Author Topic: Elder Hollow, a Game of Childhood Adventures and Cosmic Horror  (Read 3949 times)


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Last summer I ran a game for my podcast crew (The All Roads Tavern using Fate Core. The idea was Goonies meets Lovecraftian terror.  I created my own original mythos centered on the town and how kids might interpret these horrors. It was a lot of fun, and I got some genuine scares out of my players. I can't believe it took me this long to post, but I wanted to share it with RPPR fans in an unobtrusive way. The less said now, the better.

For an index of all the episodes follow this link.

If your interested in subscribing, we put out a new episode every Monday. We are playing a Pathfinder game of fantasy adventure on the High Seas, and a Jazz Age Retro Futuristic Space Opera.

iTunes subscribe link.

You can look us up on podcast addict or stitcher. We're on Google play now, but not all android devices have access to podcasts.

Give it a listen and tell me what you guys think.
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