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Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Dear Ross Payton Zombie expert
« on: October 12, 2011, 03:41:56 AM »
While I was under the impression there was going to be an advice column on the Zombies of the World website. (written by a ghoul, or something)  But I was unable to locate it.  So I figured I would bother you where you live.  I have a very important question about the undead which I have not seen in any of my (admittedly limited) undead resources.   I have a friend who is blind from birth.  Let us pretend in the upcoming inevitable zombie uprising, my friend due to his limitations gets taken by surprise and gets bitten by a zombie.  After the inevitable change, will my friend be a blind zombie, and thus much easier to avoid?  This is very important on a couple of levels.  Firs off, the whole "do I have to kill my friend if he turns question"  but more importantly is the whole blind question.  If blind before death matters, then we no longer have to kill our friends who get bitten.  We can merely gouge their eyes out.  Sure that is less "sanitary" than a bullet to the heart, or brain, or whatever organ is deemed necessary.  But consider how much our friends will thank us for removing their eyes if we suspect they were infected. 

The other alternative is that blind people favor other sense, and if infected when they turn will actually have an advantage.  Which would imply that during a zombie apocalypse kill the handicapped first.  So either way, I think it is an important question, and I haven't seen it explored elsewhere, so please give us your insight.

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