Author Topic: I just saw/read/played ____ and thought it would be a good setting/scenario  (Read 7004 times)


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Made this thread as a place for people to chat about the inspirations that come from particularly interesting games, books, movies, etc.  I know that Ross has written a lot of one-shots based on video games, and other people likely have to.  So this is a place for people to bring up things that have struck their fancy and how one might do something or spin it into something gameable.

So I'll start us off.  Watching Snowpiercer right now and it is really catching my interest with some of the images, scenes, and characters.  Minus the large pack of people making their way to the front a bunch of it seems very gameable and probably a bit survival-horror-ish.  Only about halfway through, but really captures the imagination with some of the imagery.  Any thoughts on what kind of scenario one might run?  Specifically what the payoff might be?  I'll probably revisit once I've finished the movie (with appropriate spoiler tags and such)....

EDIT:  Oops, totally placed this in the wrong subforum and realize it might actually be redundant with the story fodder thread....
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