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This makes me smile so much, I've already bought my copy of the song to aid the cause.

RPGs / Grimtooth's traps
« on: July 16, 2009, 06:03:37 AM »

Has anyone ever used anything from this beautifully sadistic book or even heard of it.
I've only ever been able to implement any during the odd LARP i.e. the helmet that is lined with poisoned spikes slightly shorter than the padding inside, or the foot sized pit trap with downward pointing spikes lining the walls.

Has anyone here used them in a game before?

While working I've been sneaking my headphones on to listen to Tom's Call of Cthulhu Actual play debut.
So far i'm 2hrs 40mins through and I'm really impressed.

Nearly got caught out as i had to choke back laughter at...
Tom "His arm bends like this"
Ross "I shoot him"

Pure class!

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