Author Topic: This sounds kinda familiar...  (Read 2953 times)


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This sounds kinda familiar...
« on: December 17, 2009, 09:37:54 PM »
Last night, I was playing in a game with some friends. This game happens to be too insane to try to convey in words.
Over the course of an hour session, we watched High School Musical 3 with Robocop, fought an armored polar bear by turning one of our members into a fish and launching him inside the bear, and the Anti Aircraft guns that brought down the Game Master's aircraft, making him join the main cast. And who can forget the fact that the main quest of the game was to convince the ocean (yes, that ocean) to return to being an ocean, as the ocean went off to its summer home in Anchorage.

This is an average night of Marshmellow Prison for us.
What is not average is the character a co-worker made.

"Andrei Gazzlebooth was just a normal door to door salesmen, when he solicited the wrong door. He found Dracula's crib, and got bitten multiple times by his hoes.
After he turned into a vampire, he realized that the door-to-door salesman job just wasn't cutting it for his new and expensive life.
He went home to find his family of thirteen eaten by Smintologists led by Dracula, and decides to avenge his family.
Unfortunately, Dracula gave him Hep C.
Now, Andrei Melon Gazzlebooth had a time limit. He had 8 months to live.
He then realized that Hep C was a blood condition, so it didn't affect him.
He became a mercenary for the money, going by the call sign "Death Walrus".
Andrei "Death Walrus" Melon Gazzlebooth is also suffering from amnesia.
Cuz that makes him a deep and compelling character."

Hep C. And the guy began praying to Allah at the end of the game, moments before he was punted to his death by an armored polar bear.

I do believe this 32 year old accountant borrowed from the illustrious Mr. Cody Walker (Long live the Cathartic Lobster)

I'm not sure what the strange part of this is.
The game Marshmellow Prison, or the accountant who take a page out of Cody's book.


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Re: This sounds kinda familiar...
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2009, 10:56:22 PM »
Well, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery... Makes me want to make a character with Hep C but not tell anyone he has it... Just hope it's a long term game and have him die for no apparent reason.

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Other Player: "Man, what do you care if it's been two or three?"
Me: "Trust me... it matters..."