Selling monsters door to door is hard work. Loosely inspired by an incident from the RPPR D&D campaign, The New World. This skit was entirely improvised. Special thanks to Nathan Shelton and Kevin Keppy for helping out!

Listen to the original ‘who wants to buy an Otyugh’

I will be out of town for the next few weeks. I’ll be blogging about my trip to China at I’ll post photos, videos and observations about my experiences overseas.

The Gamers is a cult classic movie celebrating role playing’s inherent weirdness. Since its premiere at Gencon in 2003, it has been quoted nearly as often as Monty Python at gaming tables around the world. The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising premiered at Gencon 2008 and is rapidly making the rounds, raking up sales and acclaim. I spoke to him about the genesis of the movies, how they were made and some of the other projects he’s involved with, such as Falcon Rock Command.

Please note that a weird error messed up my side of the interview. It’s audible but there’s an odd noise. I have no idea what could cause it.

Jonny Nexus is one of the net’s funniest established gaming humorists. He’s behind the long standing RPG site, Critical Miss and the author of a new novel, Game Night. It’s about a group of gods who role play eternity away, using real mortals and a real universe as their campaign setting. I caught up with him at Gencon and talked about gaming, writing comedy, and the meaning of life. (He was a bit jet lagged on that last question).