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RPGs / Nerdcore rap battle
« on: February 16, 2010, 09:57:43 PM »
I'd thought I'd share whats currently going on in my status on Facebook.  The names have been changed to protect the nerdy

Murph Challenges you to a 48 hour poetry slam. Who is steppin' What, What, Uh uh. Turn that shit up... You foo's got nothing on M C Wizard Dissle I spit rhymes like I cast magic missile. I roll all 4s and knock you on your ass You took all 10 levels in the pussy prestige classes SNAP

Ryan oh shit this mf is tripping. allow me to reiterate the obvious..

i've got skill points higher than a bard can count
i've got gold pieces stacked like they can't run out
i've got fly ass shorties love to notch my bow
and i'm not talkin bout rangers you should already know
i don't hate on a playa trying to multi class
but i stick with what i know, and that's getting ass
so if you try to step to me you better roll a crit
cause you've got one free action before i bring my shit
it's nasty, legendary skills and stacked feats
crack open an epic level handbook to compete
my character sheet got more ink than a yakuza
so if you want to back down i'll be happy to excuse ya
what. uh.
Yesterday at 9:43pm

Kevin what's that you flapping your gums at me son, now it is on and your time is done. I spit rhyme with flow and power, this ain't your weakass amateur hour. I'm a lyrical genius the monster of rock, rolling all nat 20s with my 10 inch jock. Not only outrhyme I also outgame you, now sit down son i am the beast that tamed you.
Yesterday at 9:45pm

JD I'm down right fierce, like a hadoken.... BOOM!
Yesterday at 11:04pm

Murph Looks like Ive got challengers, but the CR's to low
Step off now before I send you to that plane below
I'm so decked out I DE legendary
I've killed everything in all bestiary
You try for a quarterturn punch
ATOMIC PILEDRIVER Motherfucka, now gimme your lunch
You try playing magic, all your monster's attack
Too late mother fucker, I put my dick on the stack
Its a 20 HD monster of size gargantuan
Hits the table, destroying your battle plan
I've got bitches in all of the crystal planes
Faerun, Dominera, Azeroth, wenchesl scream my name
Your mother I've got on farm like some kind of crop
Her panties are a 100 percent drop
I've got more astral diamonds then you got excuses
I walk Tyrannosaurs, I swim in gray oozes
I drink Cristal with Vecna, Fuck nymphs with Kord
All the demi-bitches want a ride on my sword
So come and try and aggro me
All you end up doing is losing h.p.
3 hours ago

Look at whiteys rappin thinkin they got game
But i'mma drop it on ya facebook like i got no shame
Because this fantasy is final, yeah i pulled your cord
Your bitches call me from beyond just like a ouiji board
You dealin 24bit, this is real 3-D
Surround sound in dolby-digital cause ya'll know me
We don't play, so press escape before your pride get hurt
I got your Linux shooting sparks, maybe it's time you convert
Upgrade to MC, because your rom is lame
I got you blowing in my cartridge, won't fix your game
How bout you kiddies stick to pokemon or magic cards
My disc is spinnin on the level, and i play on hard
about an hour ago

Ryan oh snap cabbil unleashed the dragon
about an hour ago

Mike Fo this punishment y'all gonna be gluttons
Hit you with a fierce kick worthy of the Y buttons
Uppercut, mothafucka, you bet that shit is toasty
28d10 flame breath you bet that shit is roasty
Talkin all big like you wield some kinda power,...
See More
57 minutes ago

Murph I can summon the pit lords, the demons of rap
My dick can form a COP:Evil to entrap
I use angelic hosts to carry my cup
Mana from heaven as a bust a nut
You think you you are the master blaster?
Thats shits won't last yah
You probably still have an atari six thousand
I blow you away at Halo, my joystick in hand
I lay the smack down with my 100 inch plasma tv
Its almost as big as my johnson
I get as many kills with it as my thompson submachine gun
You say you play hard, but you got nothing to speak of
I'm badder than Corey with that battle glove
Shit, did I just drop a The Wizard reference
Next I'll be telling you your mother is my sexual preference
My power level is over 90 Gs
All you bitches better get on your knees


General Chaos / Megacon, whose going?
« on: January 13, 2010, 08:32:08 PM »
Anyone else in the FL area heading to Megacon?  Its a more anime/cosplay centered con, but like most cons, theres some gaming fun to be had

General Chaos / Anyone play Borderlands?
« on: January 03, 2010, 11:01:35 PM »
I picked this up with Christmas money.  So far the single player is pretty good, but my forrays into the online arena have been a little confusing.

RPGs / Running a Monsters and other Childish things reskin
« on: September 30, 2009, 09:14:56 PM »
So i got to play Monsters this year at DragonCon.  Its a really cool system and setting, and if you havn't checked it out, you completely should.  However, gamers around here are SUPER SERIOUS about their games.  So in order to get the essence of monsters in, I'm going to run it with adults and giant robots, which are appearently more SUPER SERIOUS than monsters and kids, but whatever.  Everything stays.  The robots "sync" with there pilots, so relationships stay in.  Giant robots appear out of nowhere all the time in the various forms of the genre, so monster hiding stays.  The only thing I really need to change is some of the persons skills, and I can't find a way to keep monster personalities in.  If anyone has a idea for that, its appreciated.

Also Ross, when are you going to post the Monsters AP?  I want to hear the Sucrose Farms plot.

RPGs / Module for the New World Setting: The Factory in Scape Ore Basin
« on: August 23, 2009, 12:45:18 PM »
Hey all.

I've put together a module, set in the New World setting, exploring a Lemurian ruin.  I'm thinking of running a game over Skype or Ventrillo and Maptools, if anyone is interested in play testing, please let me know.  However, criticism is welcome, and please be harsh.  Its currently in "First Draft".  I'm missing two of the maps for two of the possible combat encounters, as soon as I find a good way to represent them, I will add them.

If the link doesn't work, let me know.  Its set to my Google Docs.

Also, if anyone feels inspired to make some illustrations, that would be completely awesome.

RPGs / Black Ravens assult the Gray Fangs pics
« on: August 11, 2009, 09:52:05 AM »
Hey guys.  I've been running a New World campaign.  My PCs last night successfully defended a Grey Fang settlement from a Black Raven raid, with the help of the Bronze Hammers, some gripoli clerics of
Pelor, and the Grey Fangs themselves.

Instead of kinecks, we had the help of the Grey Fang shaman Jenga, who had a prestige class that exclusively focused on woodshapping and placing square blocks.  My players got to build there own fortifications, which they enjoyed immensly.  I also gave the each a squad to command.  Ka'nos the monk had some gripoli whom had been recently converted to Pelor, and were clerics in training.  Ka'nos's gripoli apprentice was there also.  The druid Relic had control of the Bronze Hammers, and the Cleric\monk Brant had some Grey Fang Druids in trainging to command.

The combat went really smooth.  I ran everyone without a name as a minion, who hit other minions on a 10 or better, except the Gray Fangs who hit on a 9.  The other squads had 1 first level spell and 1 0th level spell.  The Black Ravens had 6 "named" leaders, 3 fighter\barbarian types, two mages, and a rogue.  And 36 minions.  They had three carts with some variation of stoneskin cast on them (so I could justify giving them 50 hp) that contained teleportation stones that the Black Ravens wanted to get to the temple at the other end of the settlement so they could do Very Bad Things(TM).  Below are some pictures.

General Chaos / Pooping at work
« on: July 01, 2009, 08:30:24 AM »
Is the any pleasure so sublime
    Than taking a dump
On the my companies dime.

Also having an iPhone makes it all the sweeter

RPGs / Free Rpg Day:Give your opinions/review of the games you played
« on: June 21, 2009, 08:37:44 AM »
Well down here in FL, I got to try two games yesterday, Geist, and Paranoia.

Geist was fairly middle of the road for me.  It runs on the WoD system (or NWoD or whatever it currently is).  You play people who have died, or almost died, but came back bonded with a ghost of some sort. Also special ghost powers.  The powers on the pregen characters ranged from amazing (a person who lights people/ghosts on fire with his mind, a person who can find anything in a football sized area) to the utterly Aquaman-esque (a dude who can dodge bullets slightly better if half submerged in water.)  The tone felt like Ghostbusters: So Full of Angst edition.

Maybe it was the pregen adventure, but I wouldn't call it particularly horrifying.  Theres no sanity mechanic, but I did have to make a morality role when I had to get a hooker for a ghost.  Yes. The pregen module has a situation where a ghost wants a hooker to possess, and then goes off an does hooker-esque things.  As we were had awesome ghost powers, our most pressing concern wasn't that ghost would try to hurt us, it was looking ridiculous in front of witnesses, as it looks like we were pretend fighting someone, as normal people can't see ghosts.  Theres was a cool idea of "reverse possessing" the ghost you bonded with, whose descriptions were cool and terrifying.  However, mechanically, this fell kind of flat.  Normal people saw us as normal, and the only real application was that now the stereotypical kung fu guy could punch a ghost.  Sadly his powerlevel remained below 9,000.

Paranoia was a different beast altogether.  Definitely a fun one shot, or "lets blow off some steam" game.  Me and my fellow troubleshooters had a rip roaring time tromping around Alpha complex, accusing others and other team members of being commie mutant traitors.  Evidence of commie mutant traitors was found, altered, and altered a good third time, and a total clone wipe was initiated when the Tech guy was convinced that the Security Officer was a traitor, as he missed shooting another commie mutant traitor and destroyed a vital console, so he pulled out some blasting explosives and made sure he got all of the commie mutant traitors.  Luckily the next batch of clones was able to fix the console and complete the mission.  

Definitely my favorite of the two.  Going to pick up the book when it comes out.

EDIT: Now with less bold!

General Chaos / My review of "The Pope's Toilet"
« on: June 04, 2009, 05:17:31 PM »
Last Saturday, the signifcant other sent me to the local video store with the instructions to get "Whatever, I don't care."
Those of you who are in the know will realize that this means anything I pick will be wrong (Ladies, amiright guys ::) ). So I decided to go for the hailmary.  Upon the shelf was "The Pope's Toliet" or "El Papa Bano". 

For those of you wondering, The Pope's Toliet is not about bears or shitting in the woods, much to my dismay.  The movie opens with some smugglers on bikes near the Uraguay border.  When I say bikes, I mean actual bikes, not motorcycles.  They are trying to get past customs, but with what appears to be fairly ordinary goods.  There's some implication that the custom officer at the border is an asshole or something, so maybe they want to avoid exchanging pleasantries with him.  Anyway, as they attempt to cross, the custom's agent appears and confirms that he is indeed an asshole by wrecking shit up.  Our protagonist returns home, with his shit wrecked, and we find this is extremely weak sauce. 

At this point I am told that I made a bad choice and am sent back to the store to try again, so I can only review that much.  I assume the rest of the movie is about how the Pope, after having his morning coffee, has to stop at the protagonist's house, and leaves some kids at the pool.  Attracted by the holy feces, Flatula the Sphinktress, the evil ass-demon, drops from helps anus to steal the them.  Our protagonist must use his bike riding skills, along with a priest whom is questioning his faith after losing his love of this life to the Global Warming, must banish Flatula the Sphinktress back to hell.

The movie is one of those Indy films, one you know will have a sad ending.  It probably contained a powerful message about the Pope and his poop.  Also probably bears.  I'd give it an 85%, mostly because I am childish and enjoy a good poop joke.

Please feel free to review movies you havn't seen, or have only seen partially.

RPGs / WoW the card game raiding and other card based RPGs
« on: May 28, 2009, 08:41:47 AM »
So today, me and 5 other dudes are going to do an Onyixia raid in the form of the WoW card game.  We have each bought the Dark Portal starter set.  I think we have a fury warrior for the tank, a resto shammy for healing, a hunter, two mage, and a rogue.  We fully expect to wipe, but hope to have fun doing it.

If it's "successful", we hope to purchase a pack a week ( farming), raid once a week, and eventually take that dragon down.

Does anyone know of any other card based RPGs?  I know of Red Dragon Inn, a really good board game based on adventures getting drunk, after a hard day of questing, at the inn, but that does have much role playing in it (even if it is hilarious)

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