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MAOCT plot hooks
« on: June 02, 2014, 06:15:38 PM »
Hey guys,
I'm running a MAOCT one-shot this coming weekend and I wanted to see if my plot hooks pass muster. This is my first "Pull plot outta my ass" monsters game so I wanted to do it justice using the players relationships in conflict.

So here's the hooks

Romance - Kitsumi/Billy
Kitsumi's monster Mr Tickles has fallen for Billy's mom Jene after she brought her famous green jelly dessert to a neighbourhood BBQ. He has been talking to her via chat rooms, they've arranged to meet. What will happen?(I know I stole this from the core book)

Bad Blood - May/Jenny
Jenny misplaced her journal. May's sister Susie has been bullied by Jenny's little brother Dave Jr. After she finds the journal she finally has some leverage to use against him. Things might just escalate.

Politics - Ash/Billy
At a wargames club Ash is kind of a big deal. Billy wants to start a Warmachine game. Ash's monster Space marine deems him a heretic and wants to burn him.

Crime - Ash/Kitsumi
Ash's Dad is blackmailing honoured grandfather. He knows his real identity. Who is he?

Friendship - All Kids.
Totoro loves nature but Barry Cottontail's mean head loves eating foxes and Sarge loves blowing things up and that beaver dam looks like a good target. 2 vs 1 monster smack down. Will Space Marine come to Totoro's defence as he loves defending the weak? Will Mr.Tickles help anyone?!