically enhanced human that goes by the name Hawk. He seems to have a past with McWolf. During the fight we learned that there is a Cerberus base on the Earth moon, Saul'Kier vas Sentinal is being hunted by the Shadow Broker, and Henry’s old flame has been helping us. I don’t know for sure if she can be trusted.

We inexplicably escaped with our lives. Once we cleared the Farous system Me, McWolf, Saul’Kier, and Grover swept the ship for stowaways and potential explosives. We found an encoded message for Henry’s old girlfriend, warning us not to go to the citadel but to go to the Omega station first.

I contacted the Salarain council member and informed them we are on our way to the Eden Prime Colonies to repair, refuel, and patch up our crew. This was a ploy laid down by me and McSorley. He’s going to have one of his operatives watch the Eden prime system. If raiders or unusual crafts appear in the system after contacting Salarian government then that means they have been compromised and either the council member is in on it or someone has tapped our lines. Either way we’re not going to Eden Prime.

I have a feeling this ship may be a Trojan horse of sorts. If there is something wrong with this ship like, hypothetically it’s a bomb, and we bring it into the citadel where the Salarian, Turian, and Human council members will be waiting for it and it goes off. It will set us up as the escape goat and potential culprits. Perhaps a deviation from our current destination is a good idea. Hide the ship, investigate Henry’s leads, see what happens on Eden Prime, and seek out the Shadow Broker. Maybe they will have more info on where I can find my brother. Only once were sure the ship is safe then we can return it to the Turians. I will consult the rest of the crew on this.
Title: Re: Mass Effect (FND Closed Group)
Post by: No'Sam on August 21, 2012, 08:39:39 PM
No'sam approaches McSorley about his "Ship Bomb" theory. A decision must be made before we reach Citadel space. The suggested plan is to split the team into two parts. Have the humans and anyone else stay with the ship and head to Citadel space, while another team heads of to Omega to follow up on Henry's lead. Since Sentinel is being actively hunted it would be in his best interest to come with No'sam and find out what they can from the Shadow Brokers contact.