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For the last two weeks, every few hours the podcast disappears from my subscribed podcast. I have to resubscribe but it will disappear again in a few hours. My other podcasts stay, but both RPPR and the Actual Play are gone. Anyone have a similar problem? Anyone know how to fix it?

RPGs / Better Angels questions
« on: May 19, 2014, 11:28:43 PM »
I had a few questions about Better Angels, if anyone willing to help me. I had an idea on some of the answers, but I was a little confused so I figured it best to ask.

When a Demon gives a Master Dice, does that Master Dice stay forever or does it disappear after it's used?

When taking Damage, does it go Courage, Open, and then Sly for Hellbinders or can you choose Sly or Open? Also, can you lose more than one point in an attack?

I'm loving the Spared and the Spoiled campaign, but I was a little confused about something. I couldn't find anything mentioned about weapon advantages going to damage. I've heard it a few times on the podcast, but is that just meaning width?

What level of Demonic Device was the Laptop in Spared and the Spoiled?

I had an idea for a Demonic Device but I'm not totally sure on the cost. It's based around the Alchemy power. It's a well designed squirt gun, with a pump that fires the water and a backpack to contain the ammo, like a flamethrower without the flame. The power comes from being able to change the water into another substance, whether it be acid, glue, tear gas, etc. What I'm wondering is if a cost of 3 Generosity would be right or if it would be something more like 1 Generosity and maybe 2 Knowledge since it could be used to attack using Lava, Acid, etc?

Does using a Demonic Device invoke a Demon?

That's it for now. All help appreciated.

RPGs / Savage Worlds Heavy Weapons
« on: May 16, 2014, 03:00:04 PM »
I was helping someone with a character sheet last night for Interface Zero 2.0 and I noticed for the Gyroc Pistol had no armor penetration. I figured that maybe it was just included in the Heavy Weapon quality since it counts as a Heavy Weapon. All it said was that it can damage Vehicles or other things with Heavy Armor. I realize that it does more damage than other pistols, but shouldn't it still have Armor Penetration? Am I just missing the rule somewhere? Does anyone think it would over power Heavy Weapons to give them some Armor Penetration?

I have the Deluxe edition of Savage Worlds, if that helps.

I've been working on a concept for a while where the players will be refugees stranded on to a world they got offloaded onto after a big war between humans and some alien race, that I have yet to create.  The whole idea is that they are a group of nobodies, stuck on an unfamiliar world where they have to band together to survive and thrive.

The world where this will take place is going to be a city that covers the entire planet (think Coruscant or Nar Shadaa). The rich citizens live up top, and all the poor, criminals, and other undesirables live many levels lower.  One big theme is that they are complete outsiders. They have no citizenship on the planet so they can't get upper level housing, most reputable merchants wont sell to them, and they can't get honest work that doesn't involve heavy labor and low pay.  Further more, even the criminal element has little respect or care for them. After all, they just got here and are just easy prey in their eyes.

The group will be given an area and some resources to work with. I think this game will give my players that don't like combat heavy characters a chance to shine. Technology and Medical skills will be very valuable here and, those that still want some combat, wont have to try hard to find it.

I've wanted to do it for a while but, I've had a hard time deciding which system would be good for it. I liked Traveller but the way character creation was set up, even the alternate ways, didn't seem to fit my concept. Finally, I downloaded the D6 Space pdf from DrivethruRPG and remembered I liked it when I used to play Star Wars D6.  It's a decent system and easy enough to learn, plus I have experience with it.  If anyone wants to suggest another one I might look into, go for it.

So does anyone like it so far? Any critiques or suggestions yet? Any questions?

One thing I would like help for is a few concepts for aliens. There wont be too many, and only a few of those might even be playable but, I feel like it adds a little bit more life to a sci-fi setting.  I'm trying to avoid the things I find somewhat lazy from settings like take earth animal and turn it into a bipedal humanoid or here is super psychic race.

Mostly I'm just looking for concept ideas and maybe some background in a sentence or two. No help with stats needed.

Any other help is always welcome.

RPGs / GURPS, I have an idea, now I need a little help
« on: February 28, 2012, 08:19:15 PM »
After discovering RPPR about two months ago I have finally registered on the forums.  I enjoy the actual plays, and in-particular I found myself interested in the Modern League of Extraordinary Gentlemen game.  I invested in GURPS books so that I could run a game that is in a similar vein. There are some mild spoilers from a movie coming up.

The idea comes from a movie I saw a while back that, while disappointing, gave me an interesting idea.  The movie was Inkheart.  There is also a book that is better, but the rules for the magic are looser in the movie and will meet my needs better. The part that I'm using is the people known as Silvertongues that can, upon reading the written word aloud, bring something to life from whatever source they had.

The basic plot is that a well-meaning but somewhat naive Silvertongue is on the run from another Silvertongue who has gone evil and is getting rid of the rest of his kind in preparation for taking over the world.  The young Silvertongue read out some help from books, character bios on wikis, and even a little of her own fan fiction(similar to a part of the movie).  She is cursed however so that she has a limited number of words she can say until she loses her voice and can only summon a small group to help her.

Any questions or comments would be welcome about the game.  The parts I need help with are fairly simple.  I have some ideas for enemies, but I'd like to see what other people might suggest.  I've read so many books and watched some many movies that I forget all kinds of good stuff until after I've already ran a session or finished a game.  The sources can be from almost any fictional source(movies, books, comics, tv, video games) and any genre.

I'm also the only person, so far, who is reading through the GURPS books, and will likely be the one they rely on for learning the system and creating their characters.  Everyone is a bit overwhelmed by their character choices at this point, but one has expressed interest in playing a Ghostrider(not Johnny Blaze though).  I seem to keep passing over any rules about transforming into a different form.  I could also use help designing the Penance Stare.  Any help on those issues will be appreciated.  I'm sure there will be more issues but I'm out of time at the moment.

I will also post more ideas I have for the game later.

I guess it would help to mention that I'm using GURPS 4th edition for it and I have the Character, Campaign, Magic, and Powers book so far.

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