Author Topic: If I donate a game to RPPR. Will they record running it?  (Read 7300 times)


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If I donate a game to RPPR. Will they record running it?
« on: July 11, 2013, 05:44:23 PM »
I just participated in the Bundle of Holding +4 charity to get Psi-Run.  And in the process raised a question to myself.
If I donate Psi-Run to RPPR.  Will they record running it?

So I put a little more thought into it and came up with the following.

These are the minimum rules of the process as I see it.

You would have to ask RPPR if they want said game.  And RPPR would have to say "Yes XXX give me YYY game" so that multiple people wouldn't send multiple copies to RPPR and people wouldn't send them games like FATAL.
If RPPR says Yes you would send them a PDF of said game with prove of purchase. 
The reason being as follows.  RPPR has to have some privacy.  That means no real world mailing address and that means PDFs only (or shop credit or some such).  You have to prove that you bought the game specifically for RPPR and aren't just sending them a copy of your PDF.  As Ross is painfully aware of "Authors need to eat"

In stead RPPR promises to play the game at least once, record and publish it.
They do NOT promise any of the following.
A.  Who the players are
B.  Who runs the game
C.  How long it will take (If they quit in character creation so be it)
D.  When it gets played or published (Although personally I think it would make for a good B-sides compilation)

So what does RPPR think?

I would be happy to donate any of the following game to RPPR if they want to play them.

Dogs in the vineyard
Kill puppies for Satan
Swashbucklers of the 7 skies
Gorkamorka (Fridrik)