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RPGs / Re: The Ultimate RPG Resources thread
« on: June 29, 2010, 09:25:36 PM »
Cool how to on props for Call of Cthulhu and horror games in general

WWII Paperwork and Advertisements

1930's Primer for Gaming in the 1930's

Bunch of Free Paper Miniature Sites (under free figure flats) and a boat load of Savage Worlds Stuff

Sharkbites (The Unofficial Savage Worlds Magazine)

Call of Cthulhu and Horror Games Handouts

If you really want to get crazy with the props

RPGs / Re: GM Screens
« on: June 28, 2010, 01:47:31 PM »
There's only one GM Screen that you'll ever need.

Savage Worlds Customizable GM Screen

Given that it's a generic screen it can be used for any game.

The only negatives that I can say about the screen are that it's pricey for a GM screen and that it's in landscape rather than portrait because the GM inserts for Savage Worlds are all in landscape >:(

Other than that it's great.

RPGs / Re: A New Superheroes Game
« on: June 28, 2010, 01:29:27 PM »
Thanks for the input Joven.

The only potential problem that I've got is that with the suped up version of Infection the target gets a -2 to vigor rolls and the character in question reduced the cost of the power by making it always on. 

That means that all he has to do is phase and move to his target unphase with a spirit roll and phase again as a free action with a spirit roll.  This is in addition to his action because both phases are free actions. He can actually just move into them and do the oddest kill in the game.  He takes four wounds and the target takes four wounds and then makes a vigor roll at -2 (for the power) and the -3 from the three wound modifiers.  That's a vigor roll at -5 total without an attack roll at all for an auto kill. That also means that the target is making an incapacitation roll after the death check at a -3. 

Granted he's fucked for the game after that suicide bombing and now the mooks (if they can affect him) will probably kill him because his spirit roll to become intangible will be at a -3 for wound penalties and his vigor roll for Incapacitation will be at a -3, but it pretty much guarantees he's going to take out 1 wild card villian a game at little cost to him.  In addition to this, his bennies will let him reroll his vigor die for incapacitation multiple times.

Even with the wild die and bennies at a -5 even a character with a d12 vigor has a very low chance of success.  The way that I'm going to get around this is to use his own BS against him. It'll work once but chances are pretty good that either he or his group will go around spreading the gospel of his victory so that any intelligent villain with anything to lose will be ready.  Also I'm using a Doctor Doom type NPC so he's going to be a little pissed when he phases into a robot and the real villiain shows up with a damage field that he cannot phase through.

RPGs / Re: A New Superheroes Game
« on: June 27, 2010, 12:41:56 PM »
Thanks for the speedy replies. The instant death touch that he's using is a diseased touch that costs a bunch of points to get to the instant kill level. Everything else about the character is lacking. 

two routes to go here:

1. Figure out how to beat it via game mechanics - either phasing or death touch has to have to some kind of weakness that can be exploited - can you use death touch on a robot or vampire? I don't know Savage Worlds very well so that's up to you

2. Pose challenges that can't be solved by combat - rivals use bombs when they least expect it, develop gadgets to counter phasing ability, steal their money, trick them into fighting etc.

I didn't think of the robots and undead angle.  Also things that are not human would be immune, but I want to stay away from letting aliens and other human like races be immune because I don't want the player to feel like his character cannot do anything. 

Otherwise, you can just make "phase-proof" material in high security areas, and "death-touch-proof" armor for certain characters

I like the idea that some places would have certain areas phase proofed.  In a supers game that is understandable. 

I just hope that he doesn't figure out some more of the phasing tricks like carrying around a bag of nails and phasing it into someone and then letting go or foregoing the death touch and taking regeneration so as to phase into someone deal damage and phase out only to regenerate the lost wound back.

RPGs / A New Superheroes Game
« on: June 26, 2010, 11:32:12 PM »
      I'm running a game in  a couple of weeks in which the characters are playing villians.  The idea here is that the city will be a sandbox type environment and the overarching goal of the party is to become top dog in the criminal underworld.
     The problem that I'm running into is that one of the players has created a build that is ungodly.  He's making a character that has the phasing ability as well as the ability to cause instant death by touch.  This will lead to many a bullshit experience especially since these particular players have had many PvP moments. 
     The min/max king here can easily get around all of the security in the world and can down an ally or enemy with little resistance.  What is a good way to deal with this situtaion?  If it helps the system that I'm using is Savage Worlds.

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