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RPGs / Post horrific Wild Talents Powers! :D
« on: October 22, 2014, 05:33:13 PM »
Post your imaginative Wild Talents powers with the Horrific -1 flaw!

Uncontrolled Mutation 5hd (D U U) (12 pts per die; 120 pts total)
(3) Defends (LAR) Extras and Flaws:  Endless +3, Armored Defense -2.
(5) Useful (Regeneration) Extras and Flaws: Permanent +4, Engulf +2, Self Only -3. Capacity: Self
(4)Useful (Adaptations) Extras and Flaws: Permanent +4, Always On -1, Variable Effect +4, If/then (requires the character to take damage to activate) -1, If/Then (Can only be used to adopt an adaptation that would combat the source of the damage) -1, Horrifying -1, Uncontrollable -2.  Capacity: N/A

Description:Every cell in your body is dedicated to your survival.  Every time you are exposed to stimuli that cause you harm, your cells mutate rapidly in an attempt to protect you from that harm.  Every time you suffer damage your flesh will shift like warm wax, quickly mutating into a new configuration.  Once it has shifted you will have gained a new adaptation that will (hopefully) enable you to survive.  You have no control over what form these mutations may take (what adaptation you gain is determined by the story teller).  You also have a crab like shell that protects you from damage (granting you LAR 5) and you reflexively regenerate 5 points of damage from each hit location every round.  Witnesses viewing this transformation are dismayed as per the Horrific Flaw.

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