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Holy shit.

Main characters are Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi. AND GRIFFONS.
Ponies have the advantage of being more adaptable, but none have shown magic powers.

Unicorns have some innate magic power.

Pegasi can fly and grow up in a city in the clouds.

Griffons are strong and good at flying, but are anti-social and have lower amounts of friendship.

In the show they run into Dragons, Manticores, Hydra's, civil war's, and other things I didn't really expect from a kids show.
At one point they join in a war between Ponies and Buffalo.

Also, I'm pretty sure Pinkie Pie is a text-book Malkavian.

OH OH, and Friendship points could be awarded like Willpower from New World of Darkness. They would be awarded for working together with your allies despite it hurting your intentions, and convincing enemies to not kill you.

OH OH and cutie marks would incorporate classes.

EDIT : OH AND YOUNG DRAGONS COULD BE PLAYERS. And they use dragon magic and stuff.


RPGs / Women and Roleplaying Game's
« on: February 21, 2011, 05:23:34 PM »
So I walked into a Half-Priced Book's store the other day and just wandered around, staring at ridiculous deals (please give me money for this HPB), when I found the RPG book section.
Stooping down, I searched through the books, looking for whatever suited my fancy.
Found a copy of Rift's, stared at it, and promptly put it down. Then found a copy of Shadowrun 2nd Edition, and started reading it.

A girl walking by stops and starts a conversation with me, giving me her number as she leaves so I can play a game with her.

I made my way over to the water fountain, GURPS book in hand (I had never gotten ahold of one, so it felt like it was time), and started a conversation with a girl there about GURPS.

She gave me her facebook and cellphone number.

At this point a little bewildered (and a little afraid my girlfriend might have a few choice comments about me returning home with multiple girl's numbers), I approached the checkout counter, where I again talked to a woman about roleplaying games and left with a number.

Now either I'm some sort of pimp, or women have started outnumbering male roleplayers in my area.
Any similar experiences?


In Dark Sun Session 3-4, Tom says something about making an angry face.
I instantly wondered, what would a Thri-Kreen look like when angry. So I made a chart.

my alternate name is SamaelStorm. Dun ask.

RPGs / Role Playing Game Achievements Thread
« on: December 13, 2010, 08:39:52 PM »
Courtesy of the nice little TF2 achievement generator, I felt like doing this.

« on: October 27, 2010, 08:40:54 PM »
I've noticed alot of threads relating to high school role playing games, so I just thought we could use a megathread for all of our wacky tales and adventures, as well as ask for advice and stuff while we're at it.

I guess I'll start us off with the tale of my All Flesh Must Be Eaten campaign.

The campaign is a fairly generic 'Escape the city whilst it's filled with zombies' one. The players were all Survivors, starting out in a town named Auburnton. It had a fairly modest population, had a Wal-Mart, Hospital, etc. The four starting characters were as follows :

Daniel Firestone : A mysterious office worker, took an Adversary (5), and chose the country of Canada as his enemy. He also had Occult Knowledge (4), and was generally speaking a pretty odd character. He was Covetous of money, and would often loot places while other places fought.

Vorna : A basement dwelling internet nerd who had acquired people skills through playing dating sims. He had like a 6 in Seduction, and whenever he succeeded at seducing someone, no matter how ridiculous the situation, we would pretty much all say "He's played A LOT of dating sims."

JayDee ( John Dorian ) : The resident biker guy, very very strong, played the silent type in the group. The player didn't like roleplaying much, so his character never got around to doing much.

Gabriel : A washed up spec ops soldier with Reckless and Showoff, he ended up being the first man to kill one of my NPC's by blowing his crotch off, a fact he was very proud of.

The story started because Vorna contacted everyone and gathered them together to discuss something he had found online, some generic government project relating to zombies. As he was discussing this with the various members of the group, a sick man entered the bar, and to no one's surprise, was a zombie. They off'd him, then were surprised by an NPC running in through the door. Gabriel failed a Willpower check, and snapped and shot at the NPC, killing him in one shot (do not underestimate firearms in AFMBE). The players then ran off to the docks, searching for a boat, or boat keys, but ended up being unable to find anything. They went off to the hunting supply store, which was on fire, and quickly running in to grab ammunition, firearms, and other supplies. Several looters were inside, and got into a fight with the Cast. A fight started, all the enemies were killed quickly. The team split up, with Vorna heading to the back to check for rifles. He ended up running into a big ass Acid Spitter creature, which he managed to kill in a running fight by blowing it's legs out, then blew open it's head. They escaped the flaming building, and contacted a National Guardsman named Lt. Blackwell. He offered assistance in the form of more supplies and information.
Deciding to use his Contacts (4), Daniel called the Russian government, and tried to get a slightly more equipped response.
Heading back to the Hunting supply store's parking lot, they manage to hotwire a car and escape being killed by zombies, and ride off into the sunset.

General Chaos / The reasons I love Setherick...
« on: July 20, 2010, 10:38:12 PM »
Being the President of the Apparatus of Kwalish fan club isn't enough.

So let me begin my list.

- Setherick makes PCs/NPC's for Ross. Which (hopefully) makes Ross happy. Happy Ross posts more actual plays and episodes (hopefully).
- He has AUTHORITY. And seems like a cool guy.
- I like his lion tiger gif avatar.
- He used to/possibly still does play with the RPPR posse.
- He isn't from Uruguay.
- He loves Boyos.
- He has a fan club.

General Chaos / KROAK FAN CLUB
« on: July 20, 2010, 10:10:58 PM »
Because everyone with less posts than Tadanori Oyama needs one.

General Chaos / Anyone else love Boyos?
« on: July 20, 2010, 09:59:09 PM »


RPGs / This sounds kinda familiar...
« on: December 17, 2009, 09:37:54 PM »
Last night, I was playing in a game with some friends. This game happens to be too insane to try to convey in words.
Over the course of an hour session, we watched High School Musical 3 with Robocop, fought an armored polar bear by turning one of our members into a fish and launching him inside the bear, and the Anti Aircraft guns that brought down the Game Master's aircraft, making him join the main cast. And who can forget the fact that the main quest of the game was to convince the ocean (yes, that ocean) to return to being an ocean, as the ocean went off to its summer home in Anchorage.

This is an average night of Marshmellow Prison for us.
What is not average is the character a co-worker made.

"Andrei Gazzlebooth was just a normal door to door salesmen, when he solicited the wrong door. He found Dracula's crib, and got bitten multiple times by his hoes.
After he turned into a vampire, he realized that the door-to-door salesman job just wasn't cutting it for his new and expensive life.
He went home to find his family of thirteen eaten by Smintologists led by Dracula, and decides to avenge his family.
Unfortunately, Dracula gave him Hep C.
Now, Andrei Melon Gazzlebooth had a time limit. He had 8 months to live.
He then realized that Hep C was a blood condition, so it didn't affect him.
He became a mercenary for the money, going by the call sign "Death Walrus".
Andrei "Death Walrus" Melon Gazzlebooth is also suffering from amnesia.
Cuz that makes him a deep and compelling character."

Hep C. And the guy began praying to Allah at the end of the game, moments before he was punted to his death by an armored polar bear.

I do believe this 32 year old accountant borrowed from the illustrious Mr. Cody Walker (Long live the Cathartic Lobster)

I'm not sure what the strange part of this is.
The game Marshmellow Prison, or the accountant who take a page out of Cody's book.

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