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General Chaos / Re: What Vidja games are you playing?
« on: January 02, 2015, 09:40:14 AM »
Just started This War of Mine, I was feeling bad about stealing from the sleeping people at the school, they're basically me but without beds. Then I saw that their fridge was full of not-food. This is bad, Bruno needs foods to work his chef magic, he, Marco, and Pavel are pretty hungry. Also we're all sad because we couldn't help the kids and now their mom's probably dead.

So it's one of the grimmer games so far. At least I have a shovel for when I'll have to kill some other half-starved victim, like hitting a mirror. I'll bet they'll have people counting on them for food too.

RPGs / Re: Setting up Game Clubs
« on: December 26, 2014, 10:07:44 AM »
I kind of started an RPG club here, we just posted and when we got enough people we started playing.

Though for us it's a bigger issue to let everyone have a turn running a game they want to.

If you're bringing new people into the hobby, you may want to start with some kind of learning scenario. I did one for CoC where each section is a different part of the sheet and nothing is too confusing, it ended with all the PCs having made most kind of rolls and understanding the system without the numbers getting in the way.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:23:55 AM »
Then the next game becomes finding a patsy and turning them in for a reward?

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: December 08, 2014, 01:45:09 AM »
So I've been building penguin mecha this week, but for the next base I need some heroes the Ideal locked up. So far I've got Gravitron, an alien who just killed too many people and was too much trouble, the Ideal locked him down and looked for his homeworld but never found it.

This is for the base "A Pleasant Farm in the Country" where heroes who were too much trouble were locked up.

Also I've added a new thing, I call it "Creep" and it's a power that grows, so that each game it's more powerful but the PC has to keep paying off the growing burn. I've put it on the spleen of RageStab, a Wolverine like hero. If you pay a doc to transplant the spleen into you you'll get his regeneration, immunity to disease etc, immortality and extra hit boxes. But the powers come in slowly.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: December 01, 2014, 01:37:33 AM »
Sure, I'll make my write-ups fit for public consumption and pass them on to you.

Also report from last week, the base building is FUN, even for the dude with almost no useful skills.
We came up with: Back in the 80s Harrison Ford went a little crazy and built a Rebel Base on an iceberg he thought was Hoth. While he managed to move on with therapy and forget about the base, it wasn't left empty. A group of penguins who had come into contact with the Panglos fungi and psychicly bootstraped themselves up moved in. Just in time too because a "borg cube" crashed there, only they were totally not a copywritten alien but an original one. Anyway, being a hivemind is really bad when you land in the middle of a growing flock of psychics, the genocide was kind of accidental but at least the penguins could salvage some of the cube for build mecha to better defend their homeland.They'll need them too because the Scientologist apparently now desire the iceberg.

Ideas sadly left out on were a jedi yeti cult, Darth Fanboy, cyber narwhals, the fortress being a trap for Tom Cruise (and thus powerful anti-psychic defenses) and the base being in "alternative New York".

So yeah, lots of fun. 10/10 would build again.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: November 30, 2014, 12:21:48 AM »
Not really, the armor is a 200 point focus (not counting the black boxes only Dr. Skull can use) and it was kicking their asses a little bit. I think the vampire could have kept alive long enough to get in enough lucky hits if he needed to but it would have been bloody.

To add useful things to this post:
Three base raiding teams the PCs met:

The Elements
Two brothers, they bought wishes from a genie, one got fire powers and one got electricity powers. Joined by a college dropout lady who blew her grant on Agora and actualized her otherkin by turning into water.

MC Quick's posse
MC Quick is real fast, he makes music videos about base raiding, Sofia is a martial artist from Brazil and dancer while Stan has a head computer and calls himself the manager and brains.

A former magical girl is training some people because she thinks the spirits she fought are coming to America, she has a girl in power armor and a boy sorcerer. The former magical girl is pretty morose and still has PTSD but the two kids are living their dream.

Here's the news item I used in the last (failed) super game about the water girl:
This is who I am
A video, quickly pulled from youtube, shows a young Arabic looking woman claiming to be a college student in Idaho. She is naked in a bathtub and injecting herself with several syringes of blue liquid. During and after the injections she is talking about how she is a free water spirit and at last she can be the person on the outside that she is on the inside.
Then she melts.
Then she rises up as a woman made of water and moves to turn off the camera.
Most of the comments are about her tits. The rest are about otherkin being stupid with a few worrying that any crazy person can get super powers now.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: November 29, 2014, 10:23:26 AM »
So for the game, I'm using the framing device where they found one of the money men for super villains and are using his knowledge and numbers to research fairly well hidden bases. They didn't do much external research so all they had to go on was a pair of properties, one was a big empty field in the middle of nowhere the other was an unused airstrip. They checked the small place and found the clone mass grave and two shovelbots.

They then went to the airstrip about twelve hours after the tankers dropped off the supplies (one tank of heavy water and one of organic mass for cloning).

They hid at the airfield and teleported in when the skull fort landed to take on water and mass. They then fought their way through a couple of floors, took a shortcut to the roof, cut into the Dr's private part of the observation deck, worked down through the trophy hall and came face-to-corpse in the dining area.

The ninja and vampire engaged the Dr's automated power armor, between the two of them triggering the proximity sensors they bought the guy with the magic enough time to contact the Dr's spirit. The wizard managed to convince the spirit to tell them the shutdown code for the armor (only worked because the Dr was dead).

Now they're coming to a deal with the de-seniled ghost to clone him a body and let him inhabit it in exchange for the cash he had left with the money man (about six years worth of taxes and 72 more visits from the tanker trucks.)

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: November 27, 2014, 12:51:11 AM »
I had three approaches possible, the easiest one was to sneak aboard during the Montana resupply stop. This one was fed to the players by their money man/fixer, it's the easiest way but only because the Dr was dead. The second entry point would be to infiltrate the clone lab as it dumps the corpses on Site 76, this has to be mid-air. The last way is to drop onto the top observation deck. There's a transparent dome there but the PCs could break through and coming from there keeps them a bit safer from the defenses.

For the mid-air entries, the main threats are the missile bots scuttling around the surface,. The second danger is the laser banks in the eyes and mouth, anyone attempting a direct approach will spend the trip being constantly shot at by anti-air defenses.

Learning about the robots is pretty easy, they run of modern computers but don't have true AI (After the robot StopGap came about AI fell out of fashion) instead following a series of flowcharts and "communicating" with sonar and laser communicators. Directly spoofing the communication would take a bit, either intercepting and decoding or paying an old employee  to help.

The fort stays hidden with its' stealth technology and by keeping a low profile the last three years. These days it mostly flies over Montana in a high altitude loop.

So far the loot so far is broken up into tech supplies, robots (in pieces or whole), the two labs, Dr. Skull's corpse and armor, the nice things in the observation deck and the trophy room.
Trophies include: angle wings, will happily grow into anyone who puts them on their back. Sluggo, the bat of Slugger, a vigilante from Kentucky, one of Omega's old helmets that Dr. Skull won in a poker game. The gun that kills and three Bullets that Don't Miss, from Red Hand, a joker like villain with a cowboy theme. Dr. Skull met him once and killed him on the spot (it doesn't matter, Skull wasn't the first and hell kept juicing Red Hand up and siccing him on the world.)

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: November 24, 2014, 12:02:31 AM »
That's me, we'll do the collaborative building in the next couple of weeks.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: November 22, 2014, 06:24:31 AM »
So this is the base they just cleared:
The Hover Office of Doctor Skull
Flying skull shaped fortress, full of traps and bots, PCs can get to it on its' Montana resupply stop.

Doctor Skull was a more classic super villain, he possessed no powers but built an impressive array of robotics and other devices. His henchmen were generally recruited from the weaker class of thugs and then given strength enhancing power armor though much less powerful than his own iconic skull armor*. He clashed with Crusher, the super strong hero of Oregon often but vanished about two years before Ragnarok.

*The chest plate is a giant skull (the eyes are flamethrowers) the shoulder pads are skulls, the knee pads are skulls, the helmet is a skull, the belt buckle is a skull, the kneepads are skulls, the shoes are elongated skulls, the gloves are skulls with the fingers being the teeth. He also wore a red cape with a black skull on it.

Short story, he got Alzheimer and died in his lab midway through his research on a cure, his body still roams his fortress in an automated power suit.

The long story, about five years ago Dr. Skull - Peter Jessep self diagnosed with Alzheimer disease. He spent a few years learning about the disease and making sure it wasn't something someone had done to him. Then he began working on a cure. The easiest way to get test subjects that fit his needs was to clone himself and he did that industrially. There is a hidden mass grave in Montana. But he was progressing slowly. During this time he also set his bases to full automation and fired his henchmen. One of his henchmen sold him out to Crusher who invaded. The two had a long talk and Crusher left the Doctor to his studies with the promise that all his research would go public.

So life went on, the Ideal lost interest in looking for and tracking the giant radar resistant skull fort and Jessep deteriorated faster than he thought. In the end he died in his power armor. However at this point even his armor was fully automated. So for the last two years, every morning it gets up, carries the corpse to the breakfast room, after half an hour it takes him to his lab where it idles without command until lunch, then off to the control deck for an hour and back to the lab until dinner. After that the armor walks to the study, sits next to a box of cigars and pours an empty bottle of red wine into a dirty wine glass while the sunset fills the room. Then it runs a clean cycle on the corpse and walks him to bed.

The base keeps going, the bots lurk, their programming more of a flowchart than AI. Each month about 20 clones pop awake trapped in tubes, they are physically healthy but their minds riddled with dementia and Alzheimer's. They generally dehydrate or starve in their own filth before being dumped into the mass grave site. The Doctor's spirit is tethered to his body and similarly feeble until the link is severed.

RPGs / Re: BaseRaiders
« on: November 17, 2014, 11:19:33 AM »
A quick question, how much loot is good to put in a base? Looking at my first base it's around 400 but I thought it was sold mostly at 10:1 not the more generous numbers. So before my players know how far should I lower it?

RPGs / Re: Check my base
« on: November 14, 2014, 10:27:06 PM »
Yeah, that came up in the post con pre-party. The offshots that I recall (before the run kicked in*) was that the sign up board was kind of just put out and ignored and next year they want to put it nearer to the official con people. I think that may be all they need really, there was an online sign up system but I didn't know about it and it didn't work apparently. Also I think that this kind of con would do just fine with people getting pitches next to the board and having folk nearby to point at empty games.

*It's not in the game but Artemis could totally have a ship bartender, it worked great.

RPGs / Re: Check my base
« on: November 14, 2014, 07:56:04 AM »
I don't think it was gamers being all worried about non D&D type games, it was mostly me not spending the time to tell people to sign up. A lot of the people there would have been interested but were doing something else.

Mainly, lesson learned was next year spend the hour to get people to sign up.

RPGs / Re: Check my base
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:01:24 AM »
So, KhanKon. It was a drunken blast.

This is apparently their third year but I think it's the one where they went beyond a group of friends and tried to make it a con. There was a room of video games, a room of Chinese people playing card games and RPGs, two rooms of board games and four rpg rooms. There was also Artemis Starship but not until Sunday night. I was again drunk and captianing, I think I did well, though Alex said the ship exploded a few times under my watch.

Sadly no one came to my Base Raiders game. This was mostly my fault, because the RPG section was a bit small and kind of off in a corner. Before my game I was off playing 5e (not bad but still fantasy so bleh) and I wasn't drumming up people to play. Alex's Eclipse Phase game went off pretty good with a full roster and all were pretty happy.

Also apparently the dudes who're translating Pathfinder and 5e into Chinese were there too.

I'd say the negative was that it was a bit cliquish because it's a small group of friends building something bigger, also they were welcoming to anyone who showed up. So more of a new thing.

The positives were that it was pretty good for a first big effort, things happened as they were supposed to and the board game room literally had more and better games than my whole childhood.

Misc links:

RPGs / Re: THE QUEUE: Whacha got in YOUR gaming pipeline
« on: November 10, 2014, 02:59:31 AM »
One dude's running Pathfinder right now. After that Alex has an Eclipse Phase game ready and then I'm running my Base Raiders campaign. After that I've got a survival horror thing in ORE that I'm writing now.

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