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I imagine this varies significantly depending the time the story is set in and such, but if it was a visual experience, what does it tend to look like to you? For example, I just listened to the Bryson Springs one, and I envisioned it having a sort of widescreen, somewhat desaturated look kind of like No Country for Old Men where I'm sort of seeing the characters mostly in wide shots. Like if it was a movie, I imagine the producers would shoot it like that because it requires a distinct ambiance and the producers would want to take advantage of that. But with Candle Cove, it's more like a handheld video production because the setting is so much more mundane. But sometimes it kind of feels like it would be some sort of fps game

I guess this probably doesn't really happen for a lot of people because they break character so often or riff on their game that silly things happen. When that happens, it's just like The Princess Bride or The Fall with me where we cut back to these guys sitting around a table chatting and then we just cut back to the story already in progress when they get back into character. When there's a dice roll things just kind of freeze.     

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