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Title: Monster of the Week: Fulci Glen Inquests
Post by: Review Cultist on July 21, 2016, 07:08:24 PM
So, a ways back I came up with this setting idea based off of Ross's book: "Zombies of the World". An island or small continent in a dimensional space not unlike the Lovecraftian Dreamlands or Carcosa or even like the Hedge (Thanks again Ross for inspiring!), where human concepts and pop-culture of the undead (films, games and folklore mainly) exist as a sort of ecosystem or series of biomes. It's heavily inspired by zombie film culture with names and landmarks. This place also has human survivors but they are "dreamers" or just unfortunates who have been pulled into this reality or are the descendants of those people that now try to exist in what can be described as a (sometimes sanity blasting) post-apocalyptic zombie horror fantasy. There are heavy hitters, "zombie lords" and beings who have interests and agendas in this place as well that aren't very human.

Setting Notes:

At first I had thought to run it in MaOCT, perhaps Gumshoe or even Cthulhu, but then my live group discovered Monster of the Week, and really enjoyed the way the game felt and played and we needed something to test it in. So I pulled out my setting notes for this, came up with a set of scenarios heavily inspired by Lucio Fulci's "Trilogy of Death" and other italian horror films, and we started it up.

It's been going really well thus far, a hell of a ride at times. The group really likes the system and setting and we've been recording so once I get around to editing them, I'll see about posting them as well. I figured since this was a very Ross inspired game as well (I'm essentially using Zombies of the world as a supplement source and in game mythos tome... and the main benefactor of the crew is a Worm that Walks Necrozoologist/Archivalist named Dr.Paytonius) I should probably start posting some of my notes on it and updates as it goes along.

Session Synopsis: Dreaming Dead - Fulci Glen Inquest
"You went to sleep and as the darkness of blissful oblivion encompassed you, a series of sounds were heard. “1-0-6-5-Z-M-B-I-...” repeated over and over by a deep synthetic voice with calliope music. You opened your eyes to find yourself not in your bed but a very new and wrong setting. You weren’t able to leave this dream no matter how many nights you’ve tried. That’s either your story or the story your folks told you in the survivalist holdouts scattered around. Welcome to Muerto Perdidos Island, don’t mind the locals… only some bite."

Chris - GM
Aaron - Niles (the Spellslinger)
A man with a mysterious past and a gift for the arcane. He can't remember where he came from, only that he’s wandered the island a while now.
Nathan - Jitterbug (the Flake)
A conspiracy nut from the “real world” who woke up in this place and now uses his skills to gather intel on how to survive and get back. He believes that Niles is the key to that.
Tyler - Kramer-o (the Crooked)
A thief and criminal who woke up here, possibly trading one underworld for another. He has an ancient imp stone relic that talks to him, a battle van, connection with survivor groups and an intimidating demeanour.
Other Chris - Crash (the Wronged)
He woke up here with his wife and brother, when scoping out a medical centre, his addict brother took the wrong drugs, reanimated, killed Crash’s wife in his undead state and escaped. Broken, looking for revenge and wielding a homemade flamethrower.

Initial Hook: When you arrive into Eibmoz after hours of wandering the roads for salvage or other goods amidst the zombies their a single open business: the Gorecroft, the Barkeep has a letter for you from someone who you don’t know but they know you. His name is a Doctor Paytonius and he treats you as a friend in the letter and has an Inquest for you to look into...

Session 1: The Housed Dweller By the Cemetery
A band of wandering survivors, on their way to find the next meal amidst the shambling infested lowlands of Fulci Glen, park outside a single inhabited pub in a southern town of urban decay and isolation. Upon entering the Barkeep hands them a letter from a mysterious doctor who seems to know them and invites them on an investigation to a house by a cemetery. What will they find there? And Who is this strange benefactor and why does he know these living among the undead?
(Zombies Encounter: Italian Zombie, Cabin Lurker)

Session 2: Beyond Seven Doors
A new strange letter, a new destination. Our survivors have fortified a base of operations in the lonely town of Eibmoz but now it seems they must venture back in the Glen and to another even stranger town with seven doors. There an art gallery is held and they have a ticket to see this place most macabre. What secrets does this place hold? And will they surrender what they find to their mysterious benefactor truthfully or not.
(Zombies Encounter: Italian Zombie, Egyptian Mummy, Dancing Zombie)

Session 3: The Catacombs of the Living Dead
A final inquiry, one that will grant the crew the last requirement to a key that will unlock the truth of what has transpired, upon delivery of new material of course. There is always a price to be paid, and as they will discover, the Mattei Islands on the Argento River will test them before the day for night is up! What lays beneath the sandy village in its subterranean abode?
(Zombies Encounter: Italian Zombie, Zombie Sharks, Revenant)

Session 4: Ghoulrilla?
The Inquests are done, now to collect the true reward, that requires travelling North to New Morto City and West Mercy Hospital. There’s some distractions between here and there for our wayward sons, shadows from the past and some golden opportunities that might be too good to pass up before the final stretch.
Zombies Encountered: Reanimated, Grey Shamblers, Zombie Animals - Lions and Gorillas, also a mutant zombie bird man variant from the italian horror film Zombi 5: Killing Birds.

Session 5: No Mercy
The Hospital is in sight now as the crew arrives into the core of New Morto City. All they have to do is traverse a towering gauntlet of reanimated and medical abominations. Old wounds never quite heal, especially when it comes to family.
Zombies Encountered: Reanimated, Left 4 Dead special variants, Blight Zombies (I stat'd out casualties, and vectors in MotW)
Title: Re: Monster of the Week: Fulci Glen Inquests
Post by: clockworkjoe on August 16, 2016, 02:52:58 AM
Catching up with some older threads - very cool idea! Have you posted these games as APs?
Title: Re: Monster of the Week: Fulci Glen Inquests
Post by: Review Cultist on August 17, 2016, 03:29:40 PM
I have several sessions recorded, just need to go through it and patch some separate files together and some quick edits for dead air. once I've got them edited I plan to post them.
Title: Re: Monster of the Week: Fulci Glen Inquests
Post by: Review Cultist on August 24, 2016, 08:39:50 PM
Well, the first session is now up for people to see, cut into episodes for easy listening.