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Monster Files, Skype Game, Looking For Players
« on: December 17, 2012, 10:23:49 PM »
Monster Files

System: Monsters & Other Childish Things
Player Count: 3/8
Style of Play: Roleplay, some hack n slash, a dash of horror finished up with some sandboxyness
There are two books in the system for characters/players. So I'll assume you will be fine

Character Creation: Standard Monsters Kid, Weird Kid, or Psyche Kid
Back-story: Required, need how or why you are weird or have a monster, disposition among other things like family and relationships
Experience: Character, minimum age 11, max 15
Wealth: Your character can be from any economic walk of life
Skype game.
Time Every other Friday or Saturday.

Since that covers everything about some final notes. Don't be a tool. This will be my second time running Monsters the first was Road Trip. So I'm still getting used to a game where its more character focused.

Now the back-story going into it. Will be edited this is the rough what I came up with

Things went upside down fast in Newmarket.
You were normal and then the event happened which lead to you having this 'Psyche'. Heh or maybe you were never normal at all? Always a little weird did it finally fully manifest or was it always around the same with your friend hanging about.
Maybe your new to town and that weirdness has been something your more used to
Strange men started showing up around town. Dark glasses, black suits and a certain unease they put into people.
You started to see stranger things at night.
So something needs to be done to keep those black suited men that made someone already dissappear from finding you and the whole towns weird.
You need to either make them lose interest find why the towns weird or something else. Its just a normal school day with another bizarre set of circumstance.
Well keeping in check this thing, be it ability, creature, or something that is part of you.
And build the bonds of friendship camaraderie could be worse!

And my first post on the forums.
Also any questions you may have throw to me here or on skype.
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