Author Topic: [RISUS] Recruitment/Feeler: A Teddy Bear Picnic  (Read 19538 times)


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[RISUS] Recruitment/Feeler: A Teddy Bear Picnic
« on: May 06, 2012, 10:39:47 PM »
This is a feeler to see if anyone is up for a RISUS horror game based on childhood cliches.


You're five years old and you wake up one morning to find that your favorite stuffed teddy bear is missing. You immediately suspect your that your older brother took it.

When you accuse him over breakfast, though, he says, "Don't you know today is the day of the teddy bear picnic."

"Like the song," you say.

"Yes, like the song," he says.

"Mom," you say, "he stole my bear."

"Give it back," she says.

Your brother doesn't give you back your bear. You convince yourself that you left it next door at your friend's house. When you get there, he tells you that his teddy bear and his sister's teddy bear are both missing too.

There really can't be a teddy bear picnic can there? Your suburb is next to a woods. Dare you go investigate?

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