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RPGs / NEMESIS Megathread
« on: May 18, 2015, 01:30:05 PM »


Are there any decent character sheets out there without weird naked babies on them?

RPGs / I've got a game, but now I need a system.
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:18:22 PM »
Here's the deal: I've been planning a game for a good few months now, and I'm very excited to get it off the ground and see how it goes. There are characters, locale, tone, and a boatload of scenarios committed to paper, but it's all just loose story notes without the proper system to set it in. I've done my research on the subject, but my friends are largely ignorant of most RPG systems, so I can't get a good and solid consensus. That is why, now, I turn to the RPPR community. I know for a fact that you guys have more experience with this stuff than I do, and I'd be more than receptive to suggestions.

The game is thus:

The players are on the payroll of a nascent news organization which has quickly earned acclaim/contempt for treating complex cultural strife with a sophomoric and touristic eagerness. Intrusive and biased vox pop interviews with drug addicts and militia members, interference in local customs for footage, gleeful appreciation of guerilla weaponry, and excessive drinking are the hallmark features of their journalism, and it has earned them many a Youtube subscriber. The players are a loose knit group of journalists, cameramen, guides, and mercenaries bound for a newly-formed nation in sub-Saharan Africa in pursuit of the brutal and semilegendary leader of the God's Children Freedom Army. Though very few know him personally, he has singlehandedly adjudicated the largest and most successful armed force in the history of bush warfare, and has raised a flag under which more than a dozen smaller armies have pledged fealty. He's a bad motherfucker, and they want an interview.

So, obviously, I'm not looking for a very glorious system. No supernatural elements or superhuman capabilities. Something very grounded and realistic without being overly complicated. The limitations of equipment are important, and I'd like survival to be a consequence of preparedness. Most importantly, though, is that I want combat to be an extremely undesirable outcome to a situation, to be avoided at almost all costs. I'm not looking for bullet wounds to heal in five minutes, I want them to be a big fucking deal. Explosions can cause momentary deafness, smoke can choke you, gunfire can suppress you, stuff like that. I just like the idea of players reacting when they are dropped directly and unexpectedly dead-center into the shit. I know most of this can be done on the fly with dice penalties and such, but I guess I'm just looking for an engine with that kind of tone.

Any help would be appreciated, of course.

RPGs / Roleplaying with consequences.
« on: August 02, 2011, 04:04:41 PM »
I thought this might be a decent point of discussion in addition to helping me solve a problem I've been having, so I decided to post on the internet about it!

I've been running a kind of Cthulhu Light NWoD Hunter game for a couple months now. I say "Cthulhu Light" as the players have shown an almost exaggerated aversion to playing Call of Cthulhu, and would much rather play D&D or World of Darkness, so out of my love for Call of Cthulhu and hatred for them have I created a deconstructivist NWoD campaign that does away with the sophomoric glamorization of inhuman monsters and generally possesses a markedly Harder Edge.

The problem comes from the fact that years of D&D have blinded them to the possible consequences for their actions. Time after time they've had firefights at 4pm, broken innumerable traffic laws, stolen cars, and left several dozen folders worth of evidence in their wake.  One of them continually tries to draw his handgun on fleeing suspects in broad daylight, despite my insistence that it might not be a good idea.

I'm not trying to be an armchair cop and they seem to get the general vibe I'm going for with the more realistic setting, but they can't seem to understand that government organizations aren't staffed entirely by Barney Fifes and Gomer Pyles. They've had numerous run-ins with local law enforcement, and I've made it abundantly clear that they're willing to jam them up for days if they want answers.

The only reason I haven't pulled the trigger on full police intervention yet is because I don't want it to seem unfair. I'm concerned that if they feel like they're doing alright and I drop a federal investigation or raid on them they'll think I'm just being a dickhead.


- Create and fully stat a dogged McNulty-esque detective that takes up their case and pursues it singlemindedly.

- If I feel like being a real fucker, I could make a full task force that wants them.

- Let them continue to leave a trail of bullet casings and corpses a mile long to keep them happy.


RPGs / yeah rpgs are pretty great
« on: June 26, 2011, 07:28:04 PM »
D&D is really silly as a concept and every time i play it it is bad but w/e

mage seems really cool but all the people that play it i've talked to are weird and fat

vampire has been fun every time i've played it but the shame is literally unbearable

every time someone explains exalted to me i zone out and think about dogs

one-roll engine games own without exception

pathfinder is like D&D but more shameful but the art is real good

does besm still exist

twilight 2000 is scary to read

unknown armies yes yes yes yes yes

call of cthulhu is the best

delta green is kinda gunporny but i can appreciate it

listen to the darkest of the hillside thickets


A long time ago I made a thread demanding that Ross Payton update his website more often.

Then I stopped getting shitty contract work, got an actual job, and discovered that the once a week update schedule is more of less perfect because I'm like, "oh damn there's a new one" all the time since I can't spend as much time listening to nerdgames.

So uh, sorry.

(That film noir game owned and the guy who played the redneck guy owned.)

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