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Game Title: Among The Lost
System: Eclipse Phase
Players Wanted: 3-6
Posting Rate: Every couple of days
Special Rules: Might streamline a few things to keep things simple. Probably using Caleb's rep houserules. Game will focus on the Lost -  being a Lost is not mandatory though I would like there to be a few.
Advancement Rules: Advancement will take place during breaks, times when we skip ahead a few days or weeks.


Ten years ago, in the Fall, the majority of transhumaity was rendered extinct by the TITANs. Earth, the cradle of the species, was robbed from us. We went from a total population of billions to a few hundred million. But what's really concerning is that we haven't been repopulating.

Cortical stack technology have guaranteed a kind of immortality, which has reduced the psychological need to leave successors as a legacy. And many transhumans now lack the biological equipment, or corporeal presence, with which to make more transhumans. It seemed like transhumanity was at risk of dwindling down to nothing.

Enter the Cognite hypercorp and their Futura project, an attempt to put the minds of infants in time-accelerated simulspaces. With eighteen years of 'life' experienced in three actual-years, the next generation of humanity was planned to be sleeved into speed-grown morphs and bolster flagging population numbers. But something went wrong. The children of the Futura Project soon became known as the Lost Generation, dangerous lunatics who somehow escaped their simulspace prisons before their time and slipped from Cognite's grasp.

You are a member of the Lost. You are hunted. You are unstable. And you are dangerous - an async.

The game will begin within the Futura Project simulation, detail some of the events that led to the downfall of the Futura and then the escape. Once you're out, the idea is that you'll be reunited a few years later by an anonymous mesh message that brings you all to Titan. Because as bad as the Lost were, it seems that perhaps transhumanity has not quite learned from its mistakes.

(But I don't want to play a crazy psychic fugitive.

That's because you're lame totally fine. I'm aware that there are issues with having characters being too same-y and a bit of diversity is fine. But you should be ideally connected to the Lost somehow - maybe a former Cognite researcher, or a significant other to one of the Lost - so that you have in-character reasons to be there.)

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