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I am looking for players interested in joining a Gothic horror game I'll be running on Roll20. Will be using the Basic Fantasy RPG rules, with a few of the add ons. Game will be set in a 1690's fantasy colonial setting, with humans (and sub humans) available as races, and will also be using several quasi-classes to extend base classes. I'll be available to run it at 9pm on most Thursday evenings, and will be using voice via Roll20. I can be reached by PM on Roll20 under the same username, aRealDead1

Hi all,

Have just started listening to the podcast and really enjoy it a lot so far. It has specially been helpful in getting sound advice on running a horror game.

Since I have gotten back into pen and paper game play, I've only been able to do so online using virtual tabletops (Currently running Basic Fantasy RPG games on Roll20). And it has been a bit of a challenge as game mastering from across a screen, to random internet people, has largely been a mixed bag. Recruitment of players I click with has specifically been a big challenge, also keeping the ambiance needed for horror role play on a VTT. Anyone recall an episode of the podcast touching on these issues, specifically in regard to running games on a VTT?

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