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Mordred Thulsson, Warrior and Priest
« on: May 24, 2010, 11:20:56 AM »
High Concept: Soldier of Faith

Trouble: Temptation of power

Other aspects:
Lap of Luxury
Riches to Rags
Don't give in!
(Phase four) You did what!
(Phase Five) I will protect you!

Background:Born in 1980. Came to North America from Norway in 1984. He was born to a promiment oil baron family, being responsible for half of all oil exported from Norway. He was raised in a life of luxury, never wanting for anything. He had no friends to speak of, but the family help. He was a diligent son and dutiful student. He had two younger sisters, twins.

Rising Conflict: His parents died in a car crash in 1990. His twin sisters were sent to a foster family, while he was taken in by priests of the old faith. He never heard anything of his sisters again. The priests took good care of him, training him in the use of weapons, and to be strong in his conviction. When he was 15, a hellion killed the priests, sparing him for reasons known only to itself. He decided to take up weapons and hunt it.

The Story: Mordred hunted down the Hellion, trapping and killing it within a church. He almost died, but for the power of his faith. After killing it, he was exposed to a world full of the supernatural. Mordred saw the corruption and decay that these beasts inflicted on the world, and swore to fight it wherever he could. He swore an oath to his gods, giving his soul to them in exchange for power. That power was granted in the form of a Golden Torc he wears about his arm.


Superb: Weapons, Conviction
Great: Endurance, Might
Good: Presence, Resources
Fair: Discipline, Lore, Athletics
Average: Survival, Alertness, Driving, Guns, Rapport

Stunts & Powers:

Cost    Ability
-1       Bless This House
-1       Guide my Hand
-2       Righteousness
-3       Item of Power (Golden Torc)
      -2         Physical Immunity (Does not protect against the mundane)
      -1         Holy Touch
      -1         Inhuman Recovery (Only aids in recovering mundane)
      -Varied   Sponsored magic (only able to be used in times of near death, to demonstrate that he is always tempted to use it, but will not until forced)

Total Refresh Cost: -6


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Re: Mordred Thulsson, Warrior and Priest
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2010, 01:14:17 AM »
1. Does your character have any unusual quirks? What are they?
Mordred always carries a weapon with him, and can usually be caught with his hand on a sword or spear, no matter what.

2. Physical abnormalities? Birthmarks? Tattoos? etc.
He has many tattoo's that adorn his body. On his back is a Valknot, with the names of Thor, Heimdall, Tyr and Odin, inlaid within the symbol. On his face, he has a curving tattoo that start at his eyes and cover his cheeks. These tattoo's are made up of hundreds of protective runes inscribed in incredibly tiny script.

3. TRUENAME (Don't post this, but have it written down somewhere with a pronunciation guide)

4. Favorite things? Food? Clothes? Everyone has little likes and dislikes which say a lot about them.
Mordred doesn't really have many material possessions, those he does have however are all protective items. Swords, spears, guns, body armor and what not. The only exception to this is a small pendant he was given when he was a child. It is a small Mjolnir made of a badly tarnished silver.

5. Notate some physical descriptions.
Mordred stands 6'5, with shoulder length blond hair tied up in a pony tail. He is slightly balding, with a visibly receding hairline. He has broad shoulders and is the stereotypical Viking soldier in every way but one. Where most Norwegians have blue eyes, he was born with one brown eye and one blue one.

6.  catch phrases? regionalisms? slang? accent? define their voice before you start writing them.
Mordred is a very taciturn man, speaking only when he needs to. He prefers to let his actions do the talking. Though when he does speak, he has no audible accent. Since he was raised in North America and traveled all over the continent, he has a very nondescript way of speaking.

7. Pick a place for them to live. (I'll post some greater neighborhood information a little later)
He lives wherever he can find a place for the night, preferring to spend his money on ammunition, food and armaments. He can routinely be found sleeping outdoors or even in homeless shelters.