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Planning on recording the sessions for podcasting. I have an Eclipse Phase campaign formulating in my head. The campaign would be called Ascension and the first chapter of the campaign would be called Rapture, but those are all the details you get. If you want to have a peek inside my head to see what you might be in for, check out my entry to the Know Evil fan creation contest.

I'm geographically isolated (stuck in Argentina) and really wanting to get back into gaming. Also I'm a freelance worker, so my schedule is flexible, but I want to come up with a once a week slot that works for everyone, even if not everyone can be there every week.

Hi, I'm the guy that provided the transcript for the latest RPPR regular episode (which you can find here: ) as a sample for possible participation in Subscriptorium's Transcript Partner Program, our very new effort to make transcripts available to podcasts at low prices or for free, with a profit-sharing scheme for ad revenue, in order to foment the transcription business, increase search engine visibility for multimedia content, and increase web accesibility (you can read more about it here: ).

I wanted to post here both to make you guys aware of this, and to ask your opinions. Do you like the idea of transcripts being available for this podcast, and why or why not? Maybe you know someone who has hearing problems or who just prefers to read content rather than listen to it, or maybe you can use it as an easily searchable reference when you're saying to yourself, what was that one thing I heard in that one episode?

And if you like these transcripts, would you like to see transcripts of the regular episodes, the APs, or both? When RPPR starts coming out with more video content, would you like to see closed captions made available?

Hope you guys find it helpful.

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