Author Topic: RPPR Profiles. Profiles in nerdery and horror.  (Read 27001 times)


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Re: RPPR Profiles. Profiles in nerdery and horror.
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First character: A lawful-good assassin with a boring one-word name. ("Cloak" or something like that) Kind of like a more deadly robin-hood. He was trying to help re-start the spin of the world, which had stopped because the "god who turned the great wheel" had been killed. In the end he got eaten by a chaos beast, and resurrected to fill the vacant position. End result: Gained a Divine Rank and all the awesomeness that comes with it, but has to spend the rest of eternity turning a crank so the earth rotates. I think we'll call that a wash.

First Created Character: Do NPCs count? I actually GMed before I ever got to play. If so, it was Brunn, the animal trader. He was a 3rd level barbarian, and had a ridiculous trove of creatures in his store. One of the PCs killed him and took his Large Dire Bat as a mount. That game ended pretty much as you'd expect from that little peep into its construction.

If not, it was the above character, who I now recall was named "Shaw". Lawful good assassin, with the "throw anything" and "Urban brachiation" feats. (The second one basically allowed him to move across rooftops, walls, and various urban features as though they were level, as long as he could pass the Jump/climb checks to get up there) He sneak attacked many a thug with a roofing tile. Not really much of a character, but he did have a goal of ending corruption by killing the wicked, on account of some sort of melodrama where friends or family were executed without cause.

First Campaign Ran: A disastrous attempt to do a 3.5 DnD campaign. The players all ended up horrifically overburdened with magic items. the most experienced player there was a lying sack of crap that mislead me so I would give the group better stuff, allow horribly broken powers, and hand out crazy amounts of XP. One person was a psychobitch that was obsessed with having EVERY object the party found but had no use for it. One girl (we shall call her T) ended up throwing a pair of scissors IRL at another player's head (named G) over loot. We made it through about 5 sessions in which they killed a shopkeeper, survived being robbed and stranded in the woods, and rescued a castle from orc occupation. When the game imploded they were wandering the castle's secret escape tunnels because the bigger orc army showed up and they decided it was a lost cause. I think there was also a magic cave or something.


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Re: RPPR Profiles. Profiles in nerdery and horror.
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Re: RPPR Profiles. Profiles in nerdery and horror.
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Re: RPPR Profiles. Profiles in nerdery and horror.
« Reply #33 on: August 08, 2010, 10:37:37 AM »
First character: As a joke, a few friends and me played a game involving 90s rap artists trying to save the world. I think I was Fhife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest. I remember randomly quoting lyrics and shouting in character at everyone.

First Created Character: Something like Karl "Hwarf" Gustafferzon. He was a dwarf, from 2nd edition DnD. He was supposed to be adopted into a human family or something, but our DM didn't know what roleplaying was, so basically we ran around fighting things, and when I DID try to roleplay, he would look annoyed and complain. We played one time. I hated him.

First Campaign Ran: Something called "Bards Can Too". Basically, it was a Bard love campaign. I love Bards, and this campaign had a bunch of homebrew abilities for the Bard.
My favorite was Freestyle, which allowed the Bard to cast spells if he freestyled. It went okay, until we had a rock concert where the players formed into teams and fought each other with MUSIC. Several perform checks later, we decided to call it a night. Fun game, and I'm laid back enough to not have an issue with running a game.


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Re: RPPR Profiles. Profiles in nerdery and horror.
« Reply #34 on: August 08, 2010, 11:25:37 AM »
First Character: Spider-Man. Everybody else wanted to be Wolverine, which was lame.

First Created Character: Self-made PC? I honestly can't remember. I'm old. I had a Marvel Super Hero who was a bouncy mutant named Slingshot; that might be one of the first. I even came up with him long before Steve Ditko made Speedball. He dated a bunch of X-Chicks, because he was a swinger and not a socially phobic skinny comic book nerd who was afraid of talking to girls. At all.

First Campaign Run: My first real campaign was...shit. I can't remember this one either. I guess I could say I ran a fairly generic Marvel Super Heroes "campaign" that consisted of loosely connected scenes of the PCs walking into a corner of the big city map and spotting a villain robbing a bank or bashing some scenery. They'd then, y'know, fight them. I think my first self-made campaign setting was actually for the stupid game I made myself. It was called Hunters and was about heroes from across time and space who were picked to go to Hell and fight Evil. The fact that my current D&D campaign is inspired by it says something about my maturation as a gamer and a human being.