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General Chaos / Streaming Video Games
« on: August 29, 2015, 02:04:55 PM »
Hey, I figured I'd start a thread for anybody interested in streaming games and such. Post your twitch or other streaming service links here, along with questions and what-not.

I stream here:
Mostly Bloodborne, but possibly some MGS V in the near future.

RPGs / Degenesis: Rebirth
« on: September 12, 2014, 06:35:15 PM »
Degenesis is making a return in the form of Degenesis: Rebirth! Here's the launch trailer.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

For those not in the know, Degenesis is a Primal Punk rpg out of Germany by artist Marko Djurdjevic. It's set in 2595 in a post-asteroid-apocalypse Central Europe and Northern Africa, where whats left of the EU is a frosted hellscape of alien spore infested society and Africa has become the new super-power as a sub-tropical paradise.

Posthuman Studios brought over the original version a few years ago, but it was a pretty niche title, with an odd system, so it didn't sell great. Now Marko has started a new company (SIXMOREVODKA) and is working on resurrecting the game. The initial release will be limited edition, 2-book sets, one for its game engine, KatharSys, and another for world/setting info, in German, with an English version in the works. These books look absolutely gorgeous and the overhaul of the original CatharSys has me with high hopes for this game.

So, any opinions? Has anybody here played the original version, let alone own it?

General Chaos / Food and Drink!
« on: January 19, 2014, 03:09:46 PM »
Ah, tabletop gaming, getting together with your friends and rolling dice to slay monsters, tell stories, and have a good time! But what is a good time without some snacks to chow on and and beverages to wash 'em down? What does everybody like to nosh and sip while they, as Ross so eloquently put it once, facilitate battles between imaginary elfs? Anything from simple snacks to full blown meals, sodas and juices to beers and whiskey are all invited. Also, if you have recipes or suggestions feel free to share! I know my hunger is never truly sated and new tastes are welcome!

Personally, my group tends to grab a few pizzas or a boat-load of Chinese food before we get into the nights adventure. We also usually have some sort of chips, with or without dip, or cookies, but those usually come later in the night. In the past I've made whoopie pies and chocolate cake that have turned out pretty good, if not a little messy. My latest plan is to cook up some pierogies and see how they go over.

Drinks range from water, Mountain Dew, and Coke, to alcoholic beverages like ciders (usually Woodchuck, but Strongbow and Angry Orchard have shown up before), Kraken Rum, and usually whatever bourbon or scotch I decide to pick up. I'm a fan of Jura scotch and Wild Turkey bourbon, though I've acquired some Booker's True Barrel bourbon and Pendelton Canadian Whiskey that are both pretty good. Beer does have its place at the table, but it really depends on who shows up that night for the quality. We've gone from borderline water like Natty Light to more substantial stuff like Blue Moon and Shock Top to craft stuff like Rogue and Dragon's Milk.

That's about all I got for now, but I'm sure I'll come up with more!

RPGs / Need help with a CoC/Delta Green scenario
« on: January 25, 2013, 03:18:45 PM »
Ok, so, I need some help with a CoC/Delta Green scenario I'm trying to come up with. I have some basic ideas for what I want to do, but I'm fairly new to GMing as a whole and I've never run a Mythos based game before, so any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated and I apologize ahead of time if I jump around and for leaving walls o' text.

My initial desire to run a scenario came from when I was playing Far Cry 3 when it first came out, between the tropical archipelago setting, the survival, predator/prey aspect and the semi-psychological themes, I figured it could make for an interesting game. This is also something of a sequel to an earlier CoC game my group's usually GM ran in 2010 that ended with my PC's brain in a jar (thanks Nyarlathotep), another PC (a US Marshal) joining DG, and everybody else either dying or going missing.

The basic plot I have worked out is the Party is a Joint-Op between the DEA, US Marshals (the PC I mentioned earlier), ATF, and maybe FBI/DSS/CIA, on a mission to a yet-to-be-named archipelago (a US territory for hand-waving reasons)  in the Mid-to-South Pacific and the target is an international crime boss/drug lord/human trafficker and his operation on the island(s). The basic motivations are: The DEA wants to stop this drug operation; The US Marshals want the drug lord's fugitive right-hand man, who is essentially the Vaas in this scenario, along with any other fugitives they can locate in the operation; The ATF wants to stop any illegal weapons he's smuggling; and the FBI/CIA wants the leader dealt with, period. Of course, it starts out this way, then horrible things from beyond human understanding show up and it all goes to hell.

I'd like the archipelago to be 3 islands situated around a central lagoon, that is large and oddly deep, and each island has 1 or 2 major set pieces. There's the Northern Island, which will have the major city/town on it, the Southern Island, which will be the crime bosses main abode and center of his operations on the islands, and the Western Island, which will hold an abandoned military testing facility/air field. Along with these there could be a few smaller towns and some older ruins spread throughout the island with strange statues and carvings. Wildlife would also play a part in this, between dangerous native predators and prey to the more horrifying Mythos creatures that begin to show up as the group explores.

Now the elder horror stuff and this will probably be where I need the most help. I figure the crime lord could be the head of a cult that is spreading throughout the islands. Given that its set on the water in the Pacific I'd figure a Cthulhu cult would probably work best, though I know in the DG book it mentions that Cthulhu cults are all but eradicated. He could have a secret temple to Cthulhu deep inside the mountains surrounding his complex. Maybe there could be rumors through the towns of strange figures (Deep Ones, obviously) coming from the sea or the lagoon at night and carrying off people; Strange fish-things being caught in a local fisherman's net; Maybe a town they find close to the lagoon has become something of a tropical Innsmouth. I was actually thinking, and I'm not sure how dumb this sounds or if it would make any sense, but possibly having the islands be apart of R'lyeh, like a broken piece of the city or an outlier (like a suburb/borough), that peaked above water along time ago and slowly eroded into the archipelago. Anyway, the ruins dotting the island could be ancient Cthulhu cult sites, where the crime lord stumbled across some writings/statues/etc and became something of a new prophet for Cthulhu.

Finally the Delta Green/Party stuff, once again probably gonna need a bit of help with this part. So right now I'm trying to decide if I want the entire group to be DG or not. I know I'd like at least 2 DG agents, one of which is the US Marshal, and maybe a DEA agent. I figure if not everybody is DG it could make for some party tension and drive up the stakes. My usual group is between 5-6 people, so 2 DEA, 1-2 Marshals, and some combination of ATF/FBI/CIA to round it out. I figure with 2 DEA we could have a Field Agent and a lab tech/doctor-type. OK, more motivation stuff real quick, I'd like to have some sort of mysterious drug mcguffin/plot hook for the DEA side. A strange new drug shows up on the underground scene (Club Apocalypse perhaps?) and the DEA manage to trace it back to its only source to the island, maybe they get it out of the Vaas character, who then escapes his prison transport, causing the Marshals to get after him. Speaking of drugs, if anybody has rules for drug-use and effects let me know please, I've heard of some homebrew rules, but haven't actually seen any. Finally, once the party gets together in Hawaii for briefing I'd like to split them up for transport to the Archipelago, for undercover reasons as an excuse for the party, but really I'd like the second group's plane to go down on one of the adjacent islands, probably the Western one, and have them survive and come across creepy stuff along the way back to meet with the rest of the group. Maybe have them run into some of the crime lords cronies as they investigate the crash.

Ok, that's it for now, please let me know what you think and any suggestions are more than welcome! Once again sorry about the wall of text, I'm just excited to get this idea out there and get feedback. Thanks again!

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