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RPGs / Base Building and Organizational Management in RPGs
« on: March 07, 2017, 04:54:41 PM »
In the RPPR podcast episode 139: Chains of Command, Ross Tom and Dan discuss how to play/build an rpg that centers upon organizational management and may touch upon base building or domain management in general.

I love these types of games.

I wanted to know who had already published on these topics, so I queried the Something Awful traditional games hivemind.  If a game line is listed (like Ars Magica) then these organizational rules are in the core book.  Most of the others are supplements to major game lines, as these topics doesn't always get a central focus.

Base Building, Domain Management or Organization Building RPG guide.

Birthright (AD&D)
Stronghold Builder’s Guidebook (3.5 D&D)
Dragon 395 (4ed D&D) – strongholds and upgrades
Adventurer’s Vault 2; Dragon 383 – lair magic items
Dragon 412 (4ed D&D) – boats
Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium – hireling rules
Admiral o' the High Seas (4ed D&D; Pathfinder) aka Seas of Zeitgeist – building ships, naval combat

OSR/D&D related
Ultimate Campaign (Pathfinder) – has updated Kingmaker rules
Hell’s Rebels Campaign (Pathfinder) – build a rebellion
Way of the Wicked Book 2 (Pathfinder) – Henchmen management rules
Way of the Wicked Book 6-7 (Pathfinder) – Kingdom management rules
Adventurer Conqueror King - domain management
The Nightmares Underneath - establishing ties to and influence over local businesses and organizations

Sine Nomine (goon Kevin Crawford)
An Echo Resounding
Stars Without Number
Other Dust
Silent Legions

HarnManor – manage noble estate, growing motherfucking turnips
Pilot’s Almanac – sailing ships, trading cargo

White Wolf
Gilded Cage (V:tM)
Damnation City (V:tR)
Exalted 2e Storyteller's Companion – Mandate of Heaven rules.
Exalted 2e Masters of Jade

Traveller (Mongoose)
Traveller: Core – build planets
Merchant Prince - trading companies
Dynasty – manage dynasties over generations
Mercenary – military bases.

GURPS Boardroom and Curia
GURPS Low-Tech Companions 1-3
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Taverns
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy: Guilds
GURPS City Stats

Sagas of the Icelanders - Icelandic Homestead Management minigame
Mutant: Year Zero
Conspiracy X
Blades in the Dark
Ars Magica
Gods and Monsters (Fate)
Mystic Empyrean
Apocalypse World - hardholder has to manage their settlement, the hocus has to    manage their cult, the chopper manages their gang.
Legacy: Life Among the Ruins (goon)
Weapons of the Gods Companion
Green Law of Varkith (Dungeon World) – build guild
Spellbound Kingdoms
Savage Worlds Super Hero Companion – build superhero bases
Champions (all versions) – build superhero bases
Rogue Trader: Stars of Inequity – build planets and manage colonies
A Song of Ice and Fire (Green Ronin) – run game of thrones house and holdings
Dune: Chronicle of the Imperium – manage a House Minor
Underground – changing society to be more or less crime-ridden rules

Just for fun (and to freak out any math phobes) here are the so called turnip rules from Harn.


Examples of play:

Lord Quest - a well loved quest thread about ruling a demesne on /tg/. Only the ones tagged "Lord Quest"

Planetary Governor Quest - Managing a planet in the Warhammer 40k universe. Short.

Embers in the Dusk - Managing a planet in the Warhammer 40k universe.  Long.

Governor Quest -- Scifi Managment of a planet

Role Playing Public Radio Podcast / RPPR general chat
« on: August 15, 2016, 05:23:59 PM »
In which we ask random questions of the RPPR crew or just chat.

Hey Ross. Have you heard of the worldbook Gurps Fantasy II: Adventures in the Mad Lands?

Written by Robin Laws and released in '93 it is has impressed everyone who has read it. However no one has run an adventure in this totally unique weird world.

Summary by Babylon Astronaut from the Something Awful forums:

"Everything in the world is insane and powerful beyond imagination and you're an early bronze age hunter or fisher. Like the characters from winnie the pooh can stomp your village into dirt and make everyone into a skinless zombie, or maybe a wizard on holiday will nuke you for sport while on a drug bender. Almost every interaction with the things that make the setting end in madness, death, or both. The only pursuit you're capable of tackling, outside of subsistence, is I don't know, learning magic from talking seals and then being shunned by society or raiding the Inuits, which accomplishes nothing. All of this sounds fun as hell, but if you invested any time or effort into your character, you will be sorely disappointed when you become a giant foot with eyeballs or kidnapped by a feudal knight."

I'd like to point out every word in that paragraph is completely accurate.  Thanks to Robin Law's imagination there is no exaggeration.

Ross, since RPPR is made of roleplaying professionals I'd love to hear an attempt at this truly unique game world from you guys. I know learning a new system, let alone a new world book is a major hurdle. 

I recommend you just ditch the GURPS mechanics and adapt it to a system you guys know well.  Fiasco maybe. Call of Cthulhu could definitely work (sanity matters). Hillfolk may also work.

If RPPR produced a podcast in this setting it would be the only podcast on the internet as far as I know that has worked with this much loved setting.

Alternatively, perhaps a Patron reward for a certain tier would be recommending a game book or system to run an adventure in.

Anyway, cheers.

I was looking for links to some of the Delta Green RPPR podcasts to recommend them the other day and I noticed not all of the DG podcasts were under the Call of Cthulhu > Delta Green header. 

Maybe this changed in the migration to a new host?

Anyway, if it helps, here is a list of the older Delta Green games not tagged with Delta Green:

NB: Finding Iconoclasts and Lover in the Ice to recommend I always forget they are not under the DG tag.

Divine Fire


Six days left from time of writing. 

While Red Markets will be funded, I personally think the project needs more funds for the brainchild that took 4 years to tackle. Blood, sweat and tears people.

Current Stretch Goal:

60K Gaming the System Guide

Part style-guide and part meta-analysis, this stretch goals has Caleb Stokes take everyone on a tour through the Profit System. It won't be a prescription or how-to, but rather a schematic for people looking to hack the Red Markets mechanics into different settings. "Gaming the System" dissects the different success ratings, the probability curve, and ways to alter both. It discusses other systems that influenced Profit's design and what hackers can learn from them. We'll get into the guts of the gear system and discuss how to create a list of items that reflects the material reality of your world. We'll talk about how the game's meta-economy works and how to alter it to adjust the game's difficulty. Finally, the game's designer performs a short hack as an example of the principles previously discussed. From there, it's up to individual hackers to get working translating Profit into other settings and wowing the community with their creativity on the LifeLines forums.

To RPPR: What else do you want the fans to do? Anywhere else to advertise? Forums? Blog writers to contact?

To Fans: Is there any ad copy for Red Markets that you have found is very effective?  Please post short form and long form.


-Are there any gaming blogs with a slant on economics out there? Any board gaming blogs? Or are there any economics blogs that would find the game's economic focus interesting?

-Shadowrun and RM's Negotiation mechanics.  More than once I've seen Shadowrun players post about how RM's negotiation mechanics would fit in great with Mr Johnson negotiations.

The following podcasts have an interest in Shadowrun.  Does someone have the time to contact them?  Prior establishment in their respective online communities preferred.


The Arcology Podcast (Shadowrun community):

-RM's upcoming MBA rules

Caleb said :

Yes, there are many rules for economics "still in the game." Now that we've hit the MBA rules, there are even more. Currently, there are rules for...

Different types of microeconomies for an enclave (mixed, lassiez-faire, controlled, minimum basic, barter, etc)
Charting Supply/Demand curves for the prices of goods/services
Manipulating Supply/Demand curves
Selling goods on an individual basis (i.e. apocalyptic Craigslist)
Selling goods on a regular basis (i.e. apocalyptic Etsy)
Hiring help
Reputation/Branding for Taker Crews (PC companies)
Shrinkage of inventory
Work/Life Balance

Are written/audio examples of the MBA mechanics (or just a preview) for how to run a shop? This would be useful to expose other rpg communities to.

-Summarized Audio Examples

--Both Technical Difficulties episode zero and NPC Cast's interview with Caleb talk about how Red Markets theme reminded them of Torchbearer but with better economic derived mechanics.

It might be useful to isolate these audio files, with permission from respective podcast owners of course, to advertise in communities that prefer low fantasy or gritty rpgs.

Could this be done? Would it be useful?

Technical Difficulties episode zero:

NPC Cast's RM interview (post below)

--Negotiation Mechanic Audio

Can someone edit an audio fragment where Caleb explains the negotiation mechanic in detail from the RPPR podcasts?

RPGs / Bloodborne/Souls Megathread
« on: May 21, 2015, 05:26:09 AM »
Discuss Bloodborne and the Souls series here.

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