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« on: June 13, 2014, 03:20:46 PM »
Cooooookie Crisp, mothafucka!

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It appears I was unclear. Girard was NOT a proxy. He used his knowledge of Firewall protocols and his contacts through training Firewall recruits to impersonate a proxy and set up a disposable team. That disposable team is now in even more disfavor with Firewall after succeeding on this mission. Boy, will they have I-rep in a century, though.

I thought that's what you meant. Gerard was never really skilled in deception, but given the circumstances, I could easily see him pose as a Proxy. After all, he had Earth's salvation in hand and lost it. He was always straightforward in all his interactions. Obviously his tactics would need to change if he could get a second chance. Plus, there's the plausible deniability aspect.

And I get that the focus should be on the PCs. Perhaps this evolution in his strategic thinking made him realize he should not lead the mission directly. So I really like that you took him down this path...a very natural character arc!

In hindsight, I wish I would have completely turned on everybody at the end. I thought about it. I even considered killing some of the other PCs. But I'm glad you liked how I played him at that point.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Re: I've missed y'all
« on: July 15, 2013, 12:57:22 PM »
I think Tribes of Tokyo was shorter than Iron Heroes. Both are significantly shorter than Heroes of New Arcadia and Know Evil...which are still some of the best campaigns I've ever played in.

I love it, man. It sounds like you've taken our ideas about the White Court in the region and ran with it. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

I would be interested to hear if any more-experienced EP players/GMs would agree with my setup of an autonomist super-secret facility security, and from Jason if this sounds like the way Girard would go about repeating Manjappa's plan.

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but school and job-hunting have been crazy! But dude, this sounded like an awesome one-shot and a great homage/sequel to Caleb's amazing Know Evil campaign. I'm really surprised that someone latched on to Gerard as much as you did to write up this scenario. After all, it took me some time before I even had a feel for him beyond the 2D muscle-bound characterization. Indeed, I didn't feel a strong emotional attachment to him until that final confrontation with Lt. Gardis.

With that being said, I think you did an admiral job with his plan to retrieve the cylinder plans. I don't think I ever envisioned him becoming a Proxy through Firewall since he wanted out after realizing that Warden was behind everything. I liked the name Puretide though. For me, Gerard would have trained guys for Firewall as per their agreement, while searching for like-minded individuals to fulfill Manjappa's plan. Using these individuals and the resources of his patron, Cesare, Gerard would have led a team after it directly.

I really liked the idea of forking himself to go to the university and study astrobiology though. I hadn't really considered that. Since Gerard knew a bit about botany, I figured he might find some scientists with similar reclaimer leanings to assist him.

It really sounds like a great game. I would love to hear thoughts from your players.

Also, side note: Gerard is someone's patron in Ross's new game. That's the only spoiler I will give for right now. I'm so excited to see how that plays out.

Yeah, Night's Black Agents vampires are annoyingly hard to kill and overpowered. It's like going up against a Methuselah or Antediluvian in World of Darkness. While the vampires in WoD you encounter would typically be neonates and Dean could easily dispatch, all the vampires we've encountered in NBA, no matter how new, are scarily powerful and would shrug off Dean's knife or the Colt as if it were nothing.

Night Man

Nick Knight

and Jerry O'Connell's character from "My Secret Identity".

Dude, after seeing this I had to go to Youtube and watch the intro to that show. I used to love it when I was a kid. Now I have the friggin' theme song stuck in my head.

I might enjoy the system slightly more if Ross let me play Dean Winchester again. But he's such a horrible monster.

I'm surprised that Caleb hasn't mentioned this, but the campaign may soon be resurrected. Jesús lives again!

Just to add further clarification. We wrapped up Iron Heroes in late January and started playing soon after. But after nearly two months or so of only playing the pre-campaign scenario, one session of the actual campaign, and multiple last-minute cancellations, the game was scrapped. And no amount of begging and reassurance from my end at school could convince Caleb otherwise. I don't blame him. It was a very unfortunate situation. I still hope I can play Jesús and Lily sometime though.

Oh, man just finished reading and watching all the entries.  Good god, you all are amazing!  The foreign-style cologne ad had me rolling. 

And nice to see Gardis getting some love!  Despite my brief back story, Caleb really did a great job developing Gardis as my foil, especially considering that my character is not your typical hero thanks to his cowardly actions during the Fall.  I'm definitely interested to see where this might go.

My number two idea was an intervention between the No Evil crew and Bartleby about his addiction to collecting people's stacks. Sure he says he can quit at any time but then you find that he has secretly being removing stacks from people just to 'keep his hand in' and it is time for rehab.
Welp looks like I need to procrastinate on my entry more to scribble that.

Is there a way that you would prefer to have a flash based thing hosted?  Deviantart is usually okay but their design slows down flashes pretty bad for 30% of my friends.

Preston's facial expression is great "getting real tired of your shit Bartleby"

As for flash hosting, if you send me the file I can upload it on RPPR, see if that works better.
I love how wounded SAIROC looks.  Poor guy!

Yeah, I believe it was the reclaimer blogs...but it might have been the ecologists.

Lt. Gardis was my enemy/commanding officer before and during the Fall.

Demon for Tom's character

Lilith, the Temptress, the First Turned, and Mother of Beasts

For this, I am using the the classic World of Darkness representation of Lilith adapted from Judeo-Christian mythology.  While she still represents the epitome of the strong, independent woman, she has become more subtle in the last few millennia.  Although she was created to be man's counterpart, she sees herself as his better.  Man was God's first attempt, and he is a flawed design.  Likewise women are defects, but even moreso, because they descend from Eve, who came from a small piece of the faulty Adam.  Lilith regards herself as superior to these wretched individuals, and thus, must force them submit to her will.  However, mankind rejected her leadership and spurned her direct methods of exercising her "rightful" place as their sovereign.  Since the error could not have been due to her judgment, Lilith concluded that man's flaw made him, as well as women, too feeble-minded and weak to accept her as their better.  Thus, her touch became more delicate and complex in its manipulation.  She guides men and women to her side through acts of temptation.  Appearing as someone vulnerable and in need of protection works best.  After all, humans pride themselves in their supposed superiority; they never consider those who they perceive to be their lessers as any threat to themselves in body, mind, or soul.

For Tom's character, she will appear as "Lily," a young school girl, who seems sweet and innocent.  She stutters and mispronounces words in a very childlike manner.  Lily is somewhat shy and vulnerable, preferring to play with her dolly, a ragged distorted thing, than interact with other people.  Although she may seem skittish around others, she is rather affectionate toward Tom's character.  In a way, Lily is like the daughter he never gets to he had been awarded custody of her instead of his monster of a wife.

As for the demon I'll portray, Tom wants me to play some predator-type demon, but I just thought how fun it might be to play a eerie little girl (think The Shining) who is all sweet and innocent.  She speaks with a childlike speech impediment and displays a vulnerable exterior.  While I'm still toying around with a name, I thought she might go by Lily but actually be Lilith in disguise.

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