Author Topic: So, I finaly got to run CoC.  (Read 4901 times)


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So, I finaly got to run CoC.
« on: February 21, 2012, 03:55:46 AM »
Yep, I ran my first game of CoC, the haunting. It went well even the end was intresting, my players checked out the house took a bit of damage the first day from the knife, so decided to go to a hospital to get some first aid. The next day they decided to check out the basement again but the discovered they had wepon skills so decided to go get some guns. Despite not having a lot of money the decided to hire the old guy behind the counter to come along with them for some needed help. One of the players started to go crazy under his own power and attempted to murder the shop keeper, after making it to the house, the shop keeper ran and escaped. They went to the basement and broke into corbits sleeping room, after poking arround corbit attaced the 3 players, the crazed murdering player decided to jump on corbit and punch him in the face with his punching dagger he traded from the shop keeper earlyer, (shop keeper explained to him how he used it in WW1 trench digging) the player missed corbit, and corbit attacked him ripping his heart out. I should had the other 2 players roll san Wich would have prob made them go crazy but forgot too, so the next 2 shots from there shotgun and rifle finished corbit off. As they made there way out of the house the police arrived, due to the shop keeper running to them after being nearly attacked. So one player explains everything that happened of course this lead her into a nice padded cell while the other player took the blame for killing tge other player due to the fact he had a shotgun and the dead player had a huge gaping hole in his chest. So not a total party kill, but a very satisfying ending. My 3 players enjoyed it, might try to run a few more one shots on them. Just wanted to share my first story.

P.S. sorry for the block of text did this on my phone haha.


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Re: So, I finaly got to run CoC.
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CoC: You're doing it right.