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Game Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes
System: Hunter: The Vigil
Players Wanted: 3 or more, up to 6 total.  But if 3 people are good to go, I'll start
Posting Rate: Couple times per week, depending on how often people can post
Special Rules: Very rules-light, focusing much more on atmosphere and character than hard and fast rules. Oh, also, NO TACTICS, because I really don't like those HtV rules.
Advancement Rules: Standard HtV advancement

OK, so here's what I'm thinking.  This will be a totally first-tier game (no compacts) with characters at fairly low-power.  (All the better to scare you! BWAHAHA!) It'll be set in DC, and I'll talk more about setting and plot after some people sign up.  So...anyone interested?

Character Profiles / Character Pitch: Thomas Hatch
« on: April 17, 2011, 02:51:52 AM »
OK, so I'm just going to do a general overview of what I'm imagining as my character.  Please tell me if it conflicts with any story ideas you have or wouldn't mesh well with the group.

"Thomas Hatch is a journalist.  Well, if you call reporting on bake sales, the Redwood Festival, and that time the Lady Falcons won the the women's hockey state championship journalism.  Which he doesn't. 

Thomas went to a fairly prestigious college, as he continually reminds himself, but well, his dad was the editor of the Bourne Daily Gazette, and when good old Irving Hatch died (in the arms of someone most definately not Orrin's mother) the paper just kind of passed along to him.  It's not exactly a bad life, and Thomas is good at his job, good at talking to people and making them feel comfortable enough to share their stories with him. 

Thomas is slim and short, with perpetually uncombed knots of thick black hair falling over coke bottle glasses that make his eyes appear almost buglike.  He looks, and is, unthreatening, though he does have some lock-picking and data entry skills left over from the year after college when he tried desperately to be the next Bob Woodward.  At 30, that year is long past, though he remembers it fondly, especially after one too many drinks."

This is just a rough sketch of a character, hope you like him!

« on: December 01, 2010, 09:56:37 PM »
So I've been interested in Tabletop RPGs for a while now (mostly due to the RPPR Actual Play podcast) and I've gotten a group of my similarly interested friends together.  The problem is, they want me to GM!  Now, I'm fine with this, I'm just a bit lost.  What System should I start with?  How long should the session go on?  Any first time GM tips?

A little background: the group is all either acting or film majors, so I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like the whole standard dungeon crawl.  Also, there's a game shop near the college, so I'll be able to get pretty much any system you guys suggest.

Thanks in advance!

Templar Archives / Orrin Quinn, Level 1 Warlord (Dune Trader)
« on: August 26, 2010, 02:42:50 PM »
Built my character in the DnD spreadsheet (thanks for the tip Mckma) and added in the Dune Trader theme.  I put it in google docs.  Unfortunately, the PDF cuts off the far right of the character sheet.  The only important thing it cut off is the attack damage.  All my standard attacks are 1d8 + 3.  Hopefully the character is up to code.  Tell me what you think, and if there's anything in the backstory I need to change.


Orrin Quinn was born traveling, the son of two independent Caravan Leaders operating mainly on the Road of Kings.  Learning to fight off raiders, never staying in one place for more than a month, escorting people from all over Athas, it wasn't an easy life, but it was all Orrin knew.  After a fairly minor argument with his parents, (to be honest, Orrin found it a bit stifling having them judge his every move) he struck out on his own, offering up his services as a caravan guide to any who would pay.  A couple of years working as a freelance guide, Orrin has seen pretty much all of Athas, (or so he likes to think) but still feels the urge to keep traveling.  As of now, Orrin's joined up with perhaps the...most he's ever been a part of.  Orrin doesn't know exactly what's going to happen to him next, but as long as he gets to explore Athas, he'll be content.


Orrin is a nomad.  Happiest when traveling, Orrin brings a lifetime of experience to the Caravan.  He knows the best way to get from Raam to Urik, and which Stone Giants you'll have to bribe if you want to cross the Sea of Silt safely.  As he's not shy about reminding his traveling companions those facts, Orrin can come across as (and, to be honest, actually is) a bit arrogant.  

Scared of  few things, the idea of settling down terrifies Orrin.  As such, he tries not to form many lasting relationships, as Orrin tells himself, he'll only move on anyway.  Orrin can enjoy (or at least tolerate) the company of pretty much anyone he's with though, and can form shallow friendships easily.

Orrin isn't shy about fighting, though he prefers talking his way out of any situation.  When driven to fight, Orrin barks orders and commands, it suits his personality.


Orrin is of medium height, and on the thin side.  Tan, with dark brown hair and eyes, Orrin is clean-shaven.  His features are delicate, almost elven.  (Orrin suspects he might have some elf blood on his mother's side, though he isn't sure, and either way, it doesn't really concern him)  He wears a suit of chain-mail armor that he took off of a weathered skeleton he chanced upon on the road between Gulg and Nibenay.  


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