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General Chaos / Mistakes Were Made, an RPPR Free Company in FFXIV
« on: December 12, 2015, 02:43:03 PM »
Like the title of the thread, a few of us are banding together to watch Aaron level through this MMO. 

We are on Data Center AETHER NA Server Cactaur.

The name of the Free Company is "Mistakes Were Made"

My Character is Ku'thin Tel'karin.  Aaron is Proto Man.  I'll let others spoil their own identity.

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RPGs / D&D Next
« on: August 12, 2014, 02:31:12 PM »
I'm kinda shocked that nobody has discussed it on the forums yet.

Despite people hearing me complain about Next being unnecessary (I still support that 4E was fine for Fantasy Combat Role-playing) throughout reading the playtest materials, I did pick up the PH this week and have been thumbing through it. 

I will say that I hated running 3.5, and became incredibly "MEH" about playing it.  Even with Pathfinder, I was more okay to play, but needing a high-degree of system mastery to read a stat block and run an encounter was still there so I didn't want to run it.  Right now I am leaning on Next being okay for me to play, but depending on how much effort it takes to build and run combat encounters, I'm not sure I want to invest the brainspace into writing campaign notes.

Anyone else's preliminary thoughts on D&DNext?

Alright, assuming that some retooling of my work schedule goes off as planned I have been lobbying to run DFRPG for the RPPR crew set in our own hometown where the PCs work for/with an organization with a base of operations in Hammons Tower.


Springfield, Missouri, the third largest city in the state, is quite small by national standards.  It is a college town and the national headquarters of the Assemblies of God.  It is a place where the business world rubs against the rural.  It is a town in conflict with itself every day, and the general public is unaware of the day-to-day goings on of the behind-the-scenes.  The area is full of history and folklore about its past, some of it is dismissed as "just a story," while others are found to be horrifically true.

I'm here to tell you the "stores" can be just as horrific as the "truth."

I am Mirra Glass.  You may call me Ms. Glass, or Director Glass.  You survival as a field agent diminishes significantly if I hear you referring to me as Mirror Glass.  If you are not a field agent at that point, you may find yourself immediately transferred to such a position and rushed to a hotspot.  You have joined the Obelisk in order to aid our efforts in keeping the Supernatural Predators of the world from causing undo harm to the good people of this region.  From vampires, werebeasts, and warlocks to the run-of-the-mill exorcism or demon hunt, all of these types of threats have hounded Springfield for generations.  However, we find ourselves with sightings and events happening at an ever-increasing rate.  Our People in R&D have offered three different theories as to why this is going on.  They thought they would be clever and give them fun names, but don't get attached to throwing them about the office.

I.  "Big City Livin', Small Town Values."  The city of Springfield wages a war against its own identity.  Have you looked at national election maps?  In a sea of red voters, this town is a varying shade of purple depending on the year.  You have a bar for every church that shuns drinking.  You have a people clamoring for individual rights but voted to keep a smoking ban in place.  College campuses keep rocking the boat on the towns social norms.  Springfield is growing and inadvertently drifting out of being rural and becoming more urban.  Urban areas tend to hide some of the nastier Supernatural entities better, but the more concentrated population puts more eyes upon them.  It is said that some organizations are vying for a foothold for when the town has its next population explosion.  Others think that this inherent conflict of humanity is sending a signal to the Predators that this herd is prone to infighting and thus weaker, making it more attractive. 

II.  "Ozark Ectoplasmic Oil Boom."  Some say that the worst consequences are the unintended ones.  Springfield's flow of traffic is one of them.  As it happens, the major roads that border the town run a close parallel or right on top of every major leyline in the area.  Over the years, the "efficient" gridwork of the city roads has connected all these major roads together beyond just their normal intersections.  Since the leylines themselves similarly do not intersect so close together, Springfield has not been a true supernatural nexus.  However, this traffic grid has finally intertwined these lines and redirected them to the small pockets of power that dwell within the city proper.  This whole has become much greater than the sum of its parts and the latent magic in the air has spiked dramatically.  As such, this Grid has artificially created a nexus point and wellspring that any Supernatural Half-wit wanting to make a name for themselves desperately wants to tap.  Not to mention any and all of the other pocket of power that have lain unnoticed until recently.

III.  "Our Faith is Failing, but we'll never admit it."  My mentor in the supernatural taught me long ago that True Faith can ward off the majority of Supernatural Threats.  Some of our contacts in the ParaNet have stated that setting up wards in this area used to be incredibly easy.  It was as if the dominence of Christianity in this area had so permeated the ground that anything that would run from such faith had simply decided to hunt elsewhere.  The AG headquarters and the James River Assembly may frustrate some, but frankly, if their faith has been keeping the baddies at bay, I'll gladly deal with a protest full of close-minded religious zealot over a fully-manifested demon any day.  However, within the last decade that natural foundation has been growing less stable, the natural wards of Faith are becoming less secure while Pastors clamor for a larger share of growing congregations.  For whatever reason, the dam they have built is cracking, and if we can't do anything to fortify the City, we need a plan for when the day when the Walls Finally Come A'Tumblin Down.

That's enough of the Introduction.  We have some long-time Members and Allies of Obelisk here, please introduce yourselves to the new Associates and they will introduce themselves in turn.  Who wants to go first?

I just rolled a character for a Pathfinder Campaign.  A Grippli Sorcerer using the Empyreal Celestial Bloodline  option.  High Sycophant Glurp, Ambassador of the Grippli Republic of Two Ponds to the Empire.


RPGs / Ripping and Tweaking a 3.X houserule. Now let's perfect it.
« on: October 13, 2012, 03:27:22 PM »
So a friend of mine is badgering me to run a Pathfinder Game at some point, so I am looking to take some 4E lessons and make them backwards compatible.

First up.  "Fuck You Christmas Tree Effect", or in a non-offensive way:  Progressive Enhancement Bonuses.

Originally ripped from, with my own minor adjustments.

1 +1 TO HIT
2 +1 ALL SAVES, Stat bump
4 DR 1, Stat Bump
5 +2 HIT
6 +2 ALL SAVES, Stat Bump
8 DR 2, +1 Enhancement all stats
9 +3 HIT
10 +3 ALL SAVES, Stat Bump
11 +3 DAMAGE
12 DR 3, Stat Bump
13 +4 HIT
14 +4 ALL SAVES, Stat Bump
15 +4 DAMAGE
16 DR 4, +2 Enhancement to all stats
17 +5 HIT
18 +5 ALL SAVES, Stat Bump
19 +5 DAMAGE
20 DR 5, Stat Bump

ARMOR BONUS = LEVEL /2, each +1 is added to choice of Deflection, Natural, or Enhancement at an even rate.

The idea is to now need fewer magic items (and thus lower WBL), and the ones that are given out are special and fun, or chosen for their properties, not necessarily there to keep up with monster progression.

Any other thoughts from RPPRLand?

RPGs / Star Wars in O.R.E. Yeah, I'm doing it.
« on: May 13, 2012, 04:46:29 AM »
So when kicking around an idea for a Star Wars game with Aaron and Tom, I was more or less press-ganged into one day running a game.  After reading through my Saga books again, I realized that I have no interest in ever running a 3.X game of any flavor or stripe again.

So whilst sitting with Bill and chatting about nerdy things at the local hookah lounge, We finally stumbled onto it:  One-Roll Engine.

The premise of the campaign was going to be a Sandboxy Legacy Era game where the objective would start pretty simple:  The PCs are a motley crew with a ship that they want to keep flying.  The crew would need to figure out which factions they would be willing to work with, which ones they would rather not, and what kinds of jobs they would take. 

The PCs would be built via Wild Talents, 150-200 points with a restriction of mostly hyperstats and hyperskills, little to no access to miracles.  Either their passion or loyalty (or both, if they really want to) needs to be somehow tied to the ship/crew.  Ideally, each PC has a specialty that identifies the role in the crew (Cap'n, Medic, Weapons Spec, Face, Science bro, etc.) they serve.

The Force:  The Force is an extra stat that each PC gets 1d in for free.  Droids and 'Vong get the points refunded.  As a stat, The Force adds to Base Will/Willpower and costs double the cost of regular stat.  Skills in The Force include:  Sense, Control, and Alter, utilized in a much similar fashion to the way the three force skills were handled in WEG d6 system (Force Lightning would be a Force+Control+Alter check), and also costs double for each skill point.  A fourth "skill" for Force Points starts for all PCs at 1d, which increase by GM fiat.  Using Force Points allows PCS to add Force+Force Points to another Dice Pool, but Force Points is dropped by 1 if the skill check is successful, more if it is not.  Still working out the details of how to handle the Dark Side.

The Ship:  As a mobile base, and unifying theme of the party, the Ship will be built much like a monster from MaoCT.  The PCs share in its construction, specifically, each PC would claim a Location Cluster as his/her own.  Each hit Location gets Sharing for free with a PC, but a PC can only be sharing with one Cluster.  The cockpit would need to at least include HL 10.  The 10 Hit Locations as a whole represent the entire ship, but the areas that are special and above the normal stock of its type are what give the PCs an edge.

Thoughts, complaints, suggestions?

RPGs / Finally getting to play in a 4E game again.
« on: January 27, 2012, 12:14:01 AM »
... and I have waaaaaaaayyyyyy too many mechanical/fluff concepts.

If the DM allows PH3 classes and support, I'd really like to play an psionic class with power points (not monk), just to see how they play out, but all in all I really want to play something slightly outside of my usual comfort zone. 

So those of you that know the types of character I have been playing on the APs, any thoughts on new things I should try?

General Chaos / I get to be a pusher.
« on: June 25, 2011, 12:24:02 PM »
I have a full CD Key for World of Warcraft.  I want to use it and the upcoming Recruit a Friend change (Triple XP until level 80) for maximum benefit.

Anyone that does not play wow want to give it a go?

General Chaos / INCOMING!
« on: June 08, 2011, 03:12:28 PM »
So... I'm moving back to town.  San Diego Experiment over.

See you next month!

RPGs / Anima: Beyond fantasy
« on: February 19, 2011, 02:06:17 AM »
My new job working overnights gives me time to look over my RPG books again, and tumbing through Anima, I am upset that I never got to run a game.

I'm flirting with the idea of running it over skype/openRPG.

I'd need 2-4 players of the number-crunching, understanding variety as we learn the system.

Input, questions, comments?

RPGs / WotC Beta- Virtual Tabletop
« on: November 30, 2010, 02:31:26 AM »
I got into the Friends and Family Beta, although I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone at WotC.

Anyone else get in and want to kick around some 4th ed?

General Chaos / League of Legends Recruitment!
« on: November 25, 2010, 07:20:20 PM »
RPPR friends!

Since I'm not playing WoW anymore, I've taken up my League of Legends account up again, and I'm looking for more people to play along.  I'd like to abuse the Recruit a Friend program a bit also, so send me a PM with your email if you are interested in playing.

We can also use this thread to discuss favorite Champions and teams.

BTDubs:  This game is free to play.  Special skins cost money, but most everything else is gained just by playing, or pay real money.

RPGs / So... 4E will have a Web based Character Builder
« on: November 02, 2010, 04:44:25 PM »
And I'm really not a fan.  So now we will have supplements that will focus on fluff, and you need to keep an active subscription to have all of the crunch in one easy to access program.

This isn't trying to be a "Essentials if breaking D&D because the game changes are dumb," complaint.  I'm just really unhappy with the model that 4th has taken to promote the Essentials line.  I like my $30-45 hardcover books, and my $70 yearly subscription for DDI (*Ahem Character Builder*), I shop smart, get books when they are on sale when I can, and rely on the sub to fill in gaps until I can get the book.  However, I know that some people enjoy the cheaper $20 softcovers, and there are people that would only pay for the Sub when CB updated with something they liked or wold use.

So the lower cost to entry has been replaced by a higher cost of convenience for a web-based tool.  More profit for the company, I guess?

Also, I would like to see some confirmation that Essentials is either just a ten-month offshoot product, or will Martial Power 3 only have new builds for fighters without daily powers.

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / Fuzzworld: Dan's Exodus
« on: June 06, 2010, 11:21:52 AM »
Ok, for those of you who listen to the main podcast (which is what, nobody?  ;)), I want to know what the gaming scene in San Diego is like.  I'll be staying with family close to the navy base for awhile until I land a job (College degree don't fail me now) and get out on my own.

And yes, I realize a city that large is going to have many different scenes.  I just want to get a sampling.

RPGs / Running 4th Edition: Deck of Many Encounters
« on: May 23, 2010, 10:35:14 PM »
I've been going through my RPG stuff, and found this Template I drew up back when I first started DMing 4th.  Use it with a regular deck of playing cards. +X, -X, =X refers to party level.  Minions come in groups of four.

2:   Brute -1
3:   Soldier =
4:   Brute +1
5:   Soldier -1
6:   Brute =
7:   Skirmisher +1
8:   Skirmisher -2
9:   Skirmisher +4
10: Minion +4
J:   Artillery -2
Q:  Controller +4
K:  Minion +5
A:  Elite Artillery +3
2:   Brute =
3:   Soldier +1
4:   Soldier -1
5:   Soldier =
6:   Brute +1
7:   Skirmisher -1
8:   Skirmisher -2
9:   Skirmisher -2
10: Minion +2
J:   Artillery -2
Q:  Controller +5
K:  Artillery -1
A:  Elite Controller +3
2:   Brute +1
3:   Soldier -1
4:   Brute =
5:   Soldier +5
6:   Brute -1
7:   Skirmisher =
8:   Skirmisher +2
9:   Skirmisher +1
10: Minion -2
J:   Artillery =
Q:  Controller +1
K:  Controller =
A:  Elite Lurker +3
2:   Brute -1
3:   Soldier =
4:   Soldier +1
5:   Soldier -1
6:   Brute =
7:   Skirmisher +1
8:   Skirmisher +2
9:   Skirmisher +1
10: Minion -2
J:   Artillery -2
Q:  Controller +2
K:  Lurker +2
A:  Elite Soldier +3

I've used this in a few different ways.  Typically I deal Number of party members +2, and return two of my choice back to the deck.  Once a card is used, keep it aside until the party levels up before shuffling it back in.  I also use Jokers for a random solo encounter or significant event (Natural Disaster, BBEG crashing the party, Etc.) if I feel like I want to have the chance at one. 

Another thought I had was to let the players have a hand of cards, where the GM calls for a random encounter and each player hands him a card. 

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