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General Chaos / Tiz the season!
« on: October 01, 2009, 04:12:36 PM »
It's officially spook season so I thought I'd take a moment and share a little something:

Gather round creeps, gather round fools gather round spirits gather round ghouls
listen to me for I have a story of blackening fright and all things gory
of grinning pumpkins and demon cats of wicked witches and scurrying rats.

We've all come together to celebrate and feast Larry the Wolf and Igor the Beast
for this is the night when little babies cry and an orange mist rolls from their eyes
and monster girls and monster men patiently wait for the fun to begin.

What do they know that you've never scene?
I'll tell you my friend... a grand old hootenanny called:


Poem from our friend Tomb Dragomir at Rue-Morgue Radio

General Chaos / Marvel of Disney
« on: August 31, 2009, 07:06:27 PM »
So I saw on the news tonight that Disney bought Marvel Comics with a special clause for the characters.... this means that Frank Castle now works for the Mouse. My first thought was to fear for Tom's liver.

General Chaos / Using Blogs for Games
« on: May 30, 2009, 01:34:53 AM »
Not too sure where this goes so move/delete as necessary.

On the topic of using music in games, movie soundtracks are great, but again if you can work 'em right. Thanks to the internet we get things like sound blogs. Sound Blogs. Crazy movie fans and rabid collectors ripping, packing and uploading their CD's.

There are also image blogs which specialize in everything from 'random' to 'old/vintage' 'hdr' and so on. - anything from actors/actresses to early photography and even some old 'family' photos of the poster. I think the only requirement is that the image was taken pre-1980. Every once in a while someone will post some really great old photos of WW1 Troop Parade formations or those horrifying 'gas suits' (full body gas masks that look like Gene Co's Repo Man).

I know there are many more out there but I'm too lazy to find them. I blame the tea. It's "relax" and it's putting me to sleep. Disclaimer - All the downloads are for evaluation/preview purposes and if you download something that you like, then you should buy the DVD, CD, tape, or vinyl it comes from.

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