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Synopsis: This episode will begin a new series of episodes, each focusing on a particular game system. This time, we talk about the transhuman sci-fi game, Eclipse Phase. Caleb joins Tom and I to discuss our reactions to reading, playing and running the game. The game can be intimidating at first, especially with the exotic technology and setting. Even once you get used to the game, there are more subtle pitfalls that can unbalance a game.Plus Tom has a letter, shout outs from all three of us and an Eclipse Phase anecdote about robbing a bank ON THE MOON

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Shout outs

Song: DB Pure – Me Ri Tu (Djs From Mars Club Remix)

I recorded a panel discussion of Eclipse Phase designers Rob Boyle and Adam Jury as they discussed their current plans for the transhuman sci-fi horror RPG. In this discussion, they go over planned releases, their business model and the themes behind Eclipse Phase. If you’re curious about what’s in store for Firewall and the rest of transhumanity, this would be a good listen.

Jaime Paglia – Creator/Executive Producers of Eureka
Bruce Miller – Co-Executive Producer of Eureka
Eric Wallace – Staff writer
Nick Wauters – Staff writer

Hosted and moderated by Diana Botsford

I was lucky enough to attend a special voice chat interview with several of the minds behind the sci-fi TV show Eureka. My screenwriting professor, Diana Botsford moderated the interview but many of her students asked questions about the show, screenwriting and the creative process, breaking into the entertainment industry and new media, among other things. The audio quality isn’t perfect, but everyone is audible. If you’re interested in how a television show is written or how writers get their start, find out here.

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