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Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Goblin Hulk @ Strategicon Los Angeles
« on: January 22, 2014, 03:23:06 AM »
Hey all, this year I will be running a Dungeon World Goblin Hulk game and the Quiet Year at Strategicon.  If you will be attending, sign up!  We can bond over RPPR and Ross's monstrous nature.

Other RPG's and Misc. / Edge of Empire one-shot
« on: July 15, 2013, 01:00:47 AM »
Hi all,

I would like to run a Edge of the Empire one-shot I made.  I was wondering if people would be interested in joining?  I'm not sure how long it would go, probably a couple of hours?  Skype?  Or if someone knows a better way?


RPGs / Trying to plan my first EP module
« on: June 18, 2012, 11:43:28 PM »
So as the guy in my group who pushes new systems/games, I going to be shotgun herding my fellows into trying EP.  Also as gm a who knows his players, I need to make something a little shooting heavy to draw them in (one of my players is good with RP but it takes a while to draw'em out into a character)

So here's here's what I've got so far

The Gold Bug

Go-nin has bribed TerraGenesis to smuggle an unknown quantity of alien gold statuettes (about a foot tall) through the Vulcanoid Gate so the Go-Nin Board of Directors can give themselves the artwork as a yearly bonus.  Solaris catches wind that Go-Nin has smuggled the artifacts for their Board members and wishes to steal them as an F'you to their biggest competitors in banking.

A Solaris representative approaches a Firewall cell masquerading as corporate 'security consultants' with a job.  Solaris wishes the players to 'acquire' a shipment of rare statuette art pieces from a Comex aero-storage-stat on Venus and deliver them to a rep on Venus.

Firewall is aware of the statuettes, however they are not completely sold on them being just artwork.  Far too many credits have exchanged hands and pecular personal changes at TerreGensis occured right before the 'statuettes' came through the gate.  Firewall tasks the players with investigating the alien artifacts.  If the statuettes really are just art, go through with the contract.  If they are more than just art, aquire if possible, eliminate if necessary.

The players take a shuttle provided by FW, piloted by a FW friendly Uplift Crow...yep.  :)   

They arrive on the Comex facility and discover it has been recently attacked by pirates.  They will search the facility to discover if the statuettes are still there and if possible why the platform was attacked.  They will find the bodies of dead pirates and Comex staff, it is obvious there was a serious firefight.  Players locate the statuettes, some still in their packing cases, some scattered about the facility.  While searching platform records, they find recordings of the statuttes coming to life and attack the staff and pirates.   At this point the robot statuttes outside of the packaging activiate and attack the players who must fight them off and scuttle the platform to prevent the robots from escaping.

After destroying the platform, players will fall back to Pavarti and interrogate the stacks.  They will discover the pirates who attacked the platform were hired by the Outfit to retrieve Congnite hardware stored there and decided to scoop up the 'artwork' as well.  When the statuettes activiated while they were still loading up their ship, the captain took off and abbandoned some of his men on the platform.

Players will have to hunt through the underworld of Pavarti to locate the pirate captain and interrogate him.  They will uncover that the pirate turned the robots over to the Outfit.  The players must then figure out their location and with the help of an eraser squad, storm the Outfit warehouse and retreive/destroy the robots.

So...too much?

Advice?  Thoughts?  Disparagements about my parentage?

Other RPG's and Misc. / Skype Eclipse Phase?
« on: June 15, 2012, 05:33:24 PM »
I'm really interested in playing EP after listening to Know Evil.  Is anyone interested in starting up a Skype game?

I was wondering Ross if you'd consider doing a discussion on Kickstarter?  You've had several and Caleb has succeeded.  Stuff like monetizing your time, collaborating with artists and the like?  May have Ean or Violet on? If their willing? Maybe Stolze or Glancy as they've run numerous kickstaters?

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Tom's "Other" group
« on: December 11, 2011, 04:06:21 PM »
In epi 51 info dump, Tom talked about recording games with other group and posting them.  Did Tom in fact record said game? When do we get to hear them?


RPGs / Gaga 2.0 Wild Talents Style
« on: November 22, 2011, 01:58:03 AM »
My group is doing a one-shot tomorrow using Wild Talents with the Kerborus Club alternate rules so the skills will look wonkie.  I hope and pray I execute a sliver of Caleb's moving rendition of Lady Gaga.

Gaga 2.0

Body 2
Coordination 3
Mind 2
Charm 3
Sense 2
Command 2

Base Will: 6
Will Points: 15

Source: Divine
Permission: Super

Paparazzi Light:
-1 obvious, -1 Scattered Damage, +2 Burn +2 Utility
Create (Light) (6)
Attack = Burning Lights (flashing lights set haters & bigots on fire)
Defense= Burning Lights (flashing lights set haters on fire, distracting said haters & bigots)
Utility= Set Things on Fire
Utility= Light Show
Mass/Range 6

Flight (4)
1 Obvious = 3 (surrounded by a rainbow aura while flying)

Background: Songs of War (veteran of the Redneck-Transgender Wars) - 6d

Social Position: Cultist of Mother Monster - 5d
Knowledge Occult
Knowledge Art History
Knowledge Music History
Knowledge LGBT History

Occupation: Diva 5d+1wd
Perform: Dance
Perform: Singing
Knowledge Fashion
Knowledge Illegal Drugs

Basic skills:
Machine Guns - 5d
Cat-fighting - 3d

Broad Skills
Brawl - 4d


Born This Way: 3 points
Everyone is born beautiful, Lady Gaga will not tolerate homophobia.

Telephone: 2 points
Gaga must go clubbing, Gaga must not interrupt her clubbing.

Just Dance: 1 point
She has to give dance a chance. There is always a chance dance will resolve conflict.

RPGs / Gambling in Wild Talents
« on: October 26, 2011, 10:37:37 PM »
How do you handle gambling in Wild Talents? Assuming someone doesn't have it for a skill, what do you do use?

Lie for bluff?  Mind for card counting?  Coordination to swipe/switch cards?  I'm just stabbing in the dark here.  Any suggustions would be very helpful.


General Chaos / Advice on my first Wild Talents session
« on: October 02, 2011, 10:46:52 PM »
So I've planned my first Wild Talents session..the first Wild Talents game I've ever been involved in.   Its set in the Kerberos Club setting.  Victorian Era London, their all 'right Brits..with super powers.  I'm running this Tuesday night any thoughts or advice would be gladly welcomed.

- Selection 1

Heroes are invited to a special charity gala of child prodigy painters and the loaning of the Mona Lisa to the British Museum.  During the gala opening, the Mona Lisa goes missing and is replaced by a perfect copy including the cloths, except the assistant curator is in place of mona lisa.  The police are summoned and the group is detained in a side gallery for questioning along with rest of the attendance in various rooms.  Eventually the group realizes something is wrong when a long time goes by and they don't hear anyone outside.  Leaving the gallery they start wandering the halls and find the police and gala attendees are now in the paintings.  All the exists from the art wing of the museum are also sealed. 

They then stumble upon Mona Lisa wandering the halls with a pistol.  She confirms that she is Mona Lisa and that after 500 hundred years she wants to "Have a little fun." and starts with target practice by shooting at the group.  She's a BBEG, the pistol is a spray weapon that doesn't need to be reloaded.  I'll impress upon them that they'll need to run.  Once they get the hint and flee, they will have to sneak around a dozen French Napoleonic soldiers patrolling the halls.

- section 2 -

Bypassing the French soldiers, they sneak into a gallery and close the doors behind them.  In the gallery with them are two men braced against closed doors, holding back what sounds like against snarling beast.   One is Mister Leon (from the Kerberos Club book) and other bares a striking resemblance to the 10th Doctor....

They order the group upstairs to a gallery where Raphael's St. Michael is.  Either someone will roll a high enough Int or they go upstairs and realize that the painting is of the archangel St. Michael battling demons.   The group must beat down small demons spawning from it and figure out that they have to either slash the painting or remove it from the wall to stem the tide of demons.

- section 3 -

After the demon fight on that floor, they find a small blond girl (Charity Dale) hiding in a side office.  She's terrified that everything that is going on is her fault.  She tells them that When she draws and paints, sometimes they come to life.  Her painting is the grand prize winner in the charity event and is in the museum.  She takes them to it.  It is a painting of an ethereal blond woman floating in space, wrapped in a robe made of nebula.  The painting is called Supul Sulam, which is Malus Lupus backwards.  The group realize their invitations were from a Ms. Sulam.  Either the group will ask the girl to try and animate her painting or if they don't French soldiers were burst in and attack.  In the process the of the fight they group will notice that the ethereal woman slowly starts to move when the girl is in danger.  The group will hopefully try to encourage the girl to try and control the ethereal figure.   We then enter a skill challenge where the group uses their skills to bolster the girl's confidence in herself, thereby strengthening her control of the painting and its power. 

 - section 4 -

With the girl and the ethereal figure, the group heads out.  They hear a great commotion from the centerel atrium and find Mister Leon and the Doctor cornered by Napoleon, Mona Lisa and a huge demonic multi headed, multi horned beast.  The Beast sences the Etheral figure and springs to attack it.  Napolean hops on his horse ala the painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps and leaps up to the group.  Meanwhile below Leon and the Doctor square off against Mona Lisa.   The group must battle Napoleon while bostering Charity Dale's confidence with rolls so she can use the ethereal figure to defeat the beast.   Once the beast is defeated everything blurs and reality turns back to normal, all the paints return to their canvas and people leave the paintings they are trapped in.  Everyone is confused and disoriented except Leon, the Doctor, the girl and the group.  The group with npcs dash out of the museum at Leon's urging.  Once safly away Leon and Doc thank everyone for their help.  Leon tells the group they will soon being hearing from the Kerberos Club for what they did today and disappears in a swirl of leaves.  The Doc thanks them and saunters off.   Just before he rounds the corner he tells them he's the Doctor and the game ends for the night and I hit the Doctor Who them.    I know I know. 

The explaniation as to why the paintings came alive will be given once they meet with the Kerberos Club the session after this one.

So suggestions, thoughts?

-- edit --

I stole this premise from Dr Who fanfic.

I blame Senior Tomas Church for all this insanity.  His talk of writing fanfic there that got me to visit the site in the first place.

General Chaos / Super hero gaming
« on: August 06, 2011, 02:01:43 PM »
I enjoyed the Captain America movie as well as the New Arcadia as well as LoEG games.  What books do people recommend taking a look at to run a super hero game?  I have only played Saga/3.5/d20/4.0/MaoCT/WoD/CoC.  I know Ross is using Wild Talents but pointer would be greatly appreciated.

General Chaos / Atom Zombie Smasher
« on: March 18, 2011, 05:50:33 PM »
So Atom Zombie Smasher on Steam......awesome.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Question about Candle Cove AP
« on: March 02, 2011, 02:32:00 AM »
The Director warned the players not to look to the audience.  I'm dying to know, what was the audience and what would have happened if you looked at the audience?

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / rppr christmas
« on: December 09, 2010, 02:03:53 PM »
Ross as a christmas present do you think you could throw up some APs (that aren't from ransoms) to help make the holiday travels of your loyal fans easier?  Your soothing tones make waiting in airport terminals and driving actually enjoyable.  The crys of an infant who sholdn't have been brought onto a trans-atlantic flight fade away when we hear Tom describing a ghoul devouring the flesh an unprepared PC.   Yog-Sosoft messing wth the mind of mean bully helps us forget gridlock freeways.   Tales of slave eating Mantisi and frog-men on ipods help younger listens in the back of packed suburbans drown out cosmic horror induced brain melting caused by horrible holiday music. 

Please Ross.  Tis the season.   

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / possible New World roundtable episode?
« on: November 30, 2010, 05:55:57 PM »
New World is pretty much your flagship AP and there's a quite a few people who use it or borrow large portions of it in their games.   I was wondering Ross if you guys have given thought about doing an episode where you guys sit down and talk about what went into its creation, how the players shaped and what not.   Granted I'm running a version of the New World and I would love to get more insight but it could be a great example piece on world creation in general.   

Loved Epic Tier, episode 2.   After this latest ransom, are we going to be seeing one for the colonial civilization itself?

Maybe a ransom for all your New World notes?

General Chaos / Help handling a new brand new gamer
« on: November 14, 2010, 12:19:57 PM »
So we've picked up up two new players in our group.  One is a long time hardcore gamer and LARPer the other has never played any tabletop rpgs at all.   For simplicity's sake I decided to start everyone out with MAOCT before we jump into 4e and Saga.   Yes Ross, I bought Road Trip.   What sort of advice do people have when handling brand new gamers?  Which back episodes should I download and relisten to?


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