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OOC: Back from tournament Sorry I was gone for so long
Griz holds his action hoping that his strength will comeback momentarily.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: New world campaign
« on: August 03, 2010, 02:49:12 AM »
Love the talk about going to see avatar when it comes out and how it will never make back its budget. Over all great ap (aren't they all?)

The pickaxe flies wide sending sparks up from the stone floor.

OOC: I'm running out of descriptions for your sucky rolls.

The bugbear clobbers another one of your kin before stepping back out into the corridor. The bugbear is followed by your ex-den mother who is still cooing to you to join her. She fires off a ray of dark energy towards the fleeing wizard.

OOC: Does a 15 hit your touch AC Griz? If so your puny arms will be 5 points punier (STR).
OOC: sorry Been training to much and my str is at -1 now and If this is like 3.5 that would make me paralyzed.

OOC: Don't worry about being gone over the next week as I'll be visiting friends in another city from the 31st through to the 6th. As for level 1 wizards? Yeah they do take a little bit of weighing up when and where to use the spells and always trying to manipulate the environment to the best of their abilities. However I must say that these dice rolls are maddening.

The arrow barely making it beyond the limits of the draw string before it tumbles sadly to the ground.

OOC: Kanock if you hit I'll give you bonus exps and a harem of fertile goblin women...or men, whatever is your fancy.
00C: the Griz ran away from combat to leave his men to die if they win he will claim credit if not he will find a new tribe that needs a shaman.

OOC: sorry for the delay have been training for nito cup and I will be out of town for a couple days soon but continue without me while im gone shouldn't take more than a week Less if I Get my ass handed to me or break an arm.
Griz sizes up the faliure of his allies and his lack of spells and does the one thing That a goblin wizard of his skill knows how to do
OOC: I fire my bow Rolling 1d20:
(1): Total = 1
add for to that to hit then If it misses I run away, If it hits I stay and fire another one next round with the same  thing if i miss with that and so on and so forth while I am gone, Wow level one wizards suck!.

Ooc: Out of combat spells are ready and my dagger can only do 1 damage IF it hits soo for my move action and standard
Griz moves to hide behind the barricade and draws his  bow
" Kill them MEN Rend their flesh"


Ooc: same thing as last round to the nearest enemy Rolling 1d20:
(7): Total = 7
add 4 to that versus touch AC

Griz steps back And fires another blinding ray at one of the goblins who are harming his kin
OOC: ranged touch Rolling 1d20:
(12): Total = 12
+4 to hit from dex but -4 because they are in close combat. Same effect as the last spell.

OOC: Sorry for the delay Had to help rebuild the Dojo after some flooding, Griz shifts back and fires his Blinding ray at the goblin that swung at him it is a ranged touch attack, If it hits they are blinded for 1 round if they have the same hit die (1), if they have more they are dazzled for one round.

Rolling 1d20:
(11): Total = 11
add  4 to that versus his touch AC

"Kill them dead!"

OOC: Initiative rollRolling 1d20:
(15): Total = 15
  Add 4 to that roll

Slit their throats

Seeing that his kin has just revealed their position Griz realizes that he must strike now.
OOC: I move 30 ft so I can fit as many As as I can in my color spray spell which is a 15ft cone. Then I cast Color spray. Will save DC 16 Or lots of fun stuff happens. If I cannot reach then and fit one or two in my cone then i hide instead.
"Fear My Raw arcane power Infidels!"

"Does anyone have more water? If the thing uses fire for light I plan to put it out to give us an edge over them."
Griz grips his dogslicer wishing he had prepared more combat worthy spells today.

Griz scans the room looking for anything that weighs 20 pounds or less that he can use to make a barricade so that he can make a choke point/cover for the other goblins and him if he needs to escape

Griz  picks up his dogslicer and his robe. “ Very well but If we are going to go find them the scout is leading the way”

General Chaos / Re: So How Far can you sho...
« on: June 10, 2010, 11:03:51 AM »
Does being homosexual disqualify me?

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