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With January 22nd approaching, we're less than 2 weeks away from Badge Pre-Registration for GenCon 2016, Hotel Registration 2 days later on the 24th, and 7 months away from the con itself. With the RPPR Fan Meet-up continuing to grow, as well as the con itself, this will be the biggest GenCon yet. This year, per the hosts, the Meet-Up this year will likely be its own official event.

I'm planning on coming this year for my first GenCon, and am very excited! The RPPR crew and ya'll in the threads make it sound like GenCon really is the best four days in (table top & board) gaming!

So as always, an official thread should be good to keep things contained; we'll post RPPR events and other intel. Questions? Suggestions for events to attend or things to do in Indy? General con advice? Links to your Ross Payton impersonation contest clips? This is the thread for you.

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Greetings, everyone! Myself, and a few other members of the forum (trinite, Alethea, and smalltowncinema) have banded together to run a campaign in the Beta of Red Markets. We're going to make this thread for our Campaign so that we have a place to post our resources, and also provide them for fellow play testers and future players of Red Markets. In the spirit of the RPPR threads for the main campaigns, such as Heroes of New Arcadia, I want to reward role play, so I hope my players will post info about their characters and how they're dealing with the Loss, and they'll be rewarded with bonus bounty. We'll post our character sheets, and after play sessions I'll post my notes on the Contract they took or the Score they made. We're playing the game over Google Hangouts, so we will be recording our games, but those won't be posted until a later date.

Please note, that as this is the Beta, these posts, including our resources, their characters, the Enclave, and the missions they run, are for 'educational' and entertainment purposes only. As the game is still a work in progress, any opinions about the game itself and the Profit System are moot. We can talk about the game itself once it lurches to life as a fully realized product.

We start play next Thursday, August 20th. Three Takers, in Missouri, against the Loss, against opposing forces, against the Casualties, living the new American Dream, to be in the Recession...

The Beta is going strong. Red Markets is coming. Get hype. HIT THE MUSIC!!!

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Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / RPPR Bingo & Drinking Game
« on: August 04, 2015, 09:57:40 PM »
While at work today I was listening to Game Designer Workshop Live at GenCon 2015, I noticed Ross made a reference to "Layers upon layers" being a part of RPPR bingo (43:20). After laughing at that, I checked the forums and found there no one made RPPR bingo. So naturally I spent working time making the spaces for RPPR: The Bingo Playing Game, and realized they'd be easily portable to a drinking game. I used my 'leet' graphic design skills to draft them up. I can't verify if they do make good drinking game rules though. They might be lethal. Enjoy!

EDIT Try as I might I can't make the image version of the Bingo Card post. At least the .doc version is available.

General Chaos / Who Are You Laughing At? Stand Up, Specials, & Sitcoms
« on: March 26, 2015, 11:10:29 PM »
As Tom brings up frequently, he's a lover of stand up comedy and comedians. So let's talk about 'em! Who do you like? Have you gotten into anyone you've heard mentioned on the podcast? Been to any shows? Anyone famous from where you live?

As for me, I've got a couple of comedians that I really enjoy. Probably my favorite is Jim Gaffigan. He mostly does observational humor. His most famous bit is about Hot Pockets, from his special "Beyond the Pale".

The other ones I like the most work separately but also share a podcast; Brad Williams and Adam Ray, who host "About Last Night". Both use a mix of jokes about their personal lives (Brad and his unique perspective of being a dwarf, Adam and his childhood filled with divorce and being overweight), and a lot of late 80's / early 90's references. In the show they frequently have standups as guests, so they provide insight into the life of the comedian and give very interesting perspectives to us lay people.

As for locals, I'm from Northeast Ohio, near Cleveland, so we don't have many comedians. Cleveland does have a few comedy clubs, and with the advent of casino gambling there's clubs in the casinos too. Our most notable comic is Mike Polk Jr., whom you may be familiar with as the guy who made the "Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos". He mostly does sketch comedy. While I don't believe he tours, he's on stage frequently in Cleveland, and has a TV show with the local Fox affiliate. My favorite is a deep cut of his, a parody of local TV attorney ads. The guy he lampoons, Tim Misny, is a real attorney in the area, but you don't need to know him to laugh at him. "All I wanna do is hurt people for you!"

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