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RPGs / Monster of the Week: Fulci Glen Inquests
« on: July 21, 2016, 07:08:24 PM »
So, a ways back I came up with this setting idea based off of Ross's book: "Zombies of the World". An island or small continent in a dimensional space not unlike the Lovecraftian Dreamlands or Carcosa or even like the Hedge (Thanks again Ross for inspiring!), where human concepts and pop-culture of the undead (films, games and folklore mainly) exist as a sort of ecosystem or series of biomes. It's heavily inspired by zombie film culture with names and landmarks. This place also has human survivors but they are "dreamers" or just unfortunates who have been pulled into this reality or are the descendants of those people that now try to exist in what can be described as a (sometimes sanity blasting) post-apocalyptic zombie horror fantasy. There are heavy hitters, "zombie lords" and beings who have interests and agendas in this place as well that aren't very human.

Setting Notes:

At first I had thought to run it in MaOCT, perhaps Gumshoe or even Cthulhu, but then my live group discovered Monster of the Week, and really enjoyed the way the game felt and played and we needed something to test it in. So I pulled out my setting notes for this, came up with a set of scenarios heavily inspired by Lucio Fulci's "Trilogy of Death" and other italian horror films, and we started it up.

It's been going really well thus far, a hell of a ride at times. The group really likes the system and setting and we've been recording so once I get around to editing them, I'll see about posting them as well. I figured since this was a very Ross inspired game as well (I'm essentially using Zombies of the world as a supplement source and in game mythos tome... and the main benefactor of the crew is a Worm that Walks Necrozoologist/Archivalist named Dr.Paytonius) I should probably start posting some of my notes on it and updates as it goes along.

Session Synopsis: Dreaming Dead - Fulci Glen Inquest
"You went to sleep and as the darkness of blissful oblivion encompassed you, a series of sounds were heard. “1-0-6-5-Z-M-B-I-...” repeated over and over by a deep synthetic voice with calliope music. You opened your eyes to find yourself not in your bed but a very new and wrong setting. You weren’t able to leave this dream no matter how many nights you’ve tried. That’s either your story or the story your folks told you in the survivalist holdouts scattered around. Welcome to Muerto Perdidos Island, don’t mind the locals… only some bite."

Chris - GM
Aaron - Niles (the Spellslinger)
A man with a mysterious past and a gift for the arcane. He can't remember where he came from, only that he’s wandered the island a while now.
Nathan - Jitterbug (the Flake)
A conspiracy nut from the “real world” who woke up in this place and now uses his skills to gather intel on how to survive and get back. He believes that Niles is the key to that.
Tyler - Kramer-o (the Crooked)
A thief and criminal who woke up here, possibly trading one underworld for another. He has an ancient imp stone relic that talks to him, a battle van, connection with survivor groups and an intimidating demeanour.
Other Chris - Crash (the Wronged)
He woke up here with his wife and brother, when scoping out a medical centre, his addict brother took the wrong drugs, reanimated, killed Crash’s wife in his undead state and escaped. Broken, looking for revenge and wielding a homemade flamethrower.

Initial Hook: When you arrive into Eibmoz after hours of wandering the roads for salvage or other goods amidst the zombies their a single open business: the Gorecroft, the Barkeep has a letter for you from someone who you don’t know but they know you. His name is a Doctor Paytonius and he treats you as a friend in the letter and has an Inquest for you to look into...

Session 1: The Housed Dweller By the Cemetery
A band of wandering survivors, on their way to find the next meal amidst the shambling infested lowlands of Fulci Glen, park outside a single inhabited pub in a southern town of urban decay and isolation. Upon entering the Barkeep hands them a letter from a mysterious doctor who seems to know them and invites them on an investigation to a house by a cemetery. What will they find there? And Who is this strange benefactor and why does he know these living among the undead?
(Zombies Encounter: Italian Zombie, Cabin Lurker)

Session 2: Beyond Seven Doors
A new strange letter, a new destination. Our survivors have fortified a base of operations in the lonely town of Eibmoz but now it seems they must venture back in the Glen and to another even stranger town with seven doors. There an art gallery is held and they have a ticket to see this place most macabre. What secrets does this place hold? And will they surrender what they find to their mysterious benefactor truthfully or not.
(Zombies Encounter: Italian Zombie, Egyptian Mummy, Dancing Zombie)

Session 3: The Catacombs of the Living Dead
A final inquiry, one that will grant the crew the last requirement to a key that will unlock the truth of what has transpired, upon delivery of new material of course. There is always a price to be paid, and as they will discover, the Mattei Islands on the Argento River will test them before the day for night is up! What lays beneath the sandy village in its subterranean abode?
(Zombies Encounter: Italian Zombie, Zombie Sharks, Revenant)

Session 4: Ghoulrilla?
The Inquests are done, now to collect the true reward, that requires travelling North to New Morto City and West Mercy Hospital. There’s some distractions between here and there for our wayward sons, shadows from the past and some golden opportunities that might be too good to pass up before the final stretch.
Zombies Encountered: Reanimated, Grey Shamblers, Zombie Animals - Lions and Gorillas, also a mutant zombie bird man variant from the italian horror film Zombi 5: Killing Birds.

Session 5: No Mercy
The Hospital is in sight now as the crew arrives into the core of New Morto City. All they have to do is traverse a towering gauntlet of reanimated and medical abominations. Old wounds never quite heal, especially when it comes to family.
Zombies Encountered: Reanimated, Left 4 Dead special variants, Blight Zombies (I stat'd out casualties, and vectors in MotW)


Got around to doing up the preliminary rendition of the ten money unit piece for this year, very Red Markets-y for obvious reasons. The back still needs quotes, thought I would toss this up to get people excited and to bounce some ideas for quotes to include and the like.

I'm early this year Tad! XD

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Five Money Unit!
« on: July 23, 2015, 03:18:27 PM »
With Gencon less than a week away (sorry for this being late, life and a period of forgetfulness are my excuse) but I have rendered the front of the 5 money unit bill.
Back side coming soon... as in tomorrow.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Shirt Ideas?
« on: January 28, 2015, 04:14:23 PM »
So I saw that reply on the Final Revelation's Post-Mortem episode and followed through with my response to it... albeit in my cartoon fashion. Hope people like it.

Comments on how to improve it are always welcome of course.

Note: This is a scaled down version, I made the PSD file like 12"x18" for high quality reasons... you know... just incase. XD

RPGs / (Call of Cthulhu) 1945: Outer Gods, Inner Demons
« on: July 15, 2014, 02:25:03 AM »
With the end of our 1920's campaign in sight, my friends and I began musing what should come next. The guys loved the investigative if sometimes gonzo monster of the week themed scenarios of the 20's games I created. But we decided the next games should be a little more of the horror investigative and just a little less pulp weirdness, also perhaps a little more focused as to what was stalking them. So we decided to run the next "season" of our games with new characters and more focused themes. Here is the initial write up and rundown of the first session...

Title: The Birmingham Housing Fire
Inspiration/Themes: Marble Hornets, Being pulled into danger, Dark Vistas.

Story/Setup:  May 6th, 1945: A fire has broken out on Birmingham St., Etobicoke, mere blocks away from the shores of Lake Ontario. 3 houses have so far been affected by the flames, each a 2 story century home being utilized for low-income families and others alike. The first house fire was reported at 5:46 am. The fire spread to the neighboring 2 homes before firefighting crews were mobilized to the sight. Police have been utilized as a perimeter line for the gathering passerby’s and onlookers even this late in the morning...

Setting: 1945: the closing end of the second World War, while hell begins it’s cool down across the sea, something unseen to the public eye is boiling up from darker places. Only a few are aware of it’s presence and the danger it holds, even fewer are pulled into action away from their own inner demons to deal with the machinations of outer gods.

Call of Cthulhu - The Player Characters can be any citizen of Toronto or passing traveller pulled into the madness. A down on his luck veteran, a courageous or hardened firefighter/rescue official, a homeless vagabond looking for a place to stay for the night, anyone at the wrong place at the wrong time. As long as they are willing (or in some cases, have no choice but) to pursue the mystery and danger that is bubbling up from unknown vistas.

Chris - GM
Aaron - Everett O’Sullivan, a war veteran who has returned home with a bummed leg and head full of nightmares.
Nathan - Seth Cross, a young buck who works as a fire fighter with a courageous heart. 

Session Recap:
- Seth, while aiding his teammates in controlling the inferno, spotted a figure in the window of the main burning home. Breaking through the front door and rushing to the living room revealed a very macabre metallic statue of a corpse in a running posture away from the dining room. The dining room looked as though it had collapsed into the basement. Thinking the statue at first to be a survivor he attempted to heft it up, however the statue proved to be solid enough that all Seth managed to do was toppled it to the floor, breaking it apart. With no survivors in sight, Seth escaped the blaze and continued to aid his fellow fighters of fire.
- Everett, watching his Ma’s home go up, realized his trunk filled with war gear (including 6 frag grenade and his handy firearms) were in a home soon to be engulfed in flames. Utilizing the morning darkness he manage to get to the backdoor but was heard by a police officer as he entered his doomed domicile. Quickly as possible with his bummed leg he reached his room and began strenuously dragging his trunk down the stairwell where the cop was waiting trying to get him out. Some brief exposition as to the contents of the trunk led to a rather humourous evacuation scene (under any other circumstance) with the cop aiding Everett to move the trunk out of harms way. He proceeded after to sit in the street atop his trunk beyond the perimeter line with his grieving Ma as the fire continued to burn. Not fully aware something may have been watching in the darkness nearby.
- Eventually Everett walked up to the fire captain to volunteer some help, leading him to gather up the forming crowd rather curtly as a bucket brigade to help stall the fire.
- Dawn came and went, the homes now no-more than burned out skeletons of brick and charred material. During the investigation to ensure the prevention of a second blaze, Seth with his fellow team-mates discover massive four clawed foot print (Like those of an owl, except 2-3 feet across) sporadically placed in the backyard of the properties. These foot prints, along with odd lash marks across different surfaces on the property, show signs of extreme burning and freezing and withering. Within the home reveals that the shattered statue in the living room remains with it’s oddly charred metallic material. Seth covertly grabs a broken “hand” lying on the ground out of curiosity and conceals it.
- A discovery was made in the basement: Ice had formed in puddles despite the temperatures that would have occurred in the inferno that morning and early summer weather. Also, a human figure made of the same metallic material appeared splattered in an imprint in the wall with a sledgehammer on the ground and a large crevice broken in through the wall. This revealed a large circular chamber of 5 feet down in the earth. In the center of the chamber sat an oddly crafted earthen jar, broken by evident falling rocks. A Professor Juan Carter from the Museum was brought into recover this.
- Everett got his Ma setup in a quaint home in Markham with some of his remaining cash, then proceeded to track down a decent apartment for himself. He found one in the neighborhood of the Firehall, “Humble Towers”. Coincidentally his neighbor was the Firefighter Seth Cross. The two now occupied the apartments of the 7th floor.
- Some days passed and Seth began having odd nightmares of the inferno and a man running from the dining room, screams reverberating almost like an echo. In a flash of red the man became the statue and was frozen forever, the screams continue until Seth awoke in a cold sweat.
- Power and light were starting to flickering around the two, even as they began to form an acquaintance with cigars and brandy as Everett set up his new pad.
-Both Seth and Everett headed to the Museum in the days that followed the fire. Seth to Prof. Carter’s office to inquire about the fire and strangeness surrounding the artifact, the dreams becoming more invasive into his daily life. Everett to begin his new job as a security guard, which he had successfully obtained from an ex-cop in the interview process.
- Seth talked to Carter but didn’t get much more than some hints about the oddness of the artifact recovered and the strange composition of the “statues”. Sand found in the Jar didn’t match anything on record in composition and the filings of the material that made up the metallic statue suggested the minerals were an odd combination of lead, iron and human tissue. It also seemed like Carter might be holding back something regarding the symbols on the jar.
- Everett headed down to accompany another guard (Tom) with some mundane checkups of the storage rooms. The hallway down to the rooms had heavy light flickering and electrical issues. Going into the room revealed the lights not working almost at all. With flashlight in hand, he soon discovered the headless body of Tom, and a strange buzzing/bubbling sound floating around like an insect in the air. He fled the scene and warned the head security office. Not before locking both hall doors on the way up due to a freakish buzzing bubbling that was trailing him.
- Seth, upon finishing his conversation with Juan, joined up coincidentally with a distressed Everett and the other authorities that had been called and were accompanying him to the body. The body showed signs similar to things from the fire. While authorities examined the body, Seth and Everett heard a thumping sound near the back of the room. Beyond a shelving unit, the head of Tom was floating in the corner and bumping into the wall. Losing his nerve, Everett pulled his gun and began unloading on the head. it exploded into a similar metallic splash on the wall from the impression previously discovered, revealing a blackened tentacled THING that hurt like staring at the sun to look at. It turned to show a bloody eye, and Everett continued to fire. The bullets didn’t effect the creature and it simply left through the wall, leaving a similar blackening burned frost ring.
- The duo were escorted to the police station after a small panicked scuffle in the storage room. They are questioned for hours before being released.
- Returning home that evening with an oddly behaving person seen on the way, Everett went to finish a second bottle of Brandy.
- They both saw the strangeness, now they want some answers themselves...         

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / One Money Unit!
« on: July 14, 2014, 02:24:34 PM »
Hey, so I did a thing after getting a challenge from Aaron in the latest Dreamlands game. Posted a link in the comments of that episode but here it is on the forum, hope it looks good.


RPGs / A Wild Mundane Challenge appeared! (looking for some ideas)
« on: March 09, 2014, 07:47:28 PM »
I have a campaign I'm running involving an alternate version of our world set in 1911 during a gold rush in Northern British Columbia. It also involves hunting, trapping, taming, training and battling Pokemon but with the twist of, that isn't the end all, be all, of the game. That stuff is all set up and solid. Essentially the campaign is Oregon Trail with Pokemon, varies by session from Saturday morning cartoon to grim dark reality.

My main challenge right now is though I had the sparking idea and setting I would like to brainstorm some ideas for a list of more mundane challenges, problems, disasters, obstacles, and what have you that would occur in the 1911 frontier of a Klondike-style gold rush party. Or if anyone knows where one might find a list that already exists that I can draw upon to give some random trial and tribulations to working a homestead/claim in the northwest coast.

« on: July 17, 2013, 10:51:55 PM »
So I've been planning a campaign for a friend of mine, it's going to be your basic "We're running a zombie apocalypse game in our home town and you've stated out yourselves to try and survive!" However my players want to give fortification and supply records a shot for surviving. I thought it might be cool to build a stat/record sheet for the house or what ever fortification they plan to use. I decided before I go and build one from scratch, I should check online for one, and I am coming up empty handed. So I have come to you fine people to lend me a hand if you will, if such a thing exists. essential a character sheet for your survivor base of operations, similar to a record sheet for a starship in Star wars d20? only it doesn't move.

Any suggestions? Ideas? thoughts on the matter?

RPGs / Pastoral Manor in Call of Cthulhu? and other Crazon Things!
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:18:48 PM »
For the last few months I have been running Call of Cthulhu D20 set in the 1920s of my little fictional universe. Its been going really well, the players are super enthused (literally dressing for the occasion... seriously, suits and fedoras!) there have been 3 full game scenarios that are formatted in cases for 2 investigators that have been relatively dark, with the last being a pretty grim dark/ shit just got real! game based on the Pendelton massacre from Caleb's Preemptive Revenge, so I decided to run a less grimdark game for the next one to give the guys a calm in the storm.

For some reason or another, I was really reminiscing on the classic movies about intelligent animals (the secret of NIMH, Watership Down, etc.) and decided that I wanted to do up a scenario involving intelligent animals. (I have for a while been tinkering with some short stories about groups of small animals gaining sentience and trying to survive in a world ruled by man and populated by non intelligent animals alike).

And now that the back story of that is out of the way...

For the scenario, I decided to get some inspiration for this type of game from Pastoral Manor, obviously tweaking it to fit my stories. and ran the first part a few days ago. Set up clues and a setting akin to that in Pastoral Manor, threw a lumber mill/deforestation spin on it and stated out character animal and human alike accordingly. I had it set up to have the investigators uncover the mystery of this lumber mills strange occurrences/ deterrents to cutting down the woods, red herringed a ghost angle with the animals attempting to scare the lumber jacks off. And then my investigators proceeded to leave the mill and all its lingering clues, go through the woods to check out a murder sight, find the pastoral manor (named Arcadia Farms in my game) and after an investigative section where they talked to the farm kid about the woods and rolled really well, they discovered the intelligent animals in no time flat!

So now I'm going to run the next part after a few days between the first and Ive added/expanded the content to accommodate this quick reveal and well see what happens...

But yeah, that was the time I ran Pastoral Manor in Call of Cthulhu... D20.       

RPGs / K.P.F.S. anyone here actually play this game?
« on: November 20, 2012, 09:32:10 PM »
Hey all, So I have been reading up the rules for Kill Puppies For Satan after hearing Ross speak of it on the latest Unspeakable (though Ive had the PDF for longer than that) and have actually sat down and wrote up a scenario about an up and starting Satanic cult in a small Ontario Town. This will also likely become a quick pick up and play campaign for a few of my buddies, between normal games.

When I first heard of the game and got the rules I suggested it to a few of my friends (who have a history of playing evil campaigns in D&D and like to crack horrible, horrible jokes about things that could come from the mouth of a K.P.F.S. character) to my surprise, only a few of them showed major interest in it.

Anyone else attempted a game of this? or done something in this system? If anyone is interested, I am going to record this game once I get it started and will post it somewhere online. Maybe the RPPR Community AP Site?

RPGs / It Came From The Used Bookstore
« on: September 06, 2012, 08:34:51 PM »
I was at my local used bookstore, searching for some old fantasy or sci-fi, maybe a horror novel for cheap. Doing so led me to find this little gem: Fighting Fantasy by Steve Jackson. A Novel sized game book that details rules for a d6 variation of a fantasy adventure gaming akin to early D&D with not 1 but 2 starting scenarios that supplied maps of caves and dungeons. For 3 dollars, how could I say no to such a novelty?

Anyone else find weird, interesting, or dare say amazing RPGs at a used bookstore before?

RPGs / Fear Itself! Monster creation?
« on: September 03, 2012, 08:57:36 PM »
Been thinking of using the Fear Itself rules for a game but I see that there is no actual content or really any tips on creating your own monsters, and so, the question is this, is there a monster creation guide for fear itself, either with the book of unremitting horror or somewhere online? or is it somewhere in the core book that Im just missing?

RPGs / 4 kids, 1 talking dog
« on: March 28, 2012, 03:25:43 PM »
Hey all, am currently working on a rpg scenario involving kids fighting off zombies and other monsters near there cottage. 4 of my friends are planning to play sibling and one is dead set (along with the others) to play a larger mastiff type dog that talks, also he wheres a cape and the kids can ride it like a horse. so I'm currently debating what rule set to use, I was originally going to use Little Fears, but I look at Monsters more and more and think it might be a better option. My question is this, how should I proceed with one monster (the talking dog) that is shared among the four kids? has anyone else faced such a dilemma? I'm new to GMing, but am really intrigued with playing this scenario.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Legacy of Nimh Actual Play?
« on: March 15, 2012, 03:03:21 PM »
Was re-listening to "Critique of Cthulhu" episode and at the end, the Legacy of Nimh scenario came up and I want to know, will there be actual plays of the Legacy of NIMH, were the session recorded? I would be very interested in checking those out, I loved the first movie and this scenario could easily replace my memories of the...(shivers) sequel.

General Chaos / Thanks Ross, "Zombies of the World" Helped!
« on: March 05, 2012, 02:22:43 PM »
First off let me explain. I have a web comic that pokes fun of movies and film related things, and in a recent issue I was going back to a previous joke involving an island where all the Zombies of the zombie films go after the film is over. Surprisingly I hadn't thought of them breaching containment until recently, and that's where this issue comes in. So I did one where the fast running zombies of "28 ... later" start running so fast they can cross water. Now I believe this idea came to me in part because of the "Zombies of the World" book I had recently purchased from Ross's site (thanks for the autograph by the way). Another source of inspiration from the book was in the naming of the zombies. Somehow a character saying Oh god the zombies from the "28 days Later" franchise are running so fast now that they can cross water! just seemed far too long, but the the classification in the book, English Foaming Zombies, helped make the dialogue more efficient. So thank you Ross, thought that I'd share my Kudos to you good sir.
and of course show off my web comic.

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