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RPGs / Better Angels The Choosen Few (Episode 3 and Finale)
« on: June 20, 2016, 12:36:51 PM »

Session 1,2023.0.html
Session 2

This session went far AWOL and was as much I think my lack of experience in this specific game style as it was the players having troubles groking the direction of the game.  I also set them up to fail because I expected it to be a shorter campaign, and they just went a bit shorter than I expected them to.  I also suspect I had been doing one thing wrong, for a while, but it made sense with how all the other actions played out, and it probabaly made things shorter.

So I introduced each of their personal stories (as described in the session 2 report).  They grabbed on to them a little bit, one of them working to make her way into a fashion show, and the other figuring out how to Rob a bank with a bit of demonic device based magic so he could buy his missle silo.

I also fed them the bait about the zombie invasion, but they didn't end up focusing on it which somewhat surprised me considering this was a group that would have normally jumped on that.

That being said 2 of the characters (Ben and Anna) worked together to plan out this bank robbery by building a demonic device that would siphon money out of the bank rapidly, but because he needed a distraction he used Anna's ruthless willingness to manipulate men to distract the manager to get the device into the room.

During this time though the zombie invasion began, first with them boarding the Max Trains (a public transit system in our city) en masse, and of course this inspired Kevin, who has embraced the title of Murder Knight to dive into a train car and begin punching zombies which of course caused them to continue to escalate, the problem is in the fight he lost his last dot of Patient, and went berserk, causing a Massacare of not only monsters but people (I have a feeling you can see where this is going).  At the same time Anna tried to keep the people in the bank safe by taking control of the situation and taking control of their minds and directing them properly causing them all to nearly worship her (it continues).

In the aftermath of this fight due to the nature of their sins 3 members of the group had all escalated to possession at the same time. 

We did some amusing scenes with each demons player talking about how they ruined their hosts life, but considering their was only 1 other player, she realized what was going on and just bolted, because she knew they were all going to fall at the same time and stood no chance.

When the all turned they got to meet their Arch Demon master, who gloated about his plan and congraduated his minions on a much quicker corruption while fighting off the angel in the city that obviously came to finally deal with them.

The demons will have a hard time coming back though, as their Medallions are still protected by an angel, but their is still an Arch Demon the loose, he will figure things out.

Wrap and Thoughts
So I obviously prepped them to fail because I wanted at least one of them to fall before the game ended, but with 3 of them crashing at once their really wasn't any reason to continue the game.  That being said I mentioned I thought I made one significant mistake that probabaly made this work.  Lets go into that.

In the sinning section of the game it mentions what it takes to gain dots in the various tactics.  But it doesn't say what to do if that tactic is already at 5.  But the game sort of already spells that out in another section.  if you take damage and your out of dots in that tactic it removes dots from the strategy.  That being said the reverse also makes sense.  if the tactic is full it adds a dot to the strategy.  I have a feeling that wasn't actually the intention mechanically but its how I interepted it and it likely accelerated the end of the game.

The secondary issue was that other than putting them together in the same place and giving them an obvious mutual enemy I didn't give them much motivation to work together which was probabaly a mistake on my part.  I should have given them a closer connection or relationship, but with the direction of the game I wanted to see what would happen if they all wandered their own direction.  The reality of that was that they  made a disaster of things, which is fine, because that's what I was hoping for anything.

Amusing Notes

Kevin (Murder Knight) made some interesting choices.  When he realized he was demon possessed and could fight better he became even more wiling to start a fight at a moments notice.  But on the other end with any moment of downtime he started seeing a counselor, to try to conquer his demons, and he happened to get a counselor that could help exorcise his demon.  It was an unexpected path.

Pele started out as a very direct and not subtle character, but her demon got under her skin more than he realized.  Instead of just taking out the gang in direct ways she used her powers to infiltrate them and if things hadn't gone wrong her plan was to find each member who had been responsible for killing her mother and brutally executing them.  She went from direct to subtle very quickly.  Despite the fact that shes not the one that fell, her demon actually was getting under her skin, and I don't think the player of her demon even realized that.

That being said..our next game is Gamma World...the 4th Ed Version..with the cards based powers, because I wanted something crazy and nonsensical and it makes me laugh.

RPGs / Re: Better Angels: The Chosen Few Session 2 Report
« on: June 13, 2016, 04:32:13 PM »
So I realized I needed to give them more personal direction so for the next session the each have some of their own personal sidequests.

Her father when he gets home founds out that their grandmother actually mortgaged everything to get them to the states to build this new life, and is now horribly deep in debt, and is going to potentially loose their land, and the gym and everything they own.

He has a few buddies on the force and one of them is under criminal and IA investigation because they believe he ran an extortion ring of small time drug dealers and was caught up after he brutally executed someone who refused to pay him.  He insists it is entirely lies and hes being set up.

Ben finds out about a missile silo in the desert that's up for auction, and the legend has that a militia also used it as a site to hide an arsenal that no one has ever found.  If he can buy it he not only has his safe house, but he also might have a whole cache of supplies.

A new big runway show is coming into town but she has been entirely bypassed for out of town models and performers
(She is a pretty awful person and takes the least motivation to go overboard).
This may be used to lead into the Good The Bad and the Hunky

RPGs / Better Angels: The Chosen Few Session 2 Report
« on: June 06, 2016, 05:14:17 PM »
Lets toss this in the right forum now.  For those who want to read the first session report you can find it here:,2023.0.html

Session 2:  Raising the Stakes

The session started with them discussing what to do with the money they had left over after paying off their medical debt.  Also they all got to have a little scene with their demon where they have a good dream and the demon fucks with it just a little bit.  As their demons are implanted in them in a rather unusual way it also gives them a bit more power to manipulate in more subtle ways.  They then all got some individual scenes before the real mayhem started.

For some reason her favorite photographer wasn't calling her back.  So she visited him, in person.  He was avoiding her even when she was their and she obviously had made him uncomfortable some how.  Oblivious to that she forced the issue by turning on the charm (read: Impossible Beauty).  At that point he couldn't help but talk to her.  He showed her the pictures and she could see it too..she looked beautiful..but...wrong.
The effect of her impossible beauty makes her look somewhat alien, with very exaggerated features, unnaturally long legs, massive almost inhuman eyes.  Something that would enthrall someone in person but when captured looks unsettling.
She pressured him into agreeing to take pictures, but passed it off to his secretary, who was equally dismissive, so she seduced her, even though she was older and came off straight.  Its hard to resist someone with that much power.
The nicest member of our group, had tried to pressure her parents into leaving, she knew something was wrong and they wouldn't be safe. 
Continues to be frustrated with this new organ because its much harder to get drunk.  Also had a few episodes where he forgets that impossible strength has its drawbacks, that mostly involve breaking things.
Continues to pursue his survivalist instincts by investing his money into property far out into the country.  He also gets more active in his survivalist blog spreading terrible rumors about his fears of the end of the world, rumors his demon only feeds since corrupting ideas is its bread and butter.

Their enemy wasn't going to let them rest on their laurels though.  He wants them to snap to push themselves to the limits of their evil, to feed the demons.  So he escalates to the next level.  He seeks out the most violent street gang in the city, and offers them a deal.  In Exchange for unimaginable wealth, they will do a direct assault on 4 specific homes.  They agree.
So each of them at home in the middle of the night gets hit by a very unexpected driveby.
Ben is the only one who sees it coming, he happens to be up working on a project and luckily lives alone so when he sees the SUVs come by and the guns appear he throws up ghost form and the bullets pass through him, only grazing him briefly before he can activate the power.  Is able to put a drone into the air before they get away and gets some blurry shots of the plates. No one else is so lucky.
Pele is at home with her parents when they gunfire starts.  She is only grazed, but her family isn't so lucky, her mother dies and her father is severely injured.
Anna is home with her seduced secretary, when the gunfire happens, she is injured but not severely but the secretary is killed immediately.  She does a massive news interview and tries to seem very sad, but it is difficult when you are an emotionally bereft sociopath.
Kevin has the most active experience.  He is out at a seedy bar with his drinking buddies when this happens.  As the bar lets out the SUVs come by and open fire.  He throws up his armor at the last minute avoiding some of the damage (his armor manifesting as bones that erupt from his skin and make a spikey and terrifying suit of medieval looking armor).  He gives into the rage his demon demands and throws himself full force at the van, hitting it so hard that he drives it into the side of a building, killing all the passengers (6W9H attacks are ugly).  As the building begins to come down he seems a homeless person in the alley under the collapse and throws him to safety as the building collapses under him.  Armor protects him and he uses his impossible strength to fling himself from the building and far away before he transforms back well out of the sight of others.  He becomes a media darling, with them not able to decide if he is a hero or a villain and a show talking about his appropriate name.  The one that sticks the most seems to be "Murder Knight."

This incident is enough to convince Pele's now widowed father to leave town, and go back to Hawaii.  But they have some troubles at the airport as a new villain emerges.  He threatens to blow up 3 random planes in the airport unless they pay him a Million Dollars.  He calls himself "Your Impending Doom."  (This is what happens when an Archdemon takes over an already egotistical doctor)
Unsurprisingly the airlines pay, but he has shown them that he exists, but also that specifically he is watching them.

They are all simply helpless at the skills for investigation (seriously none of them leaned on those stats).  So they lean on their mentor The Coachman, who suggests they contact a hacker he knew.  To get around in her supervillan identity which becomes Vanity, after a number of in and out of character jokes about it Anna effectively turns an Uber driver into her private taxi, as she has no movement related powers.  This hacker is able to get info about the sales of these brand new SUVs and is also able to get traffic cameras of likely vans and is able to narrow down the images.

They narrow down the neighborhood and track down the gang, and then debate the plan, and eventually decide to take out the SUVs which are parked on the street, and then run in abduct one of the leaders when they respond to the incident, and interrogate him.  They escalate this threat by throwing a Molotov into one of the trucks.  They manage to get a leader in the panic as Kevin throws up Armor and Strength.  But they don't get away so cleanly as both of the sports cars are still driving.  As she is on foot Pele is chased by some of the men on foot, and is able to take them out without having to call on any of her powers as she is a trained martial artist (seriously she also rolled amazingly).  The car with the hostage in it is chased by the other sports car though.  Kevin has to escalate again to fight them and throws up Armor and Impossible Strength and hits the car so hard he flips it and kills all of the passengers.  He then makes sure the 2 that got flung from the car are dead by leaping over to each of them and smashing their heads.  He is living up to the name Murder Knight

So getting him somewhere secure, and Anna interrogates him.  She surprises every one by torturing with nail repair tools (also a remarkably smart move since she's social focused, and she's pumped her Devious Corruption far too high, but her cruelty is very low).  When they realize he's probably going to try to retaliate, with a similar callous disconnection Ben drags him from the warehouse and throws him in the river to drown to death.

Through all of this Kevin desperately try's to hold on to what little humanity he has and starts seeing a counselor, someone with enough Insightful and Faith, who might actually be able to help him.  Its going to be slow, but perhaps he can save some of his soul.

They are clearly going the Antihero direction rather than supervillain direction, so I am just going to run with that and have their villain continue to push them to escalate and react more violently to situations around them, and push their limits.  I think I may use the zombie machine from No Soul Left Behind, or the Soul Swap event from "The Good the Bad and The Hunky"

I let them in their first session pay off all their debt, because I scaled up the money units far to high.  I also gave them far less financial anxiety to worry about which is very much what concern can lead to the constantly money chase version of super villainy.
I didn't quite give them quite enough motivation to want to go supervillian, which is making it go a different direction than I expected but is not inherently bad.
Players will take the presense of a demon inside of them very differently, 2 of them embracing more of their evil and definably pushing their limits, one being cautiously deadly, and one of them retreating into her self and avoiding contact with her demon.
The player of Pele is actually the hardest one because with the demon inside of her she's hiding from her anger issues and not really embracing it at the same level as the others.

Any suggestions are welcome.

So i realized at least one step of the next game.

I have already set up that their enemy is another more powerful demon. If he has cloven hooves..he just convinces a few street gangs to turn target each of them and their personal lives at the same time. Potentially hurting people they care about, or at least putting them at risk.
Then afterwards..they have a collection of in the small picture relativally fragile enemies.  Enemies that if they kill them begin their slide further towards darkness.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Better Angels: The Chosen Few
« on: May 31, 2016, 09:03:41 PM »
(I realize this might be the wrong section of the forum for this. I didnt realize it had defaulted back here. Please if needed move it to a different section as it doesnt seem to be allowing me.

I am posting this here rather than the FB group because its a wall of text, and that's just rude on FB.  Feel free to comment here or on the linked FB post based on which is more convenient for you.

4 Terrible people are dying of terminal illnesses.  They suddenly all come up on the replacement list at the same point.  And as they come out of recovery, they realize they have a voice in their heads.  A voice they don't quite understand.  That voice tells them of the great power, and encourages them to slide into darkness.

GM Info
A great demon has risen in a new host.  Only recently released from hell, he is not so concerned about this one host.  He was set up for a specific reason.  4 Very Accomplished Hellbinders had been keeping his protégées at bay.  And that is simply not acceptable.  So he picks new hosts, intentionally seeking out 4 broken people who will be weak to the temptations of hell.  He then cons his host into making a powerful device, one that when they are killed will suspend them from returning to their medallions.  He convinces his host he is an angel, and that they are evil and need to be taken out (which isn't entirely wrong).  He then arranges these organs to be placed on the transplant list, and implanted into these 4 new hosts.  How?  Well because his Host is the Chief of Surgery at this hospital, a proud and egotistical doctor, who cannot recognize his own mistakes, and who assumes he always makes the best decisions.

In the chaos of this though enough power is thrown around that it gets the attention of another source, a powerful angel.  That angel embodies a simple man, a custodian of the Portland Metropolitan Museum.  Why there?  Because the Hellbinders hid their medallions were no one would be likely to touch them if they did die.  They hid them in the exhibits themselves as anonymous donations.  This angel knows they will come for them eventually.  So it watches.  And waits.  It doesn't know what specifically happened to draw its attention...but it knows the answers will reveal themselves.

The Characters

Ana is a model who has been once since she is small child and it is the entireity of her identity. She is selfish and proud but was so intense about her desire to maintain the industry that she developed anorexia to maintain her lifestyle.  Eventually this is dangerous though and she was facing heart failure and needed a new heart to survive. 
She was gifted with the perfect Demon, Lasciel (think Dresden). Familiar with vanity and desire this seems like the perfect host..  Aspects: Giant, Cloven Hooves; Powers: Impossible Beauty (Alien Like), Wither

Pele Kalili
Idealistic once she is a life long martial artist from Hawaii who moved to the states with her parents when they were forced to move for work.  Pele has always had an anger issue, a problem that greatly conflicts with her desire to work in social services.  She was facing kidney failure due to pushing herself so far physical and taking so many kidney strikes that eventually the organ crashed.
Axiom the Dissembler is in a hard place now.  Used to dealing in abstract concepts, he has found only one weakness, she hates the system, instead of fighting the goverment from the outside she can destroy the system from the top, breaking everything around her.  Wouldnt that be faster. Aspects: Giant, Ghost Form; Powers: Terror, Dead Ringer

Kevin Chase
He was once a good cop, but then he got to drink, and liked it a bit too much. Liked it so much he lost his job because he was coming in drunk, liked so much that he had to go to AA due to traffic offenses, but even then he still refuses to drink, but hes found it useful.  He found a younger girl, seeking guidance, and so he offered it, in the gross and creepy way.
Agalianept, General of Hell is not sure what to do with this one.  He is used to war and conflict, but this man doesnt really fight any more, hes just a lowely docks security gaurd.  But perhaps his anger and ambition to lead them both to great things. Aspects: Horned, Carapace; Powers: Terror, That Hideous Strength.

Ben Stineman
Ben is the only one who didnt start his condition, but he certinally made it worse.  Ben developed lukemia fairly young, but never got treatment, and never got the help nessecary due to laziness and obsessiveness with other things.  Now he needs a bone marrow transplant to survive.  What are his obsesions: Drones, and Survivalism (no those arent a creepy combo in the slightest).  He might also have certian thoughts about the end times and how much better off the world would be with a few million less people.
He of the Formless Thought and Shape cares not for the kind of host he has.  He finds humans to be weak and simple creatures. But if they are given what they want they are easily maliable.  And he knows....everything. Aspects: Non Euclidean, Ghost Form; Powers: Arrogance, Souless Materialism

1st Session
After recovering from surgery they all found themselves in the same room, and for a few moments while deep in Anesthisia they had brief conversations with their new demons, an open exchange where both minds were tired and weak.
Then they came out of surgery to find each other in the same room and the opportunity to meet.  Their demons all knew each other some how as did the previous hosts though some of them were more subtle acting as secret villains corrupting things in subtle ways that didnt destroy their lives.

They discovered a second problem.  For some reason their insurances wouldnt pay for their surgery, even if it had been approved before, and Charity care wasnt willing to cover it.  They each owed alot of money. 5 Money Units Worth (Roughly 250k). They had no idea how to manage this, and then they were given a clue.

They were all contacted by an old villian they had all heard of.  An old but withdrawn villian known as The Coachman.  He is known primarily for abducting very wealthy people and ransoming them back, while putting them in terrible death traps that they almost always escape.  He has been a Hellbinder for a very long time, and walks a fine line.  He also carefully hides his money being an experienced accountant (may sound similar to someone from No Soul Left Behind).  He gave them clues on what it meant to be a Hellbinder, and the danger of Demons, but also offered to help them deal with thier money.

So they had to figure out how to make money..and robbing a bank just seemed to extreme.  But Ana had some very famous friends, so she decided to arrange a massive fundraiser.  A few applications of impossible beauty, dead ringer, and a very creative use of That Impossible Strength to win an arm wrestling match later, they had made enough to pay their balances owed, and get a bit left over for each of them as well.

But now what to do with their demons?  What to do with these new lives.

Plan for Next Game:  They are suddenly going to experience even more financial problems, more fears of the future.  They might think this is The Coachman which is deliberate as their true enemy wants him removed from the game, and is willing to throw a fellow demon back in his medallion to do it.

Thoughts:  I don't really have a hard plan on how to specifically hurt each of them, but any ideas forward, as well as how to get them focused on being villains.  None of them are really fully embracing the darkness, but they also aren't really planning super villain identities yet. 
The challenge is they also haven't quite used enough powers to really expose themselves yet.  I need something to inspire them to really push the limits and either remind themselves of how dangerous power is and the need for the identity, or really decided what supervillian means to them.  I think they are planing to subtle and not really falling into the roll yet.\

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: March 12, 2015, 12:18:27 AM »
Considering their is a Strange Fate SRD that I just stumbled across recently:

You could probabaly just pull that and then addendum to it the pieces you added/modded for Base Raiders.

I totally agree that its a good idea though.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: March 11, 2015, 04:08:02 PM »
So it is strange but I had a sudden realization (my brain does this sometimes), that if I wanted to model the Bleach Anime in FATE, that Base Raiders is probably the best possible system to do that, with some minor mods.

Very little has to change mechanically about the game, other than the scales of power.  Anything they can do magically due to their nature or the basic abilities their training and weapon gives them is at Exceptional.  When they go into Shikai (the first unlock of their weapon), they can access Superhuman power levels.  When they unlock their Bankai (the second unlock of their weapon), they can access Ascendant powers levels, and if they master truly their powers, or become Vizard or some other weird archetype they can use Godlike Power levels.

Their are a number of small fiddly buts I would need to consider:
-Whether to keep the burn as a narrative structure for mastering a new power level, or drop it for some other narrative tool instead.
-How to use magic in that situation (magic is more diverse and also more limiting), and what power level to set it (probably supernatural since its about the same strength as people who have unlocked their Shikai).

But it just....fits....

RPGs / Re: RPGs about religion
« on: November 20, 2014, 12:54:35 PM »
Dogs in the Vineyard.  It is a hell of a game.  And definitely is all about religion.

And as I note its already on your list: InNomine.  You play in the core game Christian archetype style angels, in a world where god has simply gone silent, and how they make sense of a reality without their guiding force.  You can also play humans with one of the extra books, and live in a world where you serve angels or demons and harness a small bit of their power and get caught up in their games and manipulations.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:24:01 PM »
In my continued efforts to make things that help expand my Base Raiders Experience, I have found myself wanting a more expansive character sheet.

I don't know about you but I am the type that likes 3-4 pages of sheet so I have enough room for all my notes.

I play a lot of other FATE especially Dresden files so I quite a while ago stumbled the sheets made by SDJThorin ( ).
You can find his sheets for other fate games on the FateRPG Yahoo Group. 
So I took his sheet design broke it and rebuilt it for Base Raiders.  In the process I kept some of his code on the character sheet, but I simply could not preserve all of it because of the unique design of base raiders.

So then I present to you attached the sheet.  The first 4 tabs are modified for base raiders.  The last 3 tabs with a "+" on them are sheets that I have not done anything with but that others might want to customize in their own way.  You are also welcome to review what is left of his code and see if you want to find a way to rebuild it in a more efficient way.

This is given to you in an entirely unlocked format for you to fiddle with as needed.  I will, when I get access to my other computer, convert it to a PDF format for those who do not have Office 2010.  When I do such I will edit this post and generate a second link.

Play by Post / Star Wars FATE (Google Hangouts)
« on: September 10, 2014, 12:33:47 PM »
I know this isn't exactally play by post, but it is relevant to this community.

I am in the process of starting up a Star Wars Game using the FATE RPG System.
We will be using FATE Core with a setting and system mod layered over top of it to make it work smoothly.
The campaign timeline starts during the Clone Wars and will draw strong inspiration from the cartoon series.
The game is based around a small team of Jedi, Clones, and Independent Mercenaries, who are a specialist squad working outside the war and not beholden to the Senate.
 Date: Wednesdays
 Run Time: 7PM - 11 PM (PST)
 Method: Online using Google Hangouts (Requires Headset with Audio)
 We will likely run weekly to every other week.
 Please contact me directly if your interested.
 I am seeking 3-4 more players.  FATE Experience Encouraged but not required.

RPGs / Re: FATE: Let's like talk about it.
« on: June 24, 2014, 04:40:35 PM »
Yeah as pointed out function very much follows form and depends on the nature of how the game is meant to run.  If you want to run it easy, let the aspects define the limits and everything else tie back to it.

if you want magic to be more rare and limited..then make it a stunt..their are examples of that for fate core within the descriptions of optional magic system that cost stunt points, but they usually allow a share more versatility than a simple attack..

But if its basic..even in the core book it references that with fantasy scenario with the wizard they build..who does magic because 'aspect.'

Fate can be as simple..or as complicated as you want to make it. :)

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: June 23, 2014, 02:40:18 AM »
So as noted I have updated the two documents I said I was working on:

Consolidated Skill Design

Horizontal 3 Panel GM Screen.  The first 3 pages are the GM screen.  The 4th page is intended as a player facing screen or something that can be handed to them as a reference doc.  You will also note my written text doesn't match up with files straight from the book.  I dont have the fonts that Ross used in the book.

Additionally for those who want to do their own work.  Attached are the original documents.  They were developed in Microsoft Publisher.




RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: June 21, 2014, 02:52:51 AM »
Please do - I'll add this to the Base Raiders site. I've been meaning to but I am overworked, lazy, and a horrible monster

You are a horrible monster.

But you are allowed to be a bit lazy when your overworked. :)

Im almost done with the screen.  I realized I have been using my Playtest PDF for page reference, so I will need to wait till i get home and have my book to make sure my page references are correct.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: June 20, 2014, 09:39:35 PM »
So I cleaned up the other file a bit and attached a new link to the skill template. nerdiness, and the fact that I cant get it out of my head lead me to start creating a GM Screen...because my brain gets obsessed on things.

Expect to see that soon..mabey this weekend..maybe next week.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: June 20, 2014, 05:42:59 PM »


This is GREAT.  I will use this.  I love you.

No really.  Hold me.  Tight.

*Holds for a while*  You know at some point this is gonna start to get awkward. :)

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