Author Topic: how to end a play by post game  (Read 8712 times)


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how to end a play by post game
« on: April 13, 2009, 01:05:00 AM »

A GURPS zombie survival horror game that lasted a long ass time (started in 2007) so even though I was a player I decided to wrap things up.

I'll update the Law and Orcdom game tomorrow night. Been studying for a crazy hard test.

Here's the last two posts. I'm Jack.


Shotguns roar. Molotovs sail through the air and burst into the flames against rotted flesh. Flames consume the walking corpses but not fast enough. A shell spills out of the hands of a survivor as he frantically tries to reload. The horde of undead descends upon the last survivors, only a few scant feet from the living when the unexpected happens.

A zombie sneezes.

"CUT!" Jack roars. A bell rings. "Check the gate!"

"We're clear."

Pyrotechnics experts swiftly douse the fires. The zombies stand up and relax.

"Let's break for lunch. Bob, how are we doing on time?"

Bob the producer rushes up to consult with the director. The actors head to catering, where a tent has been set up to serve the horde of hungry undead and survivors. The extras in zombie makeup start smoking, laughing and checking their makeup.

Jose or rather Manuel, is already talking to his agent in his native London accent about working on the stage. "It's been bloody ages since I was in something respectable. These damn b-movies pay the bills, but I want to tread the boards once again."

Trevor hugs his wife and two kids, who beam with pride after seeing Daddy at work. They laugh and head to his trailer.

After Jack consults with Bob about the schedule, he heads to grab some grub at the catering tent. A few of the extras spot him and rush up. They talk about being fans of his work and zombie movies in general. After taking a picture with them, Jack autographs a copy of the zombie survival guide and script for "DAYS AND NIGHTS OF THE DEAD" by the famous horror writer D. Bubonic. A fan asks "what would you do if the zombie apocalypse happened? Wouldn't it be awesome?"

Jack smiles a bit and shakes his head. "No. I imagine we'd all be fucked." He hands back the guide and script and disappears into the crowd in the tent.

next post is from the GM DocBubonic


The movie hits the theaters to moderate success. Being a horror film not too many critics like it. Fans on the other hand show a much greater appreciation of the movie. There is a lot of discussion among the fans about the ending.

Jack and Jose lead the survivors of the Walmart away from the zombies in a last ditch escape. They make the fateful choice of leaving behind what was to become their home. It looked like the movie might end with the survivors on the road looking for safety, but in a miraculous turn of events they meet up with other survivors. The several survivors that left previously welcome the new arrivals. The remnants of the Walmart survivors set up a new home. They work hard as winter approaches and manage to survive through into spring. The credits close as they see the first blooms of spring.

Many fans wondered if that was it. What happened to them? Other fans criticize the movie as being too easy on the survivors. Still there were a few that hated the film for being unrealistic.

Those involved in the film, however, feel a bit unnerved about the possibility of a real zombie apocalypse.

I let the thread slip a bit too much, but at least we have an ending. clockworkjoe, I liked what you did, so I figured I'd work off that. Thank you to everyone involved in the game.