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RPGs / Dawn Of Worlds (multiplayer world creation)
« on: May 18, 2014, 08:22:34 AM »
I just ran into this free multiplayer world creation game on Reddit.  It's called Dawn Of Worlds and it's under something similar to the creative commons license.

I haven't played it yet, but it looks cool.  It might be a great play by post/forum game as well.

General Chaos / Neil Gaiman wrote a Cthulhu short story?
« on: April 27, 2014, 04:03:06 PM »
My mind was blown today.
I found out that in 1986 Neil Gaiman wrote a Cthulhu short story that was published in Dagon magazine nr.16 .

As far as I can see it's Gaimans first published story.

And after some google-fu I dug it up for you. Here you go (Link to

Your welcome.

EDIT: Forgot to add the title:
I, Cthulhu, or, Whats A Tentacle-Faced Thing Like Me Doing In A Sunken City Like This (Latitude 47 9 S, Longitude 126 43 W)?

General Chaos / A list of RPG based webcomics.
« on: April 02, 2014, 11:00:53 AM »
I'm wondering what good RPG based webcomics are out there.
Here are the five that I know about.

Order of the Stick.  Great RPG jokes.  Quite meta at times.  Excellent storytelling.  947 comics and counting

Bonebreakers.  Evolved from Commisioned comics. Good RPG jokes.  Great art.  Just finished book one in the series. 95 pages and counting.

Table Titans.  Evolved out of PVP online. the official DnD comic.  Good humour and good art. Just started book two in the series. 102 pages and counting.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. DnD based world, but few actual RPG jokes.  2628 comics and counting.
NSFW warning.  It's not crude, but it has occasional boobs.

Nodwick.  From dragon magazine of old.  The series finally ended a few years ago.  More pages then I care to count (ran for 11 years 3 times a week).

So what else is out there?

RPGs / Convert ... to GURPS
« on: January 07, 2014, 09:18:15 AM »
I'm listening to the conversion episode (96) and heard of Toms conversion of RIFTS to GURPS 4th.  I would love to see some posts on how that is going and what mechanics he is using. 

I also thought that this might be a good excuse for us GURPS nerd to show of our work, or get advice, in a single thread.

So in the spirit of sharing I'll start.  So I present to you:

About a year ago I went through my ADnD Dark Sun books and convert all the crazy weapons to GURPS. At least that was my original intent, then I realised that some of them were to crazy and I settled for converting most of them.

Here are the ground rules I set for myself. No rule of cool, no cinematic weapons, TL is ignored, all stats assume steel weapons and conversion to other materials can be done later. Style familiarity perks can be purchased to get rid of negative modifiers do to balance issues. Some of these weapons are gladiator weapons. They are not supposed to be practical.

MA - means MartialArts.
LT - means LowTech
F - means Fencing weapon
U - means unbalanced weapon

EDIT: THIS web page has pictures of most of these

Name: Bards Friend
sw-2 cut-----C,1-------0 (F)-----150--------2---------7----Main Gauche or MA
thr imp-------C-------------------------------------------------Main Gauche or MA
Description: Multiple blades attached to a single handle, Can be used to punch. Can be used with Main Gauche skill for fencing bonus or with MA skills for damage bonus.

Name: Cahulaks
sw imp---------1---------0U-----120--------- 6---------8--------Axe/Mace
thr -2 cut------1---------0U----------------------------------------Axe/Mace
sw +2 imp ----2,3-------(-2U)--------------------------11---------Kusari
thr -1 cut-----2,3-------(-2U)---------------------------11---------Kusari
Description: Gladiator Weapon. A pair of four pronged hooks on a shaft, connected by a five foot of rope at the back ends. A type of Kusarigama with a gama at both ends. Swinging it to get impaling attacks.  This is the closest I came to a cinematic weapon. Also available with a single handle and a single hook.

Name: Carrikal
sw +3 cut------1-------0U---------80--------5--------12---------Axe/Mace
sw +5 cut-----1,2*-----0U-------150------10--------14-------T.H. Axe/Mace
Description: Double front bladed axe, (0,5 Armour Division), -2 to use doo to balance, minus can be gotten rid of with a perk. Normal Axe version and Great Axe versions shown. Often made from a jawbone straped to a haft.

Name: Chatkcha
thr cut--------C---------(-2)-------50-------1/2--------5-------Any punching MA
Description: Hand held missile weapon. Thri-Kreen weapon, essentially a large throwing star, does 2 points damage to users hand when held. Thri-kreens have natural armor and dont care.

Name: Datchi Club
sw +2 cr------2,3*------0--------100--------5---------9------T.H. Axe / Mace
sw +2 cr------2,3*-----+2----------------------------------------T.H. Sword
thr cr-----------3--------+2----------------------------------------T.H. Sword

Description: Gladiator Weapon. Huge, light club. Club head is 4-5 feet long and made of light materials such as a dried root or insect hive. Attached to a 3 foot handle. The club is spiked with obsidian to cause bleeding after hitting unarmored target.

Name: Dragons Paw
thr +1 imp-----1--------+1------500---------7--------11------Short Sword
sw -1 cut----------------------------------------------------------Short Sword
thr +3 imp-----2--------------------------------------------------Spear
Description: Gladiator Weapon. Spear with tips at both ends and hilted punch blade in the centre, DR 4 for main hand, +1 parry, its common to use tip slashes, -2 to use if unfamiliar with weapon.

Name: Elf Longblade.
Description: Dark Sun Elven Weapon. Use stats for Jian from MA book, Fencing Blade

Name: Gythka
thr +3 imp----1,2*------0-------120--------10-------11---------Pole arm
sw +2 cut----1,2*------0U-----------------------------------------Pole arm
Description: Two handed Thri-Kreen weapon, mix of boar spear and duelling glaive, can be used for two weapon attack at reach 1, -2 to use if unfamiliar with weapon, fixed with a perk. A single headed version exists. Stats would be the same exept drop cost to 80, weight to 7 and ST to 9. Drop -2 to skill.

Name: Handfork
sw -2 cut----C,1------0 (F)-----100---------2----------7-----Knife or Main Gauche
thr +1 imp----C-------0 (F)-------------------------------------Knife or Main Gauche
Description: Sai with cutting edges or a really short Trident. Follows all the special rules for Trident.

Name: Heartpick
Description: Pick backed with a hammer head. Use pick stats, but can change imp damage to cr damge, costs +25 and add +0,5 to weight

Name: Impaler
Description: Double headed pick. Think road work pick. Follows all the rules for T.H. Warhammer but change cost to 150, weight to 8 and ST to 13.

Name: Macahuitl
Description: A sword like club with obsidian studded edges. See Low Tech

Name: Puckih
Description: Obsidian punching dagger

Name: Quabone
Description: Gladiator Weapon. 4 jawbones sharpened and lashed together to make a light mace. Use Baton stats. If bleeding rules are being used this weapon will cause bleeding after hitting unarmored foes.

Name: Mellicot Sap
Description: 2 yard Kusari made from rope and a large sap. Treat as Kusari with -1 to damage. This is the only weapon I dont stat as made from metal. In that case just use Kusari Stats.

Name: Singing Sticks
sw -1 cr-------1-------0F-------20------------1---------5----Short sword/Smallsword
thr cr----------1-------0F---------------------------------------Short sword/Smallsword
Description: Gladiator Weapon. Light batons with grooves that make whistling sounds when swung, generally used in pairs.

Name: Swatter
sw +6 cr-----2,3*------0U------200-------15---------16--------T.H. Axe/Mace
Description: Spiked hardwood club made for half-giants.

Name: Talid
Description: Gladiator Weapon. Use stats for elbow long Cestus from MA. Add Elbow spike that allows thr imp (plus MA bonus) attacks with elbow strikes.

Name: Tortoise Blade
sw -1 cut-----1---------0----------450--------5--------11--------Short sword
thr +2 imp-----1--------0-------------------------------------------Short sword
Description: A large Katar sticking out from the edge of a small light shield. -1 to use shield and weapon unless a familiarity perk is bought. Use stats for small light shield. Heavy shield or buckler will change the weight and ST of weapon.

Name: Trikal
sw +5 cr------1,2*------0--------100---------7-------10------Pole Arm
thr +1 cr-------2--------0-----------------------------------------Pole Arm
thr -1 cut-----1,2*------------------------------------------------Pole Arm
Description: A long, three flanged mace mace with sharp edges below head. Last line of stats is when pole arm is used to hook.

Name: Weighted Pike
thr +3 imp----2,3*-----0U-------70----------7--------12---------Spear
sw +3 cr----1,2,3*-----0U--------------------------------------T.H. Axe/Mace
Description: Long spear with a light spiked mace on the other end. -2 to use doo to strange balance. Modefier can be fixed by buying a perk.

Name: Wrist Razor
sw -1 cut----C,1-------0----------150---------3-------8-----Any punching MA
thr imp-------C,1--------0--------------------------------------Any punching MA
Description: Gladiator Weapon. Long knifes mounted on to a bracer and extending over the knuckles. Think Wolverine. Hand can still be used at -2 to action. MA damage bonus.

Name: Zerga
Description: Use javelin statistics, add barbs and an attached rope.

Part II --Half Giant Weapons--
My version of Dark Sun Half Giants have an average of ST 22 and are SM +2 (11' - 12'). So weapons their size do double damage bonus, need double ST, weigh 5 times as much and have a reach multiplier of 1.5. They cost 5 times as much as SM 0 weapons. If the weapon originally had negative damage bonus, just add one to the damage

So here are some conversions
Half Giant T.H.Great Axe----sw+8 cut-----2,3*-----0U-------500-----40-------24
Half Giant Knife-------------thr imp--------1------(-1)-------100----2.5-------10
And something Long like a
Half Giant Pike-------------thr+6 imp-----6,8*-----0U-------400-----65-------24

I'm seriously considering making Half Giants an NPC race. A big one with the great axe would do 4D+10 cutting in damage when he hits.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Why has the site been acting up lately?
« on: November 12, 2013, 04:51:12 AM »
Yesterday it was more or less un-accessible or lagging like no once business.
Does it have something to do with the amount of download that happens when a new episode drops, or something else?

I just participated in the Bundle of Holding +4 charity to get Psi-Run.  And in the process raised a question to myself.
If I donate Psi-Run to RPPR.  Will they record running it?

So I put a little more thought into it and came up with the following.

These are the minimum rules of the process as I see it.

You would have to ask RPPR if they want said game.  And RPPR would have to say "Yes XXX give me YYY game" so that multiple people wouldn't send multiple copies to RPPR and people wouldn't send them games like FATAL.
If RPPR says Yes you would send them a PDF of said game with prove of purchase. 
The reason being as follows.  RPPR has to have some privacy.  That means no real world mailing address and that means PDFs only (or shop credit or some such).  You have to prove that you bought the game specifically for RPPR and aren't just sending them a copy of your PDF.  As Ross is painfully aware of "Authors need to eat"

In stead RPPR promises to play the game at least once, record and publish it.
They do NOT promise any of the following.
A.  Who the players are
B.  Who runs the game
C.  How long it will take (If they quit in character creation so be it)
D.  When it gets played or published (Although personally I think it would make for a good B-sides compilation)

So what does RPPR think?

I would be happy to donate any of the following game to RPPR if they want to play them.

Dogs in the vineyard
Kill puppies for Satan
Swashbucklers of the 7 skies

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Help save podcasting.
« on: May 31, 2013, 04:36:00 PM »
The EFF (Electronic Frontiers Foundation) is taking on patent trolls targeting podcasts.  But it's going to cost some serious money so they are asking for help.  If you can spare a few $ head over HERE and help out.  If you are short on cash, help spread the word.

If you are wondering who the EFF are, they are the an international non-profit digital rights group that have picked up the gloves and taken on some big legal battles for digital rights.  They are the real deal.  My favourite is when they took on the US Secret Service after they raided Steve Jackson games (Makers of GURPS) in 1990.  (Whole story HERE)  The short of it is, that without the EFF there would be no GURPS to day.

Ross.  I will be rather disappointed if this does not get mentioned on the next episode.

RPGs / Building a Cthulu adventure.
« on: May 05, 2013, 05:42:16 PM »
I have this idea for an interconnected series of Cthulu adventures that I want to write down with the end goal of publishing them in some form*.  But I have a problem.  I have hardly ever played CoC and never run it.  I have played and run plenty of other games, but I lack a lot of the experience needed for CoC.  So Im here looking for help.  So here are some questions in no particular order.

1.  What is the general structure of a CoC adventure?  To give an example of what I mean a typical DnD adventure is:  Info dump Shopping and rumour pickups small fight on the way to the dungeon Deathtraps Medium Fight Small Fight Boss Fight Loot.  Sprinkle with deathtraps, fights and loot as needed.

2.  What is a small fight, medium fight, big fight in CoC?  What about if the PCs only have melee weapons and no guns?  Same or different?  At what point are we more likely to get a TPK then not?

3.  How does one make an investigation breadcrumb trail without making it to obvious?

4.  What is the basic skill set that needs to be present in a group of pregens regardless of time/place?  What skills are necessary for every single character to have? 

5.  How fast should the SAN loss be?  These adventures are thought of as a string of one-shots.  So characters are not meant to last through a series of them.

6.  What sort of things (Other then monsters) cause SAN loss and how much?

7.  How do I build a forbidden tome?  What should be in one, talking in game mechanics here?  The forbidden knowledge is a given.

8...Other questions to come as I think them up.


* Im realistic here.  When I say publish I mean get them onto the interweb for people to use. 

General Chaos / Map Geekery
« on: April 18, 2013, 08:42:24 AM »
I was listening to Ross speak on his love for maps on episode 85: Maps and Legends.  And since I make maps for a living, I figured that this forum needs a map thread. 

What do fellow mapsters want to talk about?  I can provide some insight into real world maps, GIS systems, methods, public data access and cartographic rules if people are interested.  I can also show you where to find good tutorials on making fantasy maps, but fantasy maps are not my strong field, so it would just be links.

Any interests?

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Gaming industry status reports
« on: April 18, 2013, 06:56:17 AM »
I thought some of you might be interested in this.

Steve Jackson games just published their yearly Stakeholders Report.  If you are interested in knowing what a gaming company is up to it's a good read.
Also Evil Hat, doing their best to be transparent, just published their Q1 2013 sales figures.

If you know of any other gaming companies that are talking about how they are doing, please add them here.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Pericles's Twitter Account.
« on: April 17, 2013, 11:56:28 AM »
Just heard that passing joke in Heroes of New Arcadia 20.
It needs to happen.

Whoo hoo!  First post!

@Evildoer I'm coming for you with #Justice and #Wrath.  Prepare!

Please keep adding your own.

RPGs / BaseRaiders
« on: April 09, 2013, 11:23:36 AM »
So, Ross, how is it coming along?
Can we expect it in July, or did the project hit unexpected snags?

Has anything surprising come out of the playtesting?  How is FATE holding up?


General Chaos / Sad news on the Knights of Badassdom
« on: March 07, 2013, 07:32:53 AM »
This is a real shame.  I was so looking forward to seeing this movie.

LINK to news on internal struggles, producer cutting the movie against the directors wishes, everyone getting fired and so on...

EDIT: Fixed link

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Things I want to say about episode 83
« on: February 12, 2013, 02:04:23 PM »
So I listened to episode 83 when it came out.  And I found that I had a lot to say about it.  None of the things I wanted to say were in any way important, but dam did I want to say them.

Then I got sick and promptly forgot all of them.  So now I'm listening to it again and have started this thread to document my  inane opinions.

So first up
Ross: "All food with a face on is Chinese food"

NO.  Although a lot of Chinese food is facy.  As a proof I walked down to my local shop and took this picture.

More to come...

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