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I've been trying to get caught up on New World Campaign and found that episode 12 on ends abruptly at 2:13:50, right in the midst of invading the Thieves' Guild!! Sorry if someone has mentioned this already, but is there an intact copy around somewhere?

RPGs / Anyone in the Know on World of Darkness?
« on: November 14, 2012, 02:36:13 PM »
I'm about to run a World of Darkness game to try and get my group interested in playing it more. In asking about Changeling: the Lost and Hunter: the Vigil at my LGS, they told me Hunter "must be out of print" and Changeling was about to be reprinted so he couldn't get it for me at this time. He obviously didn't know anything about WoD other than it existed so I don't know how reliable that information was. Anyone know anything on that front?

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