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RPGs / Thunderscape: The World of Aden
« on: May 12, 2014, 10:43:20 PM »
I'ed like to introduce you to a new product called "Thunderscape: The World of Aden". It is a setting for the Pathfinder Role-playing Game although it has conversion documents for the D6 system as well as Fate. The setting is the brainchild of Shane Hensley, the creator of the Deadlands RPG. The setting is based in a Steamtech Dark Fantasy setting where the world was once in a Golden Age of Magic, Science and Mechamagic through the use of a powerful metal known as "Manite". But then came a cataclysmic event called the "Darkfall" where the world was covered in a great darkness and creatures of myth and nightmare manifested in the world. These became known as the "Nocturnals". The Nocturnals ravaged across the world destroying numerous civilizations and killing untold numbers of people. What was worse is that many also became corrupted by the Darkfall, transforming into the Forsaken by the dark embrace of its power.

Now Aden is in a Dark Age where nations distrust one another and fight a desperate battle for survival against the Nocturnals. Powerful warriors and wizards march into battle side by side with deadly Golems, powerful Golemoids and wondrous scientific technology. The Age of Thunder has not ended. Aden will not slip quietly into the night.

The setting has 9 new classes, new races, new mechanics and an awesome story. You really should check the setting out at:

Or purchase it today off:

Greetings people of the Roleplaying Public Radio. I am Darkfire14, an avid RPG fan who has a great respect for all forms of Roleplaying games. Anyway I'm sure many of you have listened to the Knights of the Night actual play podcast and the excellent Hunter the Vigil role-playing game. On this podcast I've only seen two World of Darkness actual plays and although very good adventures I'm itching to expand the number of White Wolf games being run on this site. Thus I am proposing to do a rerun of a Hunter: The Vigil One Shot I ran a few years back to showcase the system. Here is the premise:

Hunter: The Vigil

A series of grizzly murders have occurred in the wilderness surrounding the city of Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. With the local police force unable to deal with the situation, a crack team of police specialists and consultants are brought in to solve the case. But what horrors will they face hidden among the pines.

I have Pregens for this game and can take up to five players. The Pregens consist of:

Adam Wright: An RCMP Superintendent seeking to make a name for himself by cracking this case and bringing it to a resolution. He is the head of the investigation team and has no plans to fail the operation.

Candice Morgan: A Forensic Investigator who underwent special training in the states in a Co-Op program with the Vanguard Serial Crimes Unit (VASCU). She is excellent at interrogation and evidence examination. She also possesses Teleinformatics, a form of Psychic ability.

Monroe Palmer: A professor of Zoology at the University of Edmonton who has seen his share of oddities. He is a member of the Loyalists of Thule, a secret society of scholars dedicated to studying lost mysteries. He has been brought on as a consultant due to his vast knowledge of animal behaviors

Grant Hill: A member of the RCMP Emergency Response Unit (Think the Canadian version of SWAT). Due to the severity of the case he has been called in to provide tracking and fire support for the team of investigators.

Danny Samson: A Park Ranger in Yellowknife assigned to provide local support to the investigation team. His knowledge of the land and his wilderness skills are invaluable in the rugged areas around Yellowknife.

Anyway I am checking interest in such a game and wondering if people would be willing to give it a shot. If so, I'm willing to discuss what schedule works best for the group. The game will be run over Skype if it is going to be run. So express your interests here if you're looking to experience some Hunter action!

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