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Quis Separabit: a UA RP / Re: Quis Separabit OOC stuff
« on: July 28, 2014, 03:47:12 PM »
I just wanted to give a quick personal apology to all the participants for taking more than 3 days to reply. I had a very busy and was just too drained that nothing felt right.

I think this is alright, though I am worried about how well individual voices are coming across; the Bartender in particular feels weak on characterization and the like. Any feed back or help that could be offered there would be helpful.

Jomon had a good scene that I would be willing to conclude early or divide into two except that he didn't seem to roll any dice during it; just straight up interrogation and questioning that actually went really well. I may figure out a way to offer some small reward, though this game does reward you at least a little for being a jackass. We'll see what I can do.

Chris has also had a couple of recommendations that I am weighing over;

How do you guys feel about making your own checks and writing your own reactions? I could reserve hidden rolls for minor checks where failure allows me to throw a Red-herring and then allow you guys to fail and bumble all on your own; I've been avoiding being too harsh just because I could really throw you off if I was too harsh.

The other, I'm still leaning no [and I feel the group would do the same] on but I think I will bring to a vote after some more scenes with Cormac, once I feel his character has been developed more fully.

Davy Byrne's Pub

Colin looks around, scrounging for what he can, unfortunately, he finds little. Rather, he accidently knocks over a bin, spreading the trash over the back alley behind the pub. The smell is powerful and gets attached to him, or at least his legs, and alley cats emerge to scrounge what can be found.

4 Upper Mound Street (Shaemus)

He looks soften, at least enough to imply some grudging co-operation.

"My daughter, you understand is rather disturbed by all of this," He says with his accent, notably lowering the many of his "th"s in to "z"s unlike the Irish natives who prefer "t" and emphasizing syllables as though some words were French, "So I hope you will not be offended if I look over the proceedings."

With that, the man makes way for the priest, offering him in a guest.

Temple Bar

"I know him only by reputation, all be told," the Bartender said, "And most of that is only that he likes to surround himself with the artistic types. Though he'll settle for anyone smart looking in a pinch. I imagine though that it is for the sake of reputation and Trinity's business than any personal interest. Can't say more than that, in truth"

n. 21 Fitzwilliam (Colin)

Jane smiles, slightly awkwardly and nervously but genuinely.

She scribbles down directions and a map.

"Hopefully, this will take you there. It isn't too far from here and college students should at least know where it is."

She moves back to the table and holds out the sheet to Colin,

"Good luck. I hope the old girl is safe, I just can't imagine her afraid for her life..."

She tries to force the smile still, though it fades a moment after and she looks away.

n. 16 Leeson Street (Murphy)

You can see that she is still a little nervous, though focused on the conversation now, more so than before.

"Painting just helps my concentration," she explains, still she looks at Murphy rather apprehensively.

She pauses for a little while, seemingly deep in thought,

"There's nothing I think I could say to help you find her," She says with a slight pause as if measuring the words and weighing whether she should talk at all, "She did not do as much talking as she usually did. I could tell something was troubling her, but she does not talk about this sort of thing with me."

Her accent is slightly more hidden as she weighs the words and puts her hand gently over her shut mouth again as she thinks, "Fontaine is the last one to have seen her, and she says Eliza was with her boyfriend."

n. 21 Fitzwilliam (Colin)

"Nothing mad," Jane replies with haste.

She pauses for a moment to think how to reply in detail. It occurs to you that she doesn't often put much thought into this and is sort of running off a sense of youthful immortality.

"We have fun and go out," She says after the pause, "I suppose we don't worry too much about ourselves, but we aren't foolish about it. We keep an eye out and even with all that is going on right now, Dublin isn't too unsafe if you know your way around."

Finally she concludes, "We've known eachother for a long time. Since Primary, I think. Maths isn't my strong suit, but it is probably about ten years now?"

The way she ends her last sentance implies that she really hasn't really bothered counting it out specifically.

47-48 Temple Bar, Temple Bar Pub

"Honestly, I can't say anything worth your tip," He tosses you a enough shillings to count for change both for the cocktail and the tip; though he keeps about five to himself, "Falfner is one of those Nihilists, in from Germany after the war. Her and a small crowd are always loitering around somewhere. Their tips are awful, they order nothing and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the bastards was Black and Tan. All they do is ramble about Art and Nothingness. Shite company in a good pub."

He pauses, "Davy's is one of the Trinity Pubs. Students, Immigrants and the like all go there. Bohemian, I guess you could call it. Truth be told, you're better off here or in a good fish and chippers, depending on if you're hungry or dry."

"I don't think I could say too much more on either of them, unless you have something specific in mind."

He looks over at you curiously.

n. 16 Leeson Street (Murphy)

Amy actually puts down her paints and sits on the bed, she looks visibly remorseful and nervous, her southern German accent comes out, "I didn't mean anything by it; but she seemed to be happy with the fellow and I had been drinking. It is an awful mistake, I know. Schisse. I am sure she is safe."

n. 21 Fitzwilliam (Colin)

"No," Jane replied, "I would hardly like to spend my spare time where I work, after all. I can't say I know Davy Byrne's too well, in truth. I had always assumed it was named after the owner..."

n. 21 Fitzwilliam (Colin)

"He owns and manages an upscale pub," She replies, "We do good business off of Trinity and the area, which is how he heard of Michael's troubles."

She looks up with a mix of slight discomfort, mild confusion and genuine curiousity; "Is this all relevant to your investigation?"

n. 16 Leeson Street (Murphy)

"Eliza, you mean?" the girl replies, without taking her eyes off of her own canvas, "I saw her, she left us for some other fellow. Strange, a little dangerous looking but she was an bold girl. It is why I liked her. I didn't realize at the time how right I was about the man."

There is a sad and whistful tone to her as she speaks, yet her movements and body language are almost robotic; you have the impression that she is completely wrapped up in her art, even if she is carrying on the conversation with you.

4 Upper Mound Street (Shaemus)

"What is this in regards to?" The man looks down at Shaemus, still not quite willing to welcome him in; perhaps less so now.

47-48 Temple Bar, Temple Bar Pub (Cormac)

The barman made his tipjar known, with a passing gesture as he handed Cormac his Cocktail.

"Miss Blood? She's not a regular by any means but I've seen her around a couple times. Decent tipper, good family, not like that new Falfner friend of hers," he paused at this point to make his distaste for that particular character known with a cough, "Shame about the whole affair but all I can only tell you that she left Temple Bar around seven or eight. I was on shift that night. I think they mentioned Davy Byrne's. Miss Blood was fond of the place, if I recall. I imagine she's less so now."

n. 21 Fitzwilliam (Colin)

"A two years now," Michael said, "I was working at Trinity before. But once Sinn Féin had spread their rebellion, they dismissed me. They didn't want a Catholic on the grounds, particularly as a secretary. The Wilsons were not so concerned with religious divison and hired me shortly after."

His tone is brief but honest. You can tell that the story is one which he is rather uncomfortable telling. Particularly in polite company.

n. 16 Leeson Street (Murphy)

The Bavarian shouts up only, "You will know it when you see it."

You walk by a bedroom with the door open; it is exceedingly colourful; posters adorn the room, all over. Most defaced to some degree or another. Most notably, you can see a typewriter with a desk. Over it are posters of Karl Marx, Adam Smith and Friedrich Nietzsche. Each of them covered with various notes, in what you think is German. Though it could just be really messily written English.

On the next room, with a closed door you see an advert for a razor with a moustache drawn on. Beneath it is written "Shave Today, Spend Tomorrow."

You pass by the bathroom, which has the sink labelled as a piece of art in a gallery.

At last you come by Amy's room. She has left the door open and you immediately notice that the whole room is coated in canvases, hung on the walls or strewn on the floor. Some, you are pretty sure are original, others you recognizes as copies of famous recent modernist and surrealists paintings and some seem to be defaced prints of famous works. Amy herself is painting by the front, but takes no notice of you. She is wearing a white dress which seems to ressemble more a toga or a robe than anything proper. She has short, dark hair.

When you knock on the door, she frantically strikes accross the canvas a couple of times. You can these ones are hasty and rather out of place.

"There. It is finished," Amy says looking over her canvas, "You may come in."

Jane goes pale as Colin mentions casting asperations.

"No, no. She's been as torn up as any of us. It's been hard to get a hold of her at all lately, she's been spending more and more time with her Father. She was always a little skittish. Poor girl is mortified now," Jane pauses and looks away, "Even I'm taking my own precautions. Don't know if I would have let you in without Mikey here."

She pauses for a moment, as Michael puts tea before them.

She lifts in a couple spoons of sugar into her tea.

"I sincerely don't think that she has anything against Miss Blood. At least, nothing that I really know about."

With that, Jane rings a bell. Promptly after, you hear the footsteps stop and then start to head towards the stairs.

"Well, last I recall she left us early, at Davy Byrne's. I think it was around nine, nine thirty. She excused herself, saying that she was going home early. Lor, Laura Fountaine that is, followed after her. The she's a bit of a worrier but I suppose these are dangerous times, or at least so I'm told."

With that Michael arrives. He is in his fifties and has a look of esteem about him, as if he were a working in an old chateau or manor rather than as a cleaner and servant of a middleclass household.  He is rather large in spite of his age, with the frame of a bouncer.

"Mikey, would you be a love and do us some tea?"

He nods silently, and sets the water to boil, before returning to cleaning.

"Lor came back a couple minutes later to tell us that Liz was safe," she said as the tea boiled beside her, "If I can say, I don't think she was at all in a good mood. Liz seemed really distant that night, so I wasn't surprised that she left early. I can't say what the old girl was worried about though, though she always could be a bit aloof when the fancy struck her. Lor might be a better person to talk to in all this, which is odd considering how quiet the poor girl tends to be. Though, if I can help with anything else, I might try."

47-48 Temple Bar Pub, Temple Bar

You looked around but see nothing out of place. You realize the incident happened a while ago, anything would have been taken by Peelers as evidence or cleaned by the staff a long time ago.

The Bartender looks at you quizzically, "We have Coffee Cream, Coffee Cream, Ratafia and Coffee Cocktail. Don't know which one you think is more Irish."

n. 21 Fitzwilliam (Colin)

"Not at all," Jane says, "Though I have been asked before and I do not think that I said much of interest, I'd be happy to say what I could."

"Michael is upstairs, he is a sort of a man for odds and ends around the house, I can ring him down if you would fancy tea Mr. James'n," She leads Colin in. The house has a similar look and layout to that of Blood's, but it is slightly newer and larger. One can see a taste for more modern appearance, especially in smaller items, which seem to have been picked out by the daughter. One can recognize in the portraits that she is the youngest child with two older brothers and her mother is conspicuously absent from the family Portrait.

She leads you to the Kitchen; you can hear the sounds of someone upstairs, but otherwise the house seems empty.

"So, is there anyway I can help out?" She looks at Colin with a slightly nervous but intrigued look, eager to see if this stranger could make any more of her story.

n. 16 Leeson Street (Murphy)

"I suppose," He shrugs. He turns and shouts up the staircase, "Hey! Amy, some bloke is here to see you."

After a moment's pause, a call comes back down, she too has a distinctly German accent though this one is harder to place, "Send him up! I'm not bothered to come down."

He shrugs again, "Well, there you go."

He moves to the side with the door, then looks over at you with a hint of sympathy, "It is not worth it, friend."

Quis Separabit: a UA RP / Re: Quis Separabit OOC stuff
« on: July 01, 2014, 04:43:40 PM »
Scene I: Sorting Out the Odds and Ends

The Rulebook doesn't explicitly say this, but I would like to reserve marking experience points for clearly stated scenes ends. This ensures that everyone advances evenly and there isn't any misunderstandings or double counts.

You have Kept Your Cool and Asked For Forgiveness, +2 XP (2 Total)
Take +1 Hx with Blood, You have promised a fresh start with both of you trying to improve yourselves.

You have both Fed Your Obsession and Rooted Through Colonel Blood's Things, +2 XP (2 Total).
However, you have also Cracked a little while trying to keep your cool. +1 Crack.

You did not see fit to used your wits or anger to get what you need, but because of that you haven't grown as much. Blood however, considers you a valuable contact: mark +1 Hx with Blood. (0 Total XP)

You were pretty passive in the scene as it unfolded, you felt the world move around you but you remained the same. +0 XP (1 Total).


It takes only about half an hour to reach your respective destinations. There is some talk of pairing off, but haggling and squabbling soon breaks out and no one, it seems, is bothered to share any address which Shaemus gave them.


You walk into Temple Bar. It's rather empty compared to how packed it is at night, you suppose it's only natural that it might be a few hours before most really intend to start drinking. You see a bartender cleaning a glass idly, while the handful of customers already at the pub drink contentedly. He looks like a man in his mid-thirties, wearing a flatcap, white button down with rolled up sleeves and an apron, with a rather gruff appearance over all.


You arrive at n. 21 Fitzwilliam, you knock at the door and are greeted by a young woman. She has red hair, done up in English fashion. Over all, you recognize her as wearing some of the more recent London fashions, though wearing it fairly casually.

"Uh, hello? Are you an associate of my father?"


You arrive at n. 4 Upper Mound Street, after knocking at the door, you are greeted by a professional looking man in a shirt and vest, he has a sharp moustache, dark hair and hazel eyes. He looks at you with a sort of curiousity, then says in a rather uppercrust Parisian accent,

"Hello? How may I help you?"


You arrive at n. 16 Leeson Street, you are greeted by a rather... Bohemian looking young man. He looks slightly dishevelled and tired. Inside, you can see that this appearance extents throughout the house; canvases, paintings, sketches line the halls, some finished, some unfinished, some... well, you're not entirely sure. You assume that it is fashionable on the continent, however.

He looks to Murphy with a disinterested gaze and a distinct Bavarian accent, "Ya? What are you looking for?"

The Colonel gives a smile, though it is slight and serious, "I understand. With everything that has gone on, between the War, Sinn Féin and now even my Daughter... it is as though the world has gone mad. You have also made a long trip for my sake."

"I will withhold my judgement until our next meeting. Which I hope will fare better," He pauses for a moment, "You have done well for many people, who've spoken highly of you. I do not doubt you're a good person and I only hope we might be on better terms."

He stands up and offers a handshake, "I wouldn't withhold any information that I believe would help my daughter's case. If you do find a lead on an enemy who you believe would have reason to kidnap my daughter, I will tell you all I know of the person."

Shaemus arrives in the room to see Colin digging through the man's trash and Cormac visibly anxious and angry.


Blood looks over at Murphy

"You look like a sensible fellow," He says to him, "I am sorry to have gotten you invovled again with these ruffians, you appear to be slightly more cooth than the rest. Your partner seems rather... unpleasant, to speak frankly. I had known him only by reputation previously, but he was not like this before America, that wretched colony. I shall abide by my offer of reward for retrieving both the ransom and my daughter, or even merely my daughter but I ask that either you or Fitzpatrick meet with me for these things, rather than Mr. Quirk."

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