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I don't understand DW supplements. It sounds awesome and all! But isn't one of the main selling points of the game building the world as you go along?
I think a good supplemet would give you a foundation to build on. And especially in one shots you might want a general environment allready established, to get to the meat of the game.

The world creation does work pretty amazing in one shits though. And many would say its a big part of the meat of the game.

RPGs / NerdVemberfest 2013 Philadelphia Area Gamers Unite!
« on: September 23, 2013, 04:33:21 PM »
Hey All you Philly Gaming fans! Come Join My Friends and I in helping start our own local gaming convention, This will be our first attempt and We need all the help we can get to come out and make this hopefully annual Gaming con a success!

Here's the pre-written spiel now, that is more eloquent than my own words...

Imagine the swanky Montgomery ballroom at the Holiday Inn - Ft. Washington, where 14 RPGing tables are raging all-day long. D&D (1e, 2e, and 4e), Pathfinder, Iron Kingdoms, DungeonWorld, 13th Age, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, FATE, GURPS, Legend of the Five Rings (L5R), and Paranoia are all being played. Amazing GMs running the games they love.

Join old friends and make connections with many new gamers from the area. Starting small, we're building a con for the Philly area and you can be a part of it from the start!

Raffles for gently used gaming gear. A continuous old school D&D dungeoncrawl with miniatures will run the entire day, jump in and jump out of the action whenever you want. Much more to come.

Best of all, there's no admission charge to get in. Your donation would be appreciated to help defray costs.

I hope to see some fellow RPPR fans out there!

Well, maybe not the goal, but entertaining side stories.


I should try to to go the east coast again. Once Base Raiders is out, I'll look at my options. Ah, the life of a freelancer - it's all feast or famine :D

If you come I'll be super grateful!

Not really a selling point....

Regardless i devoured the three episodes today and yesterday.  Love it, like all your games, and like many of your listeners no doubt, wish i was in it.

I feel no guilt in saying that I was kind of hoping Aaron's character would have bit it in the second episode, he would have brought it upon himself!

Caleb's plan in the latest was so amazing, I want to run an L5R game for you guys just to see him try and black mail everyone, especially the other players. 

Sparks Nevada, Marshall on Mars - from Thrilling Adventure Hour

Baldrick - from Blackadder

Pete Hutter - from The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.

DexCon is coming up...just saying.

So I absolutely love the concept and background of this campaign, a few questions though.

Why the decision to use the Iron Heroes rules, and I suppose this follow up could serve for a topic on your podcast, what makes you want to try certain systems?

The description and some of your mechanics are incredibly similar to one of my personal favorite games L5R, and with some tweaking I could see all the PCs as ronin thrust into similar scenarios having to follow various armies into war with foreign lands, each member trying to comete for specific markets.

Any chance of you coming to an east coast con to run a game...please?

While I enjoy the climbing up is easier complaint, I don't really get the aggravation behind it.  I'm guessing because having two climb skills is redundant?

Cause in terms of difficulty climbing down can be much harder than climbing up, unless you're rappelling. When climbing up you generally have a better sense of what is ahead of you. It's more difficult climbing down as it can be harder to see the secure footholds and gripping points, so you could end in a spot where your foot is searching blind.

I'm going to miss Median....

Also...who the heck is going to be the de facto team leader now?

This thread makes me realise how much I miss Cody.


"What are their names Ross?"  Cody after meeting any NPC.

New World Campaign made me want to play 4e....then I played it...and quickly moved on.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: Future Podcast Topics
« on: March 28, 2013, 11:29:59 PM »

L5R: Expanded (or, how Ninja & Samurai Heroes grow up in the same village)

I'd love hearing other peoples thoughts about that, as I'm getting ready to run a Scorpion clan centric campaign.

Of course, there is always the obvious answer that in the Scorpion clan, where the majority of Ninja are from, fellow scorpion can easily look the other way in regards to the ninja, as long as said ninja is being loyal to the clan.   Only when around other clan members would they have to cut down the filthy scum for being an honorless ninja.

Plus, L5R, Samurai, while they can be considered heroes, do not specifically have to be heroic. Which I love and hate depending what type character i'm playing.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: What if Cody came back?
« on: September 24, 2012, 06:55:56 PM »
Fortunes of War will be asian fantasy/sword slinging action.

Yea i was browsing the topic and was reminded how similar it sounded to L5R sans shugenja and kami.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: What if Cody came back?
« on: September 24, 2012, 04:19:28 PM »
Cody come back? I was worried when he vanished for so long, thinking there was some huge rift between him and the others, please let it come to pass he returns, His childishness in the 4e game made me love RPPR and come back for more.

Now i love it and the others.

as for the vote, I say try something you've never tried before.  or super heroes, i love them.

I long to hear podcasts play the games I play, but realize the one game is expensive to start playing (WHFRP3); the one is long out of print (7th Sea), and the other is a setting not everyone is into (Legend of the Five Rings, fuedal Japan/China amalgam)

Hey Caleb, I don't know if this has been asked and answered ever, but Have you or are you planning to publish any of your small two shots, like Bryson Springs or Lover in the Ice.  I seriously would love to try and run the later for my group.

I guess the same goes for Ross and Tom with their small scenarios, I know Ross has been giving out the New World campaign, as well as having his MAOTC campaign published, but what about the smaller stuff?

Of all the one's listed I vote Iron Heroe's, because i want to hear how that plays.

My own suggestion is Legend of the 5 Rings.  Feudal era samurai, many different clans and families to choose from, cool disadvantages and advantages to choose during character creation. 

Great system mechanics too, d10 Roll and Keep. 

A reason i think the group would enjoy it is, it is incredibly lethal combat and because of this it encourages players to try and talk things out with their enemies.

The same makers also made one of my favorite games 7th Sea, but while i think it would be possibly fun to hear the group play that, its known for its cinematic swashbuckling elements where the hero's rarely die, sort of the complete inverse of L%R.

Though both systems have lovecraftian horror's which is always great!

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