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Space Adventure Supplement for Wild Talents
« on: April 09, 2015, 03:34:16 PM »
I love Wild Talents.

Heroes of New Arcadia got me into the game and it's been a total thrill. At its height I was playing it two to three times per week. I personally think it's one of the best roleplaying systems I've encountered in terms of ease of use and adaptability.


The one thing that I love more than superhero adventures is space adventures. And while Wild Talents is most definitely suited in the RAW for games set in a space opera/science-fiction setting, it's not ideal. It's lacking certain elements that I think could be easily and comfortably introduced into WT and the One-Roll Engine.

To that end, over the past months I've been brainstorming some supplemental material for WT based around adventures in space. More recently I've assembled three documents that show off what I'm aiming for, and which can be slotted quite easily into any WT game that broaches the subject of outer space.

Xenotypes is a way of creating alien species fit for players to base their characters around. It works in the same way as Archetypes do for superhumans, but instead of largely affecting Powers it is based on ways that alien anatomy or biological can bend normal game mechanics.

Systems and Prototypes cover constructing spacecraft. Crafts are formed from two components-- Systems, which are themselves comprised of Main Systems and Subsystems that correspond to Stats and Skills for Characters-- and the Prototype, which is another hack of the Archetype system for describing the qualities and abilities of said ships.

That is what I have drafted up so far. In addition to these, I'm also currently working on the following:

-One Roll Planets, which hacks the One Roll Aliens in From a Violent Planet into a system that allows you to generate planets with a single dice roll

-Marvels, a simple modification to WT's Miracles with a more sci-fi bend

-Rules for Space Travel and Combat between Spacecraft.

Right now I'm looking for feedback on what I've written so far. Since RPPR is the home to the series that got me into WT, I thought it might be a decent place to start. Additionally, I'd love to solicit thoughts on how best to use or modify existing rules in WT (as well as in other ORE games) for this project.