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Recruitment Board / Re: Sunday Skype Game
« on: March 02, 2013, 04:16:08 AM »
Just a note to all those interested
I got a major outpouring on interest
For Wild Talents(5 people)
So that is the game we will be doing

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 27, 2013, 05:57:36 AM »
I've never had a single player consider gadgets.
Or anyone being the real brains of the group. Even the 5 Mind Mechanic, who without his powers is only Mind 3.

Good News Everyone!
Got another person into the group.
Playing a Electro-kinetic
Tried a Serum to give her powers boosted her nervous system and as everything settled over the next month she started being able to absorb energy from things, heal wounds, create a electrical blast, channel energy through her fist.
(Stats maybe up later, for suggestions)
The cost of all this power is that mental stress and the ability to process information became harder(Average Command & Mind), for hyper reflexes, & senses.

Sorry things.

So the last player to the group will be either
a person in power armor.
Think Aaron + Thad; back at street level
Part Atlantian/Lemurian, with a pair of energy projectors, that can form a ranged(melee) weapon, or defensive wall
Think Caleb[Focus] + That detective David was for 1 session

So yeah any suggestions for either of those?

Recruitment Board / Re: Sunday Skype Game
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:33:15 PM »
It was all based on how I did on my Exams, and since I did well on them and I had enough time for things I think I can handle a second game.

Are you now busy Sundays, Setherick?

Recruitment Board / Sunday Skype Game
« on: February 26, 2013, 04:11:15 PM »
So I'm opening up a Skype game on Sundays, probably after 6pm. So later at night.

Time: Sometime after 6pm(East Coast), On Sundays, every other week or weekly based on schedule and time

So I'm going to do this Skype game but I'm seeing what the interest is for

Games debating on which game to do

Wild Talents
-Basic back-story to New Arcadia. All the hero's are gone, recently(10 months), the old guard of Supers are all gone for no known reason. Starting 250 point characters

Little Fears
-Lets play Children!! Several scenarios from Campfire Tales and of my own creation. Have fun be kids and deal with monsters that do bad evil bad things.

-Set in New York. Its a 4th edition Shadowrun game set in New York

So those are the 3 games, I'm going to probably run 1. Or maybe run 1 on alternating Sundays

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 26, 2013, 09:08:45 AM »
He decided to drop Technological, and said his guy probably is not smart enough to figure out how to actually do that.
Makes sense with his 3 Mind. To the Parties average of Mind 4, with the Mind 5 Mechanic as the smartest
So he's just a cyborg who is going to slowly tinker and upgrade his arm

Can we get all those commands there were for the Leviathan, game.
The Full Commandment list. And hopefully what they did.
Please Caleb!

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 24, 2013, 10:47:32 PM »
That is one of his goals.
Take the cyber-arm and make it massively available to the public.
Also I Technology represents power armor which he may pick up later.

I agree with Holyeskimo, and I'm wondering if I should make the player whose Hard Armor only protects his right arm a -3penalty

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 24, 2013, 02:13:28 PM »
Thanks that helps I'll pass it along

He picked up Technology because he plans or plans to buy the ability to make himself either a thing of power armor or a energy shield. If your talking point wise yeah that puts him 5 points above the others

Noted I'll tell that to D's player. I was ok with how it was.
-2 on the Wings and Gecko Pads.
The exoskeleton is a little darker then his old skin colour, and is smooth, without any obvious joints. Its almost like she is wearing a form fitting cat-suit that is also her skin
So unless someone walks up to her and rubs her and realizes that huh, she has no hair except on her head and her body is smooth and cool to the touch. I'm personally fine with it cause that means its a bit more awesome when she gets shot for 3 shock(Instead of 2killing and 2shock) to the face and keeps walking at her target

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 24, 2013, 02:52:13 AM »
So here is my group for my upcoming Wild Talents game stat wise.
I have the stats for 4 out of the total 7 players. 2 of which may not be joining/making there characters the night of the first session

Since most have not given me there characters name's I'll use a letter for each player.
And  brief once over on each characters background for ideas etc.

[spoiler]A mechanic. Who one day had a very small, very fast, and very invisible alien spaceship collide with his home
Source(Alien); Permissions; Power Theme(Zephyr Biology[The aliens blood mixed with his!], One Power(The shock did something and now he can control electronics/mechanic things)

Body(2d); Athletics(3d), Brawling(1d), Endurance(3d)
Coordination(2d); Driving Ground-craft(3d), Lockpicking(3d), Rifle(1d)
Sense(3d + 1d); Empathy(2d + 1d), Perception(1d), Scrutiny(3d + 1d)
Mind(3d + 2d); First Aid(1d), Research(2d), Security Systems(2d), Streetwise(1d), Mechanics(4d), Electronics(3d), Spanish(1d)
Charm(2d); Lie(2d)
Commnad(3d + 1d); Stability(3d + 1d)

Machine CONTROL!!(5d +1wd)
Attacks, Spray, Limited Damage(By the technology used, Car Killing, electrical wire shock)
Defends, Spray, If/Then(Need a machine to take the attack)
Useful(Control Machines/Electronics) Booster +1, Duration, Spray
Total Cost 72

All in all not that bad. He can provide some offense and defense but he's pretty soft, which is made up for by the fact he can stop anything that is a mundane piece of tech with electronics

[spoiler]A thief he stole things earlier in his life. Up until after the disappearance of all the hero's he broke into a scientists lab and got his arm replaced with a cybernetic attachment filled with nanites. Only problem is he killed the scientist.
He also has a 8 year old daughter and seeks redemption for his mistake.
He plans to recreate the arm for the betterment of man kind. He works at the local college

Sources; Cyborg, Technology
Permission; Power Theme(Nanite Controlled Cyber-arm)

Body(4d); Athletics(3d + 1d)

Coordination(5d); Driving Ground-craft(2d), Lock-picking(1d), Stealth(1d), Pistol(2d)
Sense(2d); Empathy(1d)
Mind(3d); Security Systems(3d), Cyber-ware(2d)
Charm(2d); Lie(3d)
Command(2d); Stability(2d)


Cyberarm-Nanites(4d +2wd)
Attacks, Focus, Attack Level +1, Penetration +1, Spray +1
Useful(Mimic Technology Abilities), Tough Only -2, Focus, Variable, If/Then(Only mundane technology), Endless[So it can access any technology it has integrated later]
Total Cost; 108 points

Defends, Interference, Tied to R Arm Only[The HAR is only attached to his right arm] -2, Armored Defense, Indestructible, Focus, Manufacturable
Total Cost; 16

A secondary tech guy but all around better thief. His arms combat ability also makes it a more viable ability especially with the advent that the arms attacks are ranged

[spoiler]A college sophomore. He and his friend got a thing of super soldier serums and found they could mix in animal DNA for additional effects.
Well the friends selected out there animal samples, D worked hard setting everything up. Then got the samples and did the work as the biology expert. But D messed up and got some of the DNA from other peoples animals into his vial. Specifically all the females. The formula notes for males to note use female animals for the DNA.
So after 36 hours, D woke up and found he is now a she.

Body(3d); Athletics(2d), Brawling(2d)
Coordination(4d); Dodge(1d), Driving Ground-craft(1d)
Sense(2d + 1wd); Empathy(2d), Perception(1d), Scrutiny(1d)
Mind(4d); First Aid(1d), Streetwise(1d), Biology(2d), Chemistry(1d)
Charm(3d); Lie(2d), Persuasion(3d)
Command(1d); Intimidation(1d), Stability(2d)

Defends, Armored Defense, Permanent, Always On, Subtle
Total Cost; 24

Gecko Pads(2hd)
Useful(Cling to things), Duration, If/Then(Needs all 4 limbs without shock[so any limb is down and half speed with pads and 2 limbs gone no gecko crawling), Automatic(The pads immediately activate, when they can clinging D to the wall)
Total Cost; 6

Bat Wings(3d + 2hd)
Useful(Flight), Duration, Slow, -1 For needing her arms to fly(Muscle, skin, and nerves of the wings are connected to her arms so they go she goes)
Total Cost; 8

Spinnerette Barbs(3d + 1wd)
Hyperskill Brawl, Penetration +1, Deadly +1, Spray +1, If/Then
Attacks(Poison), Attached(Hyperskill Brawl), Engulf, Traumatic, Duration, Depleted, Limited Damage(Shock), Touch Only, Full Power Only, Non-Physical
Useful(Webbing), Daze, If/Then
Total Cost; 49

So she can fly, crawl, and can take a beating.
She can also sprout a pair of large barbs which can inject a powerful toxin hope you can beat his width otherwise hope you can last cause 2 rounds your down.
The webbing and hyper brawl can't be used at the same time as the barbs need to be inside her body. Yup the barbs are connected to her poison and webs[/spoiler]

[spoiler]The local colleges archaeologist professor
He went to Japan and found a ancient amulet which lets him talk to a powerful spirit

Coordination(5d); Stealth(1d)
Sense(4d); Empathy(1d), Perception(1d), Scrutiny(1d)
Mind(4d); Archaeology(2d)
Command(2d); Stability(2d)

Spirit Form(3hd)
Useful(Change Form); Endless, Self Only, Focus
Useful(Extra Tough); Always On, Attached, Engulf, Permanent, Self Only, Focus
Useful(Custom Hit Locations); Attached, Permanent, Self Only, Focus

Spirits Armor(2hd)
Defends; Armored Defense, Endless, Interference, Attached, If/Then
Defends; Armored Defense, Endless, Attached, If/Then
(I believe the If/Then was to magical attacks)

Beast of Rage(2d + 1wd)
Hyper Body; Attack Level +1, Attached, Spray +1, Focus
Hyper Coordination; Attached, Focus, Spray +1
Useful(Teleport); Attached, Focus, No Physics, Booster +1, Mass

Noble Nightmare(3hd)
Flight; Duration, Focus, Attached
Defends; Focus, Duration, Attached
Hyper-skill Sword; Attack Level +2, Go First +1, Penetration +2, Focus -1, Attached
Useful(Telepathy); Booster +1, Focus, Attached

Embodiment of Despair(2d + 1wd)
Attacks(mass, range), Engulf, Focus, Attached
Useful(Telekinesis[Mass 7 Range]); Focus, Attached, Booster +1
Useful(Control 1 Element decided upon when this form is taken each time[Mass & Range]); Focus, Attached, Booster +1
Flight; Endless, Focus, Attached

All the forms have a If/Then that if he uses the Spirit Forms power he changes back to a person at 3x10, and takes the new form at 2x10
Which means between those 2 areas. He has no powers or defenses.
Nightmare is probably the most dangerous form but they act as a sliding scale so constantly using that is not good for ones mental sanity.
I'm thinking of making him have to get each form as 6d

So any suggestions for their characters/builds that I can pass on.
Anything that is glaringly overpowered and or dangerous to my campaign set in a world were all the hero's just stopped being there one day.
Its New Arcadia but there is no event simply the hero's were doing there thing. And then, just like that they all vanished. No smoke, no flashes, no nothing.
The major goods, the evils, the anything really with power of any noticeable level

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 21, 2013, 03:20:14 PM »
Large pools with hard dice are in fact a penalty
Changing those hard dice over to wiggles is suggested

Koi based attacks, huh
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

Never thought that would come in handy

RPGs / Re: Eclipse Phase
« on: February 21, 2013, 01:18:08 AM »

The answer is Yes.
The answer has always been

RPGs / Re: Pastoral Manor in Call of Cthulhu? and other Crazon Things!
« on: February 21, 2013, 01:16:56 AM »
Do what I do.
Go to there homes and when they wake up at where you have sessions.
Tied to chairs with
Monsters & Other Childish Things Sheets in front of  them and your dummy body over a pit of spikes you'll convince them....
Maybe that was something else... hmmm should work the same

That or just have them sit down and listen to or play a game or Monster or Little Fears

RPGs / Re: Pastoral Manor in Call of Cthulhu? and other Crazon Things!
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:59:06 PM »
That is cool and makes sense that it should work well

Considering Road Trip is just Mask of Nytheralopatep
Well really similar and they give the same vibe

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 20, 2013, 10:57:00 PM »
Yeah the hd go away first still

Duration, If/Then(Duration reset after absorbing X gallons of water)

If/Then in Dry environment/without the required liquid levels unable to regenerate

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 19, 2013, 10:21:05 PM »
So things went well with the alternate forms I figure it out.
Despair can only control one element at a time decided after it transforms and it can only use that element, until it switches out(Limited to Earth, Metal, Air, Water, Fire)

Its a good all around character.
The Amulet is not accessible as it is latched into the guy wearing it. That is how the player wanted it. So he wears a necklace of gold constantly which holds a powerful spirit inside

Any suggestions for a alien similar to Star-Fire from the Teen Titans

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