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RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 17, 2013, 03:35:51 PM »
Thanks and it was Japanese, because the spirit was used by Samurai.
No no that is fine to munchkin it.
And its great, I'll figure out his other stuff and see what forms he can get.
The amulet is irreplaceable its the only one he has, he does not know how to get another, make another or anything really

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: February 17, 2013, 12:51:54 AM »
So after many leaps. Hurdles, and other physical and emotional damage(I actually had to wrestle a player.... good god that is something I'll need to write about and explain)
My group finally got a consensius after 2 sessions of Little Fears.
We would do Wild Talents

So that leads me to this.
Over the next two weeks or so(give or take a few days). We will be talking and building characters. For each of them, they are starting as 250 point characters and all the stuff I'm including for each player they do not need start out with it. So I came here looking for help with those things which may be really complicated or could it be done better.

If you must know its a Iron Age era I'm using for a basis on what the players should suspect. And its set in 2002.

So here is what I got so far

Player #1; Lets call him G, here is what he has given me

What He Wrote
[spoiler]His name is David Jackson, he was an archeologist that was always in high spirits, but one day he was caved in while exploring an ancient underground Japanese temple.  Deciding to look for an alternate route he explored the temple and found a mysterious medallion, upon touching it he heard a voice a voice that offered him power in exchange for a favor.  Unable to refuse he felt his body change into that of a large beast.  Opting to use this gift to it's fullest he and the spirit united to do good.
He was Dating a girl named Marian Freeman but she's going to school in France so they're taking time apart.  Two of his mates are Samson Raleigh and Al O'Riley
He was taking martial arts for fun and had to leave his apartment to go to Japan for his exhibition.
Ever since he has been keeping up his archeological studies and reports while using the spirit's powers in addition to two handguns and a katana to fight crime under the alias of "Shroud."  Wearing a black stetson, tattered black cloak and some bulletproof gear, using the spirits shadow powers to obscure his identity.
He got the powers three and a half months ago
The spirit explained that multiple Samurai had harnessed his powers, they were able to use his strengh to a much greater extent and in different forms but only because they had a stronger body and that David would have to train and practice to reach such levels.
He is 39 years old.
David was stunned and confused but soon moved past it, he occasionally ponders it but doesn't get too overly concerned.  When David told the Spirit it barely batted its tail at it.
David in his Shroud attire resembles more of a cowboy with a huge tattered cloak than a samurai.  The Spirit in its first form resembles a large black lizard with long tendrils where wings could be, large blood red eyes, large white claws and a curved blade on its tail
The Beast of Rage is fast, can teleport and is able to reflect elemental attacks, obviously his claws and tail-scythe deal wicked damage.
The Noble Nightmare resembles a human wearing noble-looking purple garb he has massive black wings and carries a massive blue sword.   He can fly, is an expert at swordplay, is telekinetic, telepathic and can command fire.
The Embodiment of Despair is a huge white werewolf with 6 huge feathered wings that wears black robes from the waist down, and has armor on his right arm.  He can fly, command the elements with ease, is a brutal melee fighter, his body is nearly indestructible, is telepathic to a high degree, and is telekinetic.[/spoiler]

What I Got From It/The Important things for making the characters stats
[spoiler]39 Years of age so starting to get older. Physically probably average because the previous users were noted as better with their body
Archaeologist, with knowledge of Japan and France so some dice in those languages
His girlfriend is younger and still in college, so charming or conniving
Picked up skill with sword, and handguns to fight crime
Even before that had some amount of training in a martial arts style
Some minor trinket powers, obscuring vision to hide his identity

He can Transform into 1 of three forms
They scale up in power
Beast of Rage
-fast(Higher coordination and body), can teleport(2 or more hd), reflect elemental attacks(defends + attacks with spray only against elements), obviously his claws and tail-scythe deal wicked damage(increased brawling damage).

Noble Nightmare
-Massive black wings(Custom Hit Locations) and carries a massive blue sword(A focus that appears well in this form).   He can fly, is an expert at swordplay(more dice in sword play probably some wiggle dice), is telekinetic(2hd), telepathic(2hd) and can command fire(move it and probably make it attack).

Embodiment of Despair
-6 huge feathered wings(Custom Hit Locations),  He can fly, command the elements with ease(Elemental Control 1 at a time), is a brutal melee fighter(up body), his body is nearly indestructible(HAR, MAR, and LAR at 2HD), is telepathic to a high degree(better Telepathy), and is telekinetic(more weight probably not greater range)

So how can I do this and what can he get to start out with.
He is fine with only starting with 1 of the forms.
But is there a way to start with all of them.
They are all tied to a magical amulet that is the only one he has

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Upcoming RPPR One Shot games
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:27:05 AM »
What we really need if for the group to do more Little Fears
And hear more about it.
Werewolf in London's house

You say Fan Art and Fan Fiction. Can an audio project be submitted for consideration?

Yup! The only reason I didn't include is because I hadn't thought of it. My bad!

...Ross, you have given me a wonderfully evil idea.
Claes get your character its time for
Loli & The Ultimate
Talk about How not to Act on a mission for Firewall, or Proxy Zealot

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: What should Caleb run next?
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:20:13 AM »
I think that this Better Angels shall be fun. Though I would prefer to see the madness of a monsters game from Calebs eyes.
The MIB bursts in and guns down the kids and leaves... End Game
Aaron is crying
Tom is giddy with the fact of guns
Ross is vaguely confused and trying to figure out some cheap shot he can throw into his next game. I love you Ross but its true

General Chaos / Re: What Vidja games are you playing?
« on: January 09, 2013, 11:38:11 PM »
Bastion, Borderlands 2, and always Minecraft

Cancer in my Ross Cookies but how?

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: December 20, 2012, 04:48:39 AM »
Yes but I was thinking for full conversion


Rapid Fire
Spray 2, Attack Level 1 so it hurts and hits all over

Penetration 2, Attack Level 1

Hollow Point
Attack Level 3

But that version could also work apply extra pair of extra with If/then only one active at a time
apply to 3 extras and say only 2 at a time stuff like that

Ah good old evil me

@Journ; Like that put I went for more acrobatic twins so there hyper brawling is rapid flips kicks and other strikes so went with Speeding Bullet and Spray. As they roll and bounce off one another

RPGs / Re: Wild Talents question
« on: December 17, 2012, 10:57:58 PM »
So I'm going to be stating a pair of twin martial artists that use one another for all there maneuvers and as such need to be close enough and conscious to work together.
Any suggestions for them(275 point characters)

Variable effect lets you change the useful but power qualities don't transfer so you must spend willpower on them.
But I was thinking about a custom extra like the book suggests


Attacks, Go First 1, Penetration 1, Attack Level 1, Varied

Varied lets you change those extras so the blaster goes from having Go First 1 to having 2ranks of penetration.

I'm thinking is a +2-3 Extra, with a willpower cost for the shuffle which only lasts a number of rounds equal to the die pool

Recruitment Board / Monster Files, Skype Game, Looking For Players
« on: December 17, 2012, 10:23:49 PM »
Monster Files

System: Monsters & Other Childish Things
Player Count: 3/8
Style of Play: Roleplay, some hack n slash, a dash of horror finished up with some sandboxyness
There are two books in the system for characters/players. So I'll assume you will be fine

Character Creation: Standard Monsters Kid, Weird Kid, or Psyche Kid
Back-story: Required, need how or why you are weird or have a monster, disposition among other things like family and relationships
Experience: Character, minimum age 11, max 15
Wealth: Your character can be from any economic walk of life
Skype game.
Time Every other Friday or Saturday.

Since that covers everything about some final notes. Don't be a tool. This will be my second time running Monsters the first was Road Trip. So I'm still getting used to a game where its more character focused.

Now the back-story going into it. Will be edited this is the rough what I came up with

Things went upside down fast in Newmarket.
You were normal and then the event happened which lead to you having this 'Psyche'. Heh or maybe you were never normal at all? Always a little weird did it finally fully manifest or was it always around the same with your friend hanging about.
Maybe your new to town and that weirdness has been something your more used to
Strange men started showing up around town. Dark glasses, black suits and a certain unease they put into people.
You started to see stranger things at night.
So something needs to be done to keep those black suited men that made someone already dissappear from finding you and the whole towns weird.
You need to either make them lose interest find why the towns weird or something else. Its just a normal school day with another bizarre set of circumstance.
Well keeping in check this thing, be it ability, creature, or something that is part of you.
And build the bonds of friendship camaraderie could be worse!

And my first post on the forums.
Also any questions you may have throw to me here or on skype.

Caleb is great, and I suggest we find a way to have him cloned so we can all have them

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