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Science fiction horror movie = Eclipse Phase adventure
« on: April 09, 2012, 05:11:07 AM »
I recently started reading the Eclipse Phase books and one of the first questions that I came up with was.  How do I convert my favorite Sci Fi horror movies into and Eclipse Phase adventure.

Here's what I came up with. 

Event Horizon in Eclipse Phase.
A long range science exploration ship on a tour of the solar system sends a single SOS and then stops responding to communication.  The players, who are a rescue team or a salvage team are ego cast to the nearest facility and then sent to intercept the ship.  Once the players are there they find an empty ship and damaged communication gear (to keep the PC sealed in) and signs of foul play.  Also as soon as all the players are in the ship something needs to happen to their rescue craft stranding them in the research ship.

It turns out that the ships wasn't about exploration.  It was an attempt to create a secure and covert research facility to research the exergent virus.  The virus got out and infected the ships AI.  Do to the exergent virus the AI gains psi equivalent of reading memories it then used the information found there to drive them the crew into to murder each other.  Now the rescue crew is there with new memories for the AI to read and new minds to drive insane.  To spice things up one of the players can be a firewall agent, another one a corporate implant with conflicting goals.

Can the PCs solve the issue before the ship drifts close enough to a built planet to pass on the virus?

What other movies would make good fodder for Eclipse Phase?

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